Object-Oriented User Interface
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 CActionFieldLayoutLayout made of a field, button and optional label
 CButtonGroupWidgetGroup widget for multiple related buttons
 CButtonInputWidgetA button that is an input widget
 CButtonWidgetGeneric widget for buttons
 CCheckboxInputWidgetCheckbox input widget
 CCheckboxMultiselectInputWidgetMultiple checkbox input widget
 CComboBoxInputWidgetCombo box input widget, wrapping a text input with <datalist>
 CDropdownInputWidgetDropdown input widget, wrapping a <select> element
 CElementDOM element abstraction
 CFieldLayoutLayout made of a field and optional label
 CFieldsetLayoutLayout made of a fieldset and optional legend
 CFormLayoutLayout with an HTML form
 CHiddenInputWidgetData widget intended for creating 'hidden'-type inputs
 CHorizontalLayoutHorizontalLayout arranges its contents in a single line (using display: inline-block for its items), with small margins between them
 CHtmlSnippetWraps a HTML snippet for use with Tag::appendContent() and Tag::prependContent()
 CIconWidgetIcon widget
 CIndexLayoutIndexLayouts contain TabPanelLayout layouts as well as TabSelectWidget tabs that allow users to navigate through the tab panels and select which one to display
 CIndicatorWidgetIndicator widget
 CInputWidgetBase class for input widgets
 CLabelWidgetLabel widget
 CLayoutContainer for elements
 CMenuLayoutMenuLayouts combine a menu and a content PanelLayout panel
 CMessageWidgetNotice widget
 CMultilineTextInputWidgetInput widget with a text field
 CNumberInputWidgetInput widget with a number field
 COptionWidgetOptionWidgets are special elements that can be selected and configured with data
 CPanelLayoutLayout that expands to cover the entire area of its parent, with optional scrolling and padding
 CRadioInputWidgetRadio input widget
 CRadioSelectInputWidgetMultiple radio buttons input widget
 CSearchInputWidgetInput widget with a text field
 CSelectFileInputWidgetGeneric widget for buttons
 CSelectWidgetA SelectWidget is of a generic selection of options
 CStackLayoutStackLayouts contain a series of PanelLayouts
 CTabPanelLayoutTabPanelLayouts are used within IndexLayouts to create tab panels that users can select and display from the index's optional TabSelectWidget navigation
 CTabSelectWidgetTabSelectWidget is a list that contains TabOptionWidget options
 CTextInputWidgetInput widget with a text field
 CThemeTheme logic
 CToggleSwitchWidgetToggleSwitch widget
 CToggleWidgetToggle widget
 CWidgetUser interface control