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run.php File Reference

Entry point for running maintenance scripts. More...

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 $IP = wfDetectInstallPath()
 $runner = new MaintenanceRunner()
 $success = $runner->run()
 if (!defined('MW_FINAL_SETUP_CALLBACK'))
const MEDIAWIKI (!MaintenanceRunner::shouldExecute()) true

Detailed Description

Entry point for running maintenance scripts.

Definition in file run.php.

Variable Documentation

◆ $IP

Definition at line 26 of file run.php.

◆ $runner

$runner = new MaintenanceRunner()

Definition at line 30 of file run.php.

◆ $success

$success = $runner->run()

Definition at line 51 of file run.php.

◆ if


Definition at line 36 of file run.php.


const MEDIAWIKI(!MaintenanceRunner::shouldExecute()) ( MaintenanceRunner::shouldExecute()) true

Definition at line 24 of file run.php.