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trait LegacyArticleIdAccess
 Convenience trait for conversion to PageIdentity. More...

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trait MediaWiki::Page\LegacyArticleIdAccess
Initial value:
protected function getArticleId( PageIdentity $title ): int {
if ( $title instanceof Title ) {
return $title->getArticleID();
return $title->getId( $this->getWikiId() );
abstract protected function getWikiId()
The persistent session ID (if any) loaded at startup.
Definition: WebStart.php:82
Represents a title within MediaWiki.
Definition: Title.php:49

Convenience trait for conversion to PageIdentity.

For the cross-wiki aware code, this should be used instead of PageIdentity::getId until Title is dropped. Before transition to PageIdentity, Title could exist for foreign wikis with no indication about it (Title does not have $wikiId). It was very brittle, but it worked. Until Title is deprecated in the codebase, most of the PageIdentity instances passed around are Titles. So for cross-wiki access, stricter domain validation of PageIdentity::getId will break wikis.

Additionally, loose checks on Title regarding whether the page can exist or not have been depended upon in a number of places in the codebase.

This trait is only supposed to be used in cross-wiki aware code, and only exists until code up the stack is guaranteed not to pass Title.

Access: internal

Definition at line 25 of file LegacyArticleIdAccess.php.