Devices module.

class homer.devices.Device(fqdn, metadata, config, private)

Bases: tuple

Create new instance of Device(fqdn, metadata, config, private)

config: Mapping

Alias for field number 2

fqdn: str

Alias for field number 0

metadata: MutableMapping

Alias for field number 1

private: Mapping

Alias for field number 3

class homer.devices.Devices(devices: Mapping[str, MutableMapping[str, str]], devices_config: Mapping[str, Mapping], private_config: Mapping[str, Mapping] | None = None)[source]

Bases: UserDict

Collection of devices, accessible by FQDN as a dict or role and site via dedicated accessors.

Initialize the instance.

  • devices (dict) -- the devices configuration with FQDN as key and a dictionary with the device metadata as value.

  • devices_config (dict) -- the devices configuration with FQDN as key and a dictionary with the device-specific configuration as value.

  • private_config (dict, optional) -- an optional dictionary of the devices private configuration with the FQDN as key and a dictionary of device-specific private configuration as value. It cannot have top level keys in common with the same device public configuration.

query(query_string: str) List[Device][source]

Get the devices matching the query.


If needed, expand the query capabilities with a proper syntax using pyparsing.


query_string (str) -- the query_string to use to filter for.


homer.exceptions.HomerError -- on invalid query.


a list of Device objects.

Return type: