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Deprecated List
Member $wgAjaxExportList
(officially) since 1.27; use the API instead
Member $wgAllowRequiringEmailForResets
This feature is under development, don't assume this flag's existence or function outside of MediaWiki.
Member $wgContentHandlerUseDB
since 1.34
Member $wgContLang
since 1.32, use the ContentLanguage service directly
Member $wgDummyLanguageCodes
since 1.29
Member $wgEnableOpenSearchSuggest
since 1.35 No longer used
Member $wgEnableSpecialMute
Member $wgGalleryOptions
since 1.28
  • showBytes: Show the filesize in bytes in categories
  • showDimensions: Show the dimensions (width x height) in categories
  • mode: Gallery mode
Member $wgIncludeLegacyJavaScript
since 1.26: Always declare dependencies.
Member $wgLogoHD
since 1.35. Developers should retrieve this logo (and other variants) using the static function ResourceLoaderSkinModule::getAvailableLogos. $wgLogos should be used instead.
Member $wgMaximalPasswordLength
since 1.26, use $wgPasswordPolicy's MaximalPasswordLength.
Member $wgMemc
since 1.35, use the LocalServerObjectCache service instead
Member $wgMinimalPasswordLength
since 1.26, use $wgPasswordPolicy's MinimalPasswordLength.
Member $wgMultiContentRevisionSchemaMigrationStage
Since 1.35, the only accepted value is is SCHEMA_COMPAT_NEW. No longer functions as a setting. Will be removed in 1.36. An appropriate combination of SCHEMA_COMPAT_XXX flags.
Member $wgOpenSearchTemplate
since 1.25 Use $wgOpenSearchTemplates['application/x-suggestions+json'] instead
Member $wgParser
since 1.32, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getParser() instead
Member $wgParserTestFiles
since 1.30
Member $wgPopularPasswordFile
since 1.33 path to file
Member $wgSharedDB
since 1.21 In new code, use the $wiki parameter to LBFactory::getMainLB() to access remote databases. Using LBFactory::getMainLB() allows the shared database to reside on separate servers to the wiki's own database, with suitable configuration of $wgLBFactoryConf.
Member $wgShowDBErrorBacktrace
and nonfunctional since 1.32: set $wgShowExceptionDetails instead.
Member $wgShowSQLErrors
and nonfunctional since 1.32: set $wgShowExceptionDetails and/or $wgShowHostnames instead.
Member $wgSquidPurgeUseHostHeader
since 1.33, will always be true in a future release.
Member $wgTrackingCategories
since 1.25 Extensions should now register tracking categories using the new extension registration system.
Member $wgUseAjax
(officially) since MediaWiki 1.31 and ignored since 1.32
Member $wgVersion
since 1.35; use the MW_VERSION constant instead
Member Action::$page
since 1.35, use getArticle() ?? getWikiPage(). Must be removed.
Member ApiBase::explodeMultiValue ( $value, $limit)
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::explodeMultiValue() instead
since 1.35
since 1.35
Member ApiBase::parseMultiValue ( $valueName, $value, $allowMultiple, $allowedValues, $allSpecifier=null, $limit1=null, $limit2=null)
since 1.35, no replacement
Member ApiBase::validateLimit ( $name, &$value, $min, $max, $botMax=null, $enforceLimits=false)
since 1.35, use $this->getMain()->getParamValidator()->validateValue() instead.
Member ApiBase::validateTimestamp ( $value, $encParamName)
since 1.35, use $this->getMain()->getParamValidator()->validateValue() instead.
Class ApiErrorFormatter_BackCompat
Only for backwards compatibility, do not use
Member ApiQueryBase::prefixedTitlePartToKey ( $titlePart, $defaultNamespace=NS_MAIN)
sine 1.35, use parsePrefixedTitlePart() instead.
Member ApiQueryBase::showHiddenUsersAddBlockInfo ( $showBlockInfo)
since 1.34, use ApiQueryBlockInfoTrait instead
Class ApiQueryDeletedrevs
since 1.25
Member ApiQueryInfo::getBlockToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getDeleteToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getEditToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getEmailToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getImportToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getMoveToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getOptionsToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getProtectToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getUnblockToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getWatchToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::resetTokenCache ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRecentChanges::getPatrolToken ( $pageid, $title, $rc=null)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRecentChanges::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRevisions::getRollbackToken ( $pageid, $title, $rev)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRevisions::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryUsers::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryUsers::getUserrightsToken ( $user)
since 1.24
Member ApiStashEdit::parseAndStash (WikiPage $page, Content $content, User $user, $summary)
Since 1.34
Class ApiTokens
since 1.24
Member Article::$mContentLoaded
since 1.32. Whether content has been loaded should not be relevant to code outside this class.
Member Article::$mContentObject
since 1.32
Member Article::$mParserOutput
since 1.32
Member Article::$mRevIdFetched
since 1.32, use getRevIdFetched() instead.
Member Article::doDeleteArticle ( $reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error='', $immediate=false)
since 1.35
Member Article::doDeleteArticleReal ( $reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error='', User $user=null, $tags=[], $immediate=false)
since 1.35
Member Article::fetchContentObject ()
since 1.32, use fetchRevisionRecord() instead.
Member Article::getComment ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::getContentObject ()
since 1.32, use getRevisionFetched() or fetchRevisionRecord() instead.
Member Article::getCreator ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::getUser ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::getUserText ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::insertProtectNullRevision ( $revCommentMsg, array $limit, array $expiry, $cascade, $reason, $user=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::insertProtectNullRevision instead
Member Article::viewRedirect ( $target, $appendSubtitle=true, $forceKnown=false)
since 1.30
Member BaseSearchResultSet::free ()
noop since 1.34
Member BaseSearchResultSet::next ()
since 1.32; Use self::extractResults() or foreach
Member BaseSearchResultSet::rewind ()
since 1.32; Use self::extractResults() or foreach
Member BaseSearchResultSet::termMatches ()
since 1.34 (use SqlSearchResult)
Member BaseTemplate::msgWiki ( $str)
since 1.33 Use ->msg() or ->getMsg() instead.
Class CategoryFinder
since 1.31
Member ChangesList::getTimestamp ( $rc)
use revDateLink instead.
Member CommentStore::getStore ()
in 1.31 Use DI to inject a CommentStore instance into your class.
Member ConfigFactory::getDefaultInstance ()
since 1.27, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getConfigFactory() instead.
Member Content::getDeletionUpdates (WikiPage $page, ParserOutput $parserOutput=null)
since 1.32, call and override ContentHandler::getDeletionUpdates instead.
Member Content::getNativeData ()
since 1.33 use getText() for TextContent instances. For other content models, use specialized getters.
Member Content::getSecondaryDataUpdates (Title $title, Content $old=null, $recursive=true, ParserOutput $parserOutput=null)
since 1.32, call and override ContentHandler::getSecondaryDataUpdates instead.
Member ContentHandler::cleanupHandlersCache ()
since 1.35 Please, use ContentHandlerFactory.
Member ContentHandler::getAllContentFormats ()
since 1.35, use ContentHandlerFactory::getAllContentFormats
Member ContentHandler::getContentModels ()
since 1.35, use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentModels
Member ContentHandler::getDefaultModelFor (Title $title)
since 1.33, use SlotRoleHandler::getDefaultModel() together with SlotRoleRegistry::getRoleHandler().
Member ContentHandler::getForContent (Content $content)
since 1.35, instead use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentHandler( $content->getModel() ).
Member ContentHandler::getForModelID ( $modelId)
since 1.35, use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentHandler
Member ContentHandler::getForTitle (Title $title)
since 1.35, instead use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentHandler( $title->getContentModel() ).
Member ContentHandler::getSlotDiffRendererInternal (IContextSource $context)
use getSlotDiffRendererWithOptions instead
Member ContextSource::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Member DataUpdate::runUpdates (array $updates)
Since 1.28 Use DeferredUpdates::execute()
Member DateFormatter::getInstance (Language $lang=null)
since 1.33 use MediaWikiServices::getDateFormatterFactory()
Member DBAccessBase::releaseConnection (IDatabase $db)
Since 1.34
Class DeferredStringifier
since 1.31, use Message::listParam() instead
Member DerivativeContext::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Member DifferenceEngine::$mNewContent
since 1.32, content slots are now handled by the corresponding SlotDiffRenderer.
Member DifferenceEngine::$mOldContent
since 1.32, content slots are now handled by the corresponding SlotDiffRenderer.
Member DifferenceEngine::generateContentDiffBody (Content $old, Content $new)
since 1.32, use a SlotDiffRenderer instead.
Member DifferenceEngine::generateTextDiffBody ( $otext, $ntext)
since 1.32, use a TextSlotDiffRenderer instead.
Member DifferenceEngine::getDiffBodyCacheKey ()
since 1.31, use getDiffBodyCacheKeyParams() instead
Member DifferenceEngine::setContent (Content $oldContent, Content $newContent)
since 1.32, use setRevisions or ContentHandler::getSlotDiffRenderer.
Member DifferenceEngine::textDiff ( $otext, $ntext)
since 1.32, use a TextSlotDiffRenderer instead.
Class DifferenceEngineSlotDiffRenderer
since 1.31
Member EditPage::$mArticle
for public usage since 1.30 use EditPage::getArticle()
Member EditPage::$mTitle
for public usage since 1.30 use EditPage::getTitle()
since 1.35, meaningless since $wgContentHandlerUseDB has been removed.
Member EnqueueJob::newFromJobsByWiki (array $jobsByWiki)
Since 1.33; use newFromJobsByDomain()
Class ExternalStore
1.34 Use ExternalStoreFactory directly instead
Member ExternalStore::batchFetchFromURLs (array $urls)
Member ExternalStore::fetchFromURL ( $url, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::getStoreObject ( $proto, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::insert ( $url, $data, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::insertToDefault ( $data, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::insertToForeignDefault ( $data, $wiki)
1.34 Use insertToDefault() with 'wiki' set
Member ExternalStore::insertWithFallback (array $tryStores, $data, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStoreDB::getSlave ( $cluster)
since 1.34
Member File::delete ( $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteFile instead
Member FileBackend::getWikiId ()
Since 1.34 Use getDomainId()
Member FileBackendGroup::destroySingleton ()
since 1.35, test framework should reset services between tests instead
Member FileBackendGroup::singleton ()
since 1.35, inject the service instead
Member FileJournal::factory (array $config, $backend)
since 1.35, only FileBackendGroup should need to create FileJournals
Member ForeignDBFile::delete ( $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteFile instead
Member GenderCache::singleton ()
in 1.28 see MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getGenderCache()
Class Http
since 1.34
Member Http::$httpEngine
since 1.34, just use the default engine
Member Http::createMultiClient (array $options=[])
since 1.34, construct it directly
Member Http::get ( $url, array $options=[], $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::get()
Member Http::getProxy ()
since 1.34, use $wgHTTPProxy directly
Member Http::isValidURI ( $uri)
since 1.34, use MWHttpRequest::isValidURI
Member Http::post ( $url, array $options=[], $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::post()
Member Http::request ( $method, $url, array $options=[], $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::request()
Member Http::userAgent ()
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::getUserAgent()
Member IContextSource::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Class IExpiringStore
Member ImagePage::getImageLimitsFromOption ( $user, $optionName)
Since 1.35 Use static function MediaFileTrait::getImageLimitsFromOption
Member ImportableUploadRevisionImporter::downloadSource (ImportableUploadRevision $wikiRevision)
Class IP
since 1.35
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_ADDRESS_STRING instead
Member JobQueue::getWiki ()
Member JobRunner::setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)
since 1.35. Rely on the logger passed in the constructor.
Member Language::$dateFormatStrings
since 1.35, must be private
Member Language::$durationIntervals
since 1.35, use the DURATION_INTERVALS constant
Member Language::$mExtendedSpecialPageAliases
since 1.35, must be protected
Member Language::$mHebrewCalendarMonthGenMsgs
Member Language::$mHebrewCalendarMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the HEBREW_CALENDAR_MONTHS_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mHijriCalendarMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the HIJRI_CALENDAR_MONTH_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mIranianCalendarMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the IRANIAN_CALENDAR_MONTHS_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mLangObjCache
since 1.35, use LanguageFactory
Member Language::$mMagicExtensions
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache with custom language config
Member Language::$mMonthAbbrevMsgs
since 1.35, use the MONTH_ABBREVIATED_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mMonthGenMsgs
since 1.35, use the MONTH_GENITIVE_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the MONTH_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mWeekdayAbbrevMsgs
since 1.35, use the WEEKDAY_ABBREVIATED_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mWeekdayMsgs
since 1.35, use the WEEKDAY_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$transformData
since 1.35, must be private
Member Language::ALL
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::ALL
Member Language::AS_AUTONYMS
since 1.34, LanguageNameUtils::AUTONYMS
Member Language::autoConvert ( $text, $variant=false)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::autoConvert
Member Language::autoConvertToAllVariants ( $text)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::autoConvertToAllVariants
Member Language::classFromCode ( $code, $fallback=true)
since 1.35, this is an internal method and should not need to be used elsewhere
Member Language::clearCaches ()
since 1.35. Instead, reset all services and set Language::$mLangObjCache = [].
Member Language::convert ( $text)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convert
Member Language::convertCategoryKey ( $key)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertCategoryKey instead
Member Language::convertHtml ( $text)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertHtml instead
Member Language::convertNamespace ( $ns, $variant=null)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertNamespace instead
Member Language::convertTitle ( $title)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertTitle
Member Language::factory ( $code)
since 1.35, use LanguageFactory
Member Language::fetchLanguageName ( $code, $inLanguage=self::AS_AUTONYMS, $include=self::ALL)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::getLanguageName
Member Language::fetchLanguageNames ( $inLanguage=self::AS_AUTONYMS, $include='mw')
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::getLanguageNames
Member Language::findVariantLink (&$link, &$nt, $ignoreOtherCond=false)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::findVariantLink instead
Member Language::getConverter ()
since 1.35 Use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getLanguageConverterFactory() ->getLanguageConverter( $language ) instead
Member Language::getConvRuleTitle ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getConvRuleTitle instead
Member Language::getDefaultVariant ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getDefaultVariant instead
Member Language::getExtraHashOptions ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getExtraHashOptions instead
Member Language::getFallbackFor ( $code)
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::getFirst
Member Language::getFallbacksFor ( $code, $mode=self::MESSAGES_FALLBACKS)
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::getAll
Member Language::getFallbacksIncludingSiteLanguage ( $code)
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::getAllIncludingSiteLanguage
Member Language::getFileName ( $prefix, $code, $suffix='.php')
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::getJsonMessagesFileName ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::getLocalisationCache ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices
Member Language::getMessageFor ( $key, $code)
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache directly
Member Language::getMessageKeysFor ( $code)
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache directly
Member Language::getMessagesFileName ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::getMessagesFor ( $code)
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache directly
Member Language::getParentLanguage ()
since 1.35, use LanguageFactory::getParentLanguage
Member Language::getPreferredVariant ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getPreferredVariant instead
Member Language::getURLVariant ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getURLVariant instead
Member Language::getVariants ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getVariants instead
Member Language::hasVariant ( $variant)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::hasVariant instead
Member Language::hasVariants ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::hasVariants instead
Member Language::isKnownLanguageTag ( $tag)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::isSupportedLanguage ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::isValidBuiltInCode ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::isValidCode ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::MESSAGES
Member Language::numLink (Title $title, $offset, $limit, array $query, $link, $tooltipMsg, $class)
since 1.35, used with viewPrevNext only
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::STRICT
Member Language::SUPPORTED
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::SUPPORTED
Member Language::updateConversionTable (LinkTarget $linkTarget)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::updateConversionTable instead
Member Language::viewPrevNext (Title $title, $offset, $limit, array $query=[], $atend=false)
since 1.34, use PrevNextNavigationRenderer::buildPrevNextNavigation() instead.
Member Licenses::getLicenses ()
since 1.31 Use getLines() instead
Member LinkBatch::__construct (iterable $arr=[], ?LinkCache $linkCache=null, ?TitleFormatter $titleFormatter=null, ?Language $contentLanguage=null, ?GenderCache $genderCache=null, ?ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer=null)
1.35 Use makeLinkBatch of the LinkBatchFactory service instead
Member LinkCache::forUpdate ( $update=null)
Since 1.34
Member LinkCache::singleton ()
since 1.28, use MediaWikiServices instead
Member Linker::link ( $target, $html=null, $customAttribs=[], $query=[], $options=[])
since 1.28, use MediaWiki\Linker\LinkRenderer instead
Member Linker::linkKnown ( $target, $html=null, $customAttribs=[], $query=[], $options=[ 'known'])
since 1.28, use MediaWiki\Linker\LinkRenderer instead
Member LocalFile::delete ( $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteFile
Member LocalFile::deleteOld ( $archiveName, $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteOldFile
Member LockManagerGroup::destroySingletons ()
since 1.34, use resetServiceForTesting() on LockManagerGroupFactory
Member LockManagerGroup::getAny ()
since 1.35, seemingly unused, just call get() and catch any exception instead
Member LockManagerGroup::getDefault ()
since 1.35, seemingly unused, just call get() and catch any exception instead
Member LockManagerGroup::singleton ( $domain=false)
since 1.34, use LockManagerGroupFactory
Member LogEventsList::$mDefaultQuery
since 1.34, no longer used.
Member ManualLogEntry::setTags ( $tags)
since 1.33 Please use addTags() instead
Class McrRestoreAction
since 1.32
Class McrUndoAction
since 1.32
Member MediaTransformOutput::streamFile ( $headers=[])
since 1.26, use streamFileWithStatus
Member MediaWiki::triggerJobs ()
Since 1.34
Member MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManager::forcePrimaryAuthenticationProviders (array $providers, $why)
For backwards compatibility only
Member MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManager::singleton ()
since 1.35 use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getAuthManager() instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mExpiry
since 1.34.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mHideName
since 1.34.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mReason
since 1.34.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mTimestamp
since 1.34.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getBlocker ()
since 1.35.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getBlockErrorParams (IContextSource $context)
since 1.35 Use BlockErrorFormatter::getMessage instead, and extract the params from the Message object using Message::getParams.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getPermissionsError (IContextSource $context)
since 1.35 Use BlockErrorFormatter::getMessage instead, and build the array using Message::getKey and Message::getParams.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getReason ()
since 1.35. Use getReasonComment instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::prevents ( $action, $x=null)
since 1.33, use appliesToRight to determine block behaviour, and specific methods to get/set properties
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::setBlocker ( $user)
since 1.35.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::shouldTrackWithCookie ( $isAnon)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead of calling this directly.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::$mAuto
since 1.34.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::$mParentBlockId
since 1.34.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::clearCookie (WebResponse $response)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::clearBlockCookie instead
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::getCookieValue ()
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead of calling this directly
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::getIdFromCookieValue ( $cookieValue)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::getUserBlock instead
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::getReason ()
since 1.35.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::isValid ()
since 1.33 No longer needed in core.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::setCookie (WebResponse $response)
since 1.34 Set a cookie via BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::shouldTrackWithCookie ( $isAnon)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead of calling this directly.
Class MediaWiki\Edit\PreparedEdit
since 1.32, use DerivedPageDataUpdater instead.
Member MediaWiki\Edit\PreparedEdit::__get ( $name)
since 1.33
Class MediaWiki\Logger\Monolog\LegacyFormatter
since 1.32
Class MediaWiki\Search\SearchWidgets\SimpleSearchResultSetWidget
since 1.31. Use InterwikiSearchResultSetWidget
Class MediaWiki\Search\SearchWidgets\SimpleSearchResultWidget
since 1.31. Use other result widgets.
Member MediaWiki\Storage\DerivedPageDataUpdater::getPreparedEdit ()
This only exists for B/C, use the getters on DerivedPageDataUpdater directly!
Member MediaWiki\Storage\SqlBlobStore::getLegacyEncodingConversionLang ()
since 1.34 No longer needed
Member MediaWiki\Storage\SqlBlobStore::getTextIdFromAddress ( $address)
since 1.31, so don't assume that all blob addresses refer to a row in the text table. This method should become private once the relevant refactoring in WikiPage is complete.
Member MessageCache::singleton ()
in 1.34 inject an instance of this class instead of using global state
Member MessageContent::getNativeData ()
since 1.33 use getMessage() instead.
Member MWHttpRequest::factory ( $url, array $options=null, $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory instead
Class MWNamespace
since 1.34, use NamespaceInfo instead
Member MWTidy::setInstance ( $instance)
Since 1.33
Member MWTimestamp::getHumanTimestamp (MWTimestamp $relativeTo=null, User $user=null, Language $lang=null)
since 1.26 Use Language::getHumanTimestamp directly
Member NamespaceInfo::getRestrictionLevels ( $index, User $user=null)
since 1.34 User PermissionManager::getNamespaceRestrictionLevels instead.
Member ObjectCache::detectLocalServerCache ()
since 1.35 Use MediaWikiServices::getLocalServerObjectCache() or ObjectCache::makeLocalServerCache() instead.
Module Old constants for ::getAllowedParams() arrays
since 1.35, use the equivalent ParamValidator or TypeDef constants instead.
Member PageArchive::getRevision ( $timestamp)
since 1.32, use getArchivedRevision() instead.
Member PageArchive::undelete ( $timestamps, $comment='', $fileVersions=[], $unsuppress=false, User $user=null, $tags=null)
since 1.35, use ::undeleteAsUser
Member ParserCache::singleton ()
since 1.30, use MediaWikiServices instead
Member ParserOptions::setOptionLegacy ( $name, $value)
since 1.30
Member PasswordFactory::init (Config $config)
since 1.32 Initialize settings using the constructor
Member PasswordPolicyChecks::checkPopularPasswordBlacklist ( $policyVal, User $user, $password)
since 1.33
Class PrefixSearch
Since 1.27, Use SearchEngine::defaultPrefixSearch or SearchEngine::completionSearch
Class ProcessCacheLRU
Since 1.32 Use MapCacheLRU instead
Member Profiler::getTemplated ()
since 1.34 Use getAllowOutput() instead.
Member Profiler::setTemplated ( $t)
since 1.34 Use setAllowOutput() instead.
Member QuickTemplate::msgWiki ( $msgKey)
since 1.33 Use ->msg() instead.
Class RCFeedEngine
since 1.29 Use FormattedRCFeed instead
Member RE_IP_ADD
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_ADD instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_BYTE instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_PREFIX instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_RANGE instead
Member RE_IPV6_ADD
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_ADD instead
Member RE_IPV6_GAP
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_GAP instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_PREFIX instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_RANGE instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_V4_PREFIX instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_WORD instead
Member RecentChange::getEngine ( $uri, $params=[])
since 1.29 Use RCFeed::factory() instead
Member RecentChange::markPatrolled ( $change, $auto=false, $tags=null)
since 1.35, use doMarkPatrolled directly
Member RepoGroup::destroySingleton ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiTestCase::overrideMwServices() or similar.
Member RepoGroup::setSingleton ( $instance)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiTestCase::setService, this can mess up state of other tests
Member RepoGroup::singleton ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getRepoGroup
Member RequestContext::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Class ResetUserTokens
since 1.27, use $wgAuthenticationTokenVersion instead.
Member ResourceLoaderContext::getConfig ()
since 1.34 Use ResourceLoaderModule::getConfig instead inside module methods.
Member ResourceLoaderContext::getLogger ()
since 1.34 Use ResourceLoaderModule::getLogger instead inside module methods.
Member ResourceLoaderFileModule::compileLessFile ( $fileName, ResourceLoaderContext $context)
since 1.35 Use compileLessString() instead
Member RESTBagOStuff::$serializationType
since 1.34, the "legacy" value will be removed in 1.35. Use either "PHP" or "JSON".
Class Revision
since 1.31, use RevisionRecord, RevisionStore, and BlobStore instead.
Member Revision::base36Sha1 ( $text)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::countByPageId ( $db, $id)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::countByTitle ( $db, $title)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getArchiveQueryInfo ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use RevisionStore::getArchiveQueryInfo() instead.
Member Revision::getParentLengths ( $db, array $revIds)
in 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionSizes instead. Hard deprecated since 1.35.
Member Revision::getQueryInfo ( $options=[])
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use RevisionStore::getQueryInfo() instead.
Member Revision::getRecentChange ( $flags=0)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getRevisionText ( $row, $prefix='old_', $wiki=false)
since 1.32, use RevisionStore::newRevisionFromRow instead.
Member Revision::getSerializedData ()
since 1.31, use BlobStore::getBlob instead.
Member Revision::getTextId ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use RevisionRecord()->getSlot()->getContentAddress() to get that actual address that can be used with BlobStore::getBlob(); or use RevisionRecord::hasSameContent() to check if two revisions have the same content.
Member Revision::getTimestampFromId ( $title, $id, $flags=0)
since 1.35
Member Revision::isUnpatrolled ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::loadFromPageId ( $db, $pageid, $id=0)
since 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionByPageId() instead. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::loadFromTimestamp ( $db, $title, $timestamp)
since 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionByTimestamp() or RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromTimestamp() instead. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::loadFromTitle ( $db, $title, $id=0)
since 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionByTitle() instead. Hard deprecated in 1.35
Member Revision::newFromPageId ( $pageId, $revId=0, $flags=0)
since 1.31 together with the class. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::newFromRow ( $row)
since 1.31 together with the Revision class. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::newKnownCurrent (IDatabase $db, $pageIdOrTitle, $revId=0)
since 1.31 and hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::setTitle ( $title)
since 1.31, this is now a noop. Pass the Title to the constructor instead. hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::setUserIdAndName ( $id, $name)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), please reuse old Revision object
Member Revision::userCan ( $field, User $user=null)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::userWasLastToEdit ( $db, $pageId, $userId, $since)
since 1.24 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision\RevisionFactory::newMutableRevisionFromArray (array $fields, $queryFlags=self::READ_NORMAL, Title $title=null)
since 1.31. Use a MutableRevisionRecord instead.
Member Revision\RevisionStore::listRevisionSizes (IDatabase $db, array $revIds)
since 1.35 use RevisionStore::getRevisionSizes instead.
Member Revision\RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromPageId (IDatabase $db, $pageid, $id=0)
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::getRevisionByPageId instead.
Member Revision\RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromTimestamp (IDatabase $db, $title, $timestamp)
since 1.35
Member Revision\RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromTitle (IDatabase $db, $title, $id=0)
since 1.35
Member Revision\RevisionStore::userWasLastToEdit (IDatabase $db, $pageId, $userId, $since)
since 1.31; Can possibly be removed, since the self-conflict suppression logic in EditPage that uses this seems conceptually dubious. Revision::userWasLastToEdit has been deprecated since 1.24.
Member SearchEngine::$searchTerms
since 1.34
Member SearchEngine::getTextFromContent (Title $t, Content $c=null)
since 1.34 use Content::getTextForSearchIndex directly
Member SearchEngine::replacePrefixes ( $query)
since 1.32; should be handled internally by the search engine
Member SearchEngine::textAlreadyUpdatedForIndex ()
since 1.34 no longer needed since getTextFromContent is being deprecated
Member SearchEngine::userHighlightPrefs ()
in 1.34 use the SearchHighlighter constants directly
Member Skin::getDynamicStylesheetQuery ()
since 1.32 Use action=raw&ctype=text/css directly.
Member Skin::getRevisionId ()
since 1.34, use OutputPage::getRevisionId instead
Member Skin::isRevisionCurrent ()
since 1.34, use OutputPage::isRevisionCurrent instead
Member Skin::makeI18nUrl ( $name, $urlaction='')
since 1.35, no longer used
Member Skin::makeNSUrl ( $name, $urlaction='', $namespace=NS_MAIN)
since 1.35, no longer used
Member Skin::setupSkinUserCss (OutputPage $out)
since 1.32 Use getDefaultModules() instead.
Member Skin::shouldPreloadLogo ()
since 1.32 Redundant. It now happens automatically based on whether the skin loads a stylesheet based on ResourceLoaderSkinModule, which all skins that use wgLogos in CSS do, and other's would not.
Member SkinTemplate::getNameSpaceKey ()
since 1.35, use Title::getNamespaceKey() instead
Member SkinTemplate::makeArticleUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
since 1.35, no longer used
Class SpecialPageFactory
since 1.32, use the SpecialPageFactory service instead
Class SpecialResetTokens
since 1.26
Member SqlSearchResultSet::termMatches ()
since 1.34
Member Status::getErrorsArray ()
since 1.25
Member Status::getWarningsArray ()
since 1.25
Member StreamFile::parseRange ( $range, $size)
since 1.34, use HTTPFileStreamer::parseRange() instead
Member StreamFile::send404Message ( $fname, $flags=0)
since 1.34, use HTTPFileStreamer::send404Message() instead
Member StreamFile::STREAM_ALLOW_OB
since 1.34
Member StreamFile::STREAM_HEADLESS
since 1.34
Class StringPrefixSearch
Since 1.27, Use SearchEngine::prefixSearchSubpages or SearchEngine::completionSearch
Class SVGMetadataExtractor
since 1.34
Member SVGMetadataExtractor::getMetadata ( $filename)
since 1.34, use SVGReader->getMetadata() directly
Member TablePager::getBody ()
since 1.24, use getBodyOutput() or getFullOutput() instead
Member TempFSFile::factory ( $prefix, $extension='', $tmpDirectory=null)
since 1.34, use TempFSFileFactory directly
Member TextContent::getNativeData ()
since 1.33 use getText() instead.
Member Title::countAuthorsBetween ( $old, $new, $limit, $options=[])
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::countAuthorsBetween instead.
Member Title::countRevisionsBetween ( $old, $new, $max=null)
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::countRevisionsBetween instead.
since 1.34, use Title::READ_LATEST instead.
Member Title::getAuthorsBetween ( $old, $new, $limit, $options=[])
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::getAuthorsBetween instead.
Member Title::getEarliestRevTime ( $flags=0)
since 1.35. Use RevisionLookup::getFirstRevision instead.
Member Title::getFirstRevision ( $flags=0)
since 1.35. Use RevisionLookup::getFirstRevision instead.
Member Title::getNextRevisionID ( $revId, $flags=0)
since 1.34, use RevisionLookup::getNextRevision
Member Title::getOtherPage ()
since 1.34, use NamespaceInfo::getAssociatedPage
Member Title::getPreviousRevisionID ( $revId, $flags=0)
since 1.34, use RevisionLookup::getPreviousRevision
Member Title::getSubjectPage ()
since 1.34, use NamespaceInfo::getSubjectPage
Member Title::getTalkPage ()
since 1.34, use getTalkPageIfDefined() or NamespaceInfo::getTalkPage() with NamespaceInfo::canHaveTalkPage(). Note that the new method will throw if asked for the talk page of a section-only link, or of an interwiki link.
Member Title::getUserPermissionsErrors ( $action, $user, $rigor=PermissionManager::RIGOR_SECURE, $ignoreErrors=[])
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->getPermissionErrors()
Member Title::isNamespaceProtected (User $user)
since 1.34 Don't use this function in new code.
Member Title::newFromTitleValue (TitleValue $titleValue, $forceClone='')
since 1.34, use newFromLinkTarget or castFromLinkTarget
Member Title::quickUserCan ( $action, $user=null)
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->quickUserCan(..) instead
Member Title::userCan ( $action, $user=null, $rigor=PermissionManager::RIGOR_SECURE)
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->userCan(..) instead
Class TitlePrefixSearch
Since 1.27, Use SearchEngine::defaultPrefixSearch or SearchEngine::completionSearch
Member TitleValue::$dbkey
in 1.31.
Member TitleValue::$fragment
in 1.31.
Member TitleValue::$interwiki
in 1.31.
Member TitleValue::$namespace
in 1.31.
Class UIDGenerator
Since 1.35; use GlobalIdGenerator instead
Member UploadFromChunks::stashFile (User $user=null)
since 1.28 Use tryStashFile() instead
Member User::$mBlock
since 1.35.
Member User::$mBlockedby
since 1.35.
Member User::$mHideName
since 1.35.
Member User::addNewUserLogEntry ( $action=false, $reason='')
since 1.27, AuthManager handles logging
Member User::blockedFor ()
since 1.35 Use AbstractBlock::getReasonComment instead
Member User::checkPassword ( $password)
since 1.27, use AuthManager instead
Member User::checkTemporaryPassword ( $plaintext)
since 1.27, use AuthManager instead
Member User::getAllRights ()
since 1.34, use PermissionManager::getAllPermissions() instead
Member User::getCanonicalName ( $name, $validate='valid')
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::getGroupPermissions ( $groups)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->getGroupPermissions() instead
Member User::getGroupsWithPermission ( $role)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->getGroupsWithPermission() instead
Member User::getRights ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->getUserPermissions(..) instead
Member User::getTokenFromOption ( $oname)
since 1.26 Applications should use the OAuth extension
Member User::groupHasPermission ( $group, $role)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->groupHasPermission(..) instead
Member User::inDnsBlacklist ( $ip, $bases)
since 1.34 Check via BlockManager::isDnsBlacklisted instead.
Member User::isAllowed ( $action='')
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance() ->getPermissionManager()->userHasRight(...) instead
Member User::isAllowedAll (... $permissions)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance() ->getPermissionManager()->userHasAllRights(...) instead
Member User::isAllowedAny (... $permissions)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance() ->getPermissionManager()->userHasAnyRights(...) instead
Member User::isBlocked ( $fromReplica=true)
since 1.34, use User::getBlock() or PermissionManager::isBlockedFrom() or PermissionManager::userCan() instead.
Member User::isBlockedFrom ( $title, $fromReplica=false)
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->isBlockedFrom(..)
Member User::isCreatableName ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::isDnsBlacklisted ( $ip, $checkWhitelist=false)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::isDnsBlacklisted.
Member User::isEveryoneAllowed ( $right)
since 1.34, use PermissionManager::isEveryoneAllowed() instead
Member User::isIP ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service Note that UserNameUtils::isIP does not accept IPv6 ranges, while this method does
Member User::isIPRange ()
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service or IPUtils directly
Member User::isLocallyBlockedProxy ( $ip)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::getUserBlock instead.
Member User::isUsableName ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::isValidUserName ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::selectFields ()
since 1.31, use self::getQueryInfo() instead.
Member User::setInternalPassword ( $str)
since 1.27, use AuthManager instead
Member User::setPassword ( $str)
since 1.27, use AuthManager instead
Member User::trackBlockWithCookie ()
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead
Member WatchedItem::getUser ()
since 1.34, use getUserIdentity()
Member WebInstaller::getErrorBox ( $text)
since 1.34 Use Html::errorBox() instead.
Member WebInstaller::getInfoBox ( $text, $icon=false, $class=false)
since 1.34.
Member WebInstaller::getWarningBox ( $text)
since 1.34 Use Html::warningBox() instead.
Member WebRequest::checkUrlExtension ( $extWhitelist=[])
since 1.35
Member WebRequest::getLimitOffset ( $deflimit=50, $optionname='rclimit')
since 1.35, use ::getLimitOffsetForUser instead
Member wfDiff ( $before, $after, $params='-u')
since 1.25, use DiffEngine/UnifiedDiffFormatter directly
Member wfEscapeShellArg (... $args)
since 1.30 use MediaWiki\Shell\Shell::escape()
Member wfFindFile ( $title, $options=[])
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices
Member wfGetCache ( $cacheType)
since 1.32, use ObjectCache::getInstance() instead
Member wfGetLB ( $wiki=false)
since 1.27, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getDBLoadBalancer() or MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getDBLoadBalancerFactory() instead.
Member wfGetMainCache ()
since 1.32, use ObjectCache::getLocalClusterInstance() instead
Member wfGetRusage ()
since 1.35
Member wfIsBadImage ( $name, $contextTitle=false, $blacklist=null)
since 1.34, use the BadFileLookup service directly instead
Member wfIsHHVM ()
since 1.34, HHVM is no longer supported
Member wfLocalFile ( $title)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices
Member wfMemcKey (... $args)
since 1.30 Call makeKey on a BagOStuff instance
Member wfSetupSession ( $sessionId=false)
since 1.27, use MediaWiki\Session\SessionManager instead. Generally, "using" SessionManager will be calling ->getSessionById() or ::getGlobalSession() (depending on whether you were passing $sessionId here), then calling $session->persist().
Member wfShellExec ( $cmd, &$retval=null, $environ=[], $limits=[], $options=[])
since 1.30 use class MediaWiki\Shell\Shell
Member wfShellExecWithStderr ( $cmd, &$retval=null, $environ=[], $limits=[])
since 1.30 use class MediaWiki\Shell\Shell
Member wfShellWikiCmd ( $script, array $parameters=[], array $options=[])
since 1.31, use Shell::makeScriptCommand()
Member wfWaitForSlaves ( $ifWritesSince=null, $wiki=false, $cluster=false, $timeout=null)
since 1.27 Use LBFactory::waitForReplication
Member wfWikiID ()
since 1.35 Use WikiMap::getCurrentWikiId()
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::aggregateValue ( $valuedata, $valuename='value')
Since 1.33
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::nextSequenceValue ( $seqName)
since 1.30, no longer needed
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::onTransactionIdle (callable $callback, $fname=__METHOD__)
Since 1.32
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::selectDB ( $db)
Since 1.32 Use selectDomain() instead
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::haveIndex ( $i)
Since 1.34
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::isNonZeroLoad ( $i)
Since 1.34
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::openConnection ( $i, $domain=false, $flags=0)
Since 1.34 Use getConnection() instead
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::safeGetLag (IDatabase $conn)
Since 1.34 Use IDatabase::getLag() instead
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::safeWaitForMasterPos (IDatabase $conn, $pos=false, $timeout=null)
Since 1.34 Use waitForMasterPos() instead
Class Wikimedia\Rdbms\NextSequenceValue
since 1.30, only exists for backwards compatibility
Member WikiPage::checkFlags ( $flags)
since 1.32, use exists() instead, or simply omit the EDIT_UPDATE and EDIT_NEW flags. To protect against race conditions, use PageUpdater::grabParentRevision.
Member WikiPage::doDeleteArticle ( $reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error='', User $user=null, $immediate=false)
since 1.35
Member WikiPage::doEditContent (Content $content, $summary, $flags=0, $originalRevId=false, User $user=null, $serialFormat=null, $tags=[], $undidRevId=0)
since 1.32, use PageUpdater::saveRevision instead. Note that the new method expects callers to take care of checking EDIT_MINOR against the minoredit right, and to apply the autopatrol right as appropriate.
Member WikiPage::doEditUpdates (Revision $revision, User $user, array $options=[])
since 1.32, use PageUpdater::doUpdates instead.
Member WikiPage::getOldestRevision ()
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::getFirstRevision for the corresponding title instead.
Member WikiPage::hasDifferencesOutsideMainSlot (Revision $a, Revision $b)
Use only as a stop-gap before refactoring to support MCR.
Member WikiPage::prepareContentForEdit (Content $content, $revision=null, User $user=null, $serialFormat=null, $useCache=true)
since 1.32, use getDerivedDataUpdater instead.
Member WikiPage::replaceSectionContent ( $sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle='', $edittime=null)
since 1.24, use replaceSectionAtRev instead
Member WikiPage::updateIfNewerOn ( $dbw, $revision)
since 1.24, use updateRevisionOn instead
Member WikiRevision::$config
since 1.31, along with self::downloadSource()
Member WikiRevision::$fileIsTemp
1.29 use Wikirevision::isTempSrc() First written to in 43d5d3b682cc1733ad01a837d11af4a402d57e6a Actually introduced in 52cd34acf590e5be946b7885ffdc13a157c1c6cf
Member WikiRevision::downloadSource ()
in 1.31. No replacement
Member WikiRevision::importOldRevision ()
in 1.31. Use OldRevisionImporter::import
Member WikiRevision::importUpload ()
in 1.31. Use UploadRevisionImporter::import