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MediaWiki\Block Namespace Reference




class  AbstractBlock
class  BlockErrorFormatter
 A service class for getting formatted information about a block. More...
class  BlockManager
 A service class for checking blocks. More...
class  BlockPermissionChecker
 Block permissions. More...
class  BlockPermissionCheckerFactory
 Factory class for BlockPermissionChecker. More...
class  BlockRestrictionStore
class  CompositeBlock
 Multiple Block class. More...
class  DatabaseBlock
 A DatabaseBlock (unlike a SystemBlock) is stored in the database, may give rise to autoblocks and may be tracked with cookies. More...
class  DatabaseBlockStore
class  SystemBlock
 System blocks are temporary blocks that are created on enforcement (e.g. More...
class  UnblockUser
 Backend class for unblocking users. More...
interface  UnblockUserFactory
class  UserBlockCommandFactory