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MediaWiki\RenameUser\RenameUserJob Class Reference

Custom job to perform updates on tables in busier environments. More...

Inherits Job.

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (Title $title, $params, Config $config, ILBFactory $lbFactory)
 run ()
 Run the job.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Job
 __construct ( $command, $params=null)
 allowRetries ()
In some setups (i.e. when using change-propagation) jobs may still be retried even when this is false if the job fails due to a timeout unless it is also configured in change-prop config (T358939).
bool Whether this job can be retried on failure by job runners

 getDeduplicationInfo ()
 Subclasses may need to override this to make duplication detection work.
 getLastError ()

 getMetadata ( $field=null)
 getParams ()
array Parameters that specify sources, targets, and options for execution

 getQueuedTimestamp ()
 getReadyTimestamp ()
int|null UNIX timestamp of when the job was runnable, or null

 getReleaseTimestamp ()
 getRequestId ()
string|null Id of the request that created this job. Follows jobs recursively, allowing to track the id of the request that started a job when jobs insert jobs which insert other jobs.

 getRootJobParams ()
 getTitle ()
 getType ()
string Job type that defines what sort of changes this job makes

 hasExecutionFlag ( $flag)
int$flagJOB_* class constant

 hasRootJobParams ()
 ignoreDuplicates ()
 Whether the queue should reject insertion of this job if a duplicate exists.
 isRootJob ()
 setMetadata ( $field, $value)
 teardown ( $status)
 toString ()
string Debugging string describing the job

 workItemCount ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RunnableJob
 tearDown ( $status)
 Do any final cleanup after run(), deferred updates, and all DB commits happen.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Job
static factory ( $command, $params=[])
 Create the appropriate object to handle a specific job.
static newRootJobParams ( $key)
 Get "root job" parameters for a task.
- Public Attributes inherited from Job
string $command
array $metadata = []
 Additional queue metadata.
array $params
 Array of job parameters.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Job
 addTeardownCallback ( $callback)
 setLastError ( $error)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Job
string $error
 Text for error that occurred last.
int $executionFlags = 0
 Bitfield of JOB_* class constants.
bool $removeDuplicates = false
 Expensive jobs may set this to true.
callable[] $teardownCallbacks = []
Title $title

Detailed Description

Custom job to perform updates on tables in busier environments.

Job parameters include:

  • table : DB table to update
  • column : The *_user_text column to update
  • oldname : The old user name
  • newname : The new user name
  • count : The expected number of rows to update in this batch

Additionally, one of the following groups of parameters must be set: a) The timestamp based rename parameters:

  • timestampColumn : The *_timestamp column
  • minTimestamp : The minimum bound of the timestamp column range for this batch
  • maxTimestamp : The maximum bound of the timestamp column range for this batch
  • uniqueKey : A column that is unique (preferably the PRIMARY KEY) [optional] b) The unique key based rename parameters:
  • uniqueKey : A column that is unique (preferably the PRIMARY KEY)
  • keyId : A list of values for this column to determine rows to update for this batch

To avoid some race conditions, the following parameters should be set:

  • userID : The ID of the user to update
  • uidColumn : The *_user_id column

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MediaWiki\RenameUser\RenameUserJob::__construct ( Title $title,
Config $config,
ILBFactory $lbFactory )

Member Function Documentation

◆ run()

MediaWiki\RenameUser\RenameUserJob::run ( )

Run the job.

bool Success

Implements RunnableJob.

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