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SevenZipStream Class Reference

Stream wrapper around 7za filter program. More...

Public Member Functions

 stream_close ()
 stream_eof ()
 stream_flush ()
 stream_open ( $path, $mode, $options, &$opened_path)
 stream_read ( $count)
 stream_seek ( $offset, $whence)
 stream_tell ()
 stream_write ( $data)
 url_stat ( $path, $flags)

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

 stripPath ( $path)

Detailed Description

Stream wrapper around 7za filter program.

Required since we can't pass an open file resource to XMLReader->open() which is used for the text prefetch.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ stream_close()

SevenZipStream::stream_close ( )

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◆ stream_eof()

SevenZipStream::stream_eof ( )

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◆ stream_flush()

SevenZipStream::stream_flush ( )

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◆ stream_open()

SevenZipStream::stream_open (   $path,

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References $command, $options, $path, stripPath(), and wfIsWindows().

◆ stream_read()

SevenZipStream::stream_read (   $count)

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◆ stream_seek()

SevenZipStream::stream_seek (   $offset,

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References class.

◆ stream_tell()

SevenZipStream::stream_tell ( )

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◆ stream_write()

SevenZipStream::stream_write (   $data)

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References $data.

◆ stripPath()

SevenZipStream::stripPath (   $path)

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References $path.

Referenced by stream_open(), and url_stat().

◆ url_stat()

SevenZipStream::url_stat (   $path,

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References $path, and stripPath().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $stream


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