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MediaWiki\Parser Namespace Reference


namespace  Parsoid
 Copyright (C) 2011-2022 Wikimedia Foundation and others.


class  MagicWord
 This class encapsulates "magic words" such as "#redirect", NOTOC, etc. More...
class  MagicWordArray
 Class for handling an array of magic words. More...
class  MagicWordFactory
 Store information about magic words, and create/cache MagicWord objects. More...
class  ParserCacheFactory
class  ParserCacheFilter
interface  ParserCacheMetadata
 Read-only interface for metadata about a ParserCache entry. More...
class  ParserObserver
class  ParserOutputFlags
class  ParserOutputStringSets
class  RemexRemoveTagHandler
 Helper class for Sanitizer::removeSomeTags(). More...
class  RemexStripTagHandler
 Helper class for Sanitizer::stripAllTags(). More...
class  RevisionOutputCache
 Cache for ParserOutput objects. More...
class  Sanitizer
 HTML sanitizer for MediaWiki. More...