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DateFormatter Class Reference

Date formatter. More...

Public Member Functions

 __construct (Language $lang)
 reformat ( $preference, $text, $options=[])

Static Public Member Functions

static getInstance (Language $lang=null)
 Get a DateFormatter object.

Detailed Description

Date formatter.

Recognises dates and formats them according to a specified preference.

This class was originally introduced to detect and transform dates in free text. It is now only used by the {{#dateformat}} parser function. This is a very rudimentary date formatter; Language::sprintfDate() has many more features and is the correct choice for most new code. The main advantage of this date formatter is that it is able to format incomplete dates with an unspecified year.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

DateFormatter::__construct ( Language $lang)
Language$langIn which language to format the date

Definition at line 126 of file DateFormatter.php.

References Language\getMonthAbbreviation(), and Language\getMonthName().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getInstance()

static DateFormatter::getInstance ( Language $lang = null)

Get a DateFormatter object.

since 1.33 use MediaWikiServices::getDateFormatterFactory()
Language | null$langIn which language to format the date Defaults to the site content language

Definition at line 165 of file DateFormatter.php.

◆ reformat()

DateFormatter::reformat ( $preference,
$options = [] )
string$preferenceUser preference, must be one of "default", "dmy", "mdy", "ymd" or "ISO 8601".
string$textText to reformat
array$optionsIgnored. Since 1.33, 'match-whole' is implied, and 'linked' has been removed.

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References $source.

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