Vector Skin



Configuration options

See skin.json.


Node version

It is recommended to use nvm to use the version of node defined in .nvmrc during local development. This ensures consistency amongst development environments.

Coding conventions

We strive for compliance with MediaWiki conventions:

Additions and deviations from those conventions that are more tailored to this project are noted at:

Pre-commit tests

A pre-commit hook is installed when executing npm install. By default, it runs npm test which is useful for automatically validating everything that can be in a reasonable amount of time. If you wish to defer these tests to be executed by continuous integration only, set the PRE_COMMIT environment variable to 0:

$ export PRE_COMMIT=0
$ git commit

Or more succinctly:

$ PRE_COMMIT=0 git commit

Skipping the pre-commit tests has no impact on Gerrit change identifier hooks.


See hooks.txt.