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MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct (IConnectionProvider $dbProvider, CommentStore $commentStore, WatchedItemStoreInterface $watchedItemStore, HookContainer $hookContainer, UserOptionsLookup $userOptionsLookup, TempUserConfig $tempUserConfig, bool $expiryEnabled=false, int $maxQueryExecutionTime=0)
 getWatchedItemsForUser (UserIdentity $user, array $options=[])
 For simple listing of user's watchlist items, see WatchedItemStore::getWatchedItemsForUser.
 getWatchedItemsWithRecentChangeInfo (User $user, array $options=[], &$startFrom=null)

Public Attributes

const DIR_NEWER = 'newer'
const DIR_OLDER = 'older'
const FILTER_ANON = 'anon'
const FILTER_AUTOPATROLLED = 'autopatrolled'
const FILTER_BOT = 'bot'
const FILTER_CHANGED = 'changed'
const FILTER_MINOR = 'minor'
const FILTER_NOT_ANON = '!anon'
const FILTER_NOT_AUTOPATROLLED = '!autopatrolled'
const FILTER_NOT_BOT = '!bot'
const FILTER_NOT_CHANGED = '!changed'
const FILTER_NOT_MINOR = '!minor'
const FILTER_NOT_PATROLLED = '!patrolled'
const FILTER_NOT_UNREAD = '!unread'
const FILTER_PATROLLED = 'patrolled'
const FILTER_UNREAD = 'unread'
const INCLUDE_AUTOPATROL_INFO = 'autopatrol'
const INCLUDE_COMMENT = 'comment'
const INCLUDE_FLAGS = 'flags'
const INCLUDE_LOG_INFO = 'loginfo'
const INCLUDE_PATROL_INFO = 'patrol'
const INCLUDE_SIZES = 'sizes'
const INCLUDE_TAGS = 'tags'
const INCLUDE_USER = 'user'
const INCLUDE_USER_ID = 'userid'
const SORT_ASC = 'ASC'
const SORT_DESC = 'DESC'

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::__construct ( IConnectionProvider $dbProvider,
CommentStore $commentStore,
WatchedItemStoreInterface $watchedItemStore,
HookContainer $hookContainer,
UserOptionsLookup $userOptionsLookup,
TempUserConfig $tempUserConfig,
bool $expiryEnabled = false,
int $maxQueryExecutionTime = 0 )

Definition at line 105 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getWatchedItemsForUser()

MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::getWatchedItemsForUser ( UserIdentity $user,
array $options = [] )

For simple listing of user's watchlist items, see WatchedItemStore::getWatchedItemsForUser.

array$optionsAllowed keys: 'sort' => string optional sorting by namespace ID and title one of the self::SORT_* constants 'namespaceIds' => int[] optional namespace IDs to filter by (defaults to all namespaces) 'limit' => int maximum number of items to return 'filter' => string optional filter, one of the self::FILTER_* constants 'from' => LinkTarget requires 'sort' key, only return items starting from those related to the link target 'until' => LinkTarget requires 'sort' key, only return items until those related to the link target 'startFrom' => LinkTarget requires 'sort' key, only return items starting from those related to the link target, allows to skip some link targets specified using the form option

Definition at line 311 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.

References MediaWiki\User\UserIdentity\isRegistered().

◆ getWatchedItemsWithRecentChangeInfo()

MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::getWatchedItemsWithRecentChangeInfo ( User $user,
array $options = [],
& $startFrom = null )
array$optionsAllowed keys: 'includeFields' => string[] RecentChange fields to be included in the result, self::INCLUDE_* constants should be used 'filters' => string[] optional filters to narrow down resulted items 'namespaceIds' => int[] optional namespace IDs to filter by (defaults to all namespaces) 'allRevisions' => bool return multiple revisions of the same page if true, only the most recent if false (default) 'rcTypes' => int[] which types of RecentChanges to include (defaults to all types), allowed values: RC_EDIT, RC_NEW, RC_LOG, RC_EXTERNAL, RC_CATEGORIZE 'onlyByUser' => string only list changes by a specified user 'notByUser' => string do not include changes by a specified user 'dir' => string in which direction to enumerate, accepted values:
  • DIR_OLDER list newest first
  • DIR_NEWER list oldest first 'start' => string (format accepted by wfTimestamp) requires 'dir' option, timestamp to start enumerating from 'end' => string (format accepted by wfTimestamp) requires 'dir' option, timestamp to end enumerating 'watchlistOwner' => UserIdentity user whose watchlist items should be listed if different than the one specified with $user param, requires 'watchlistOwnerToken' option 'watchlistOwnerToken' => string a watchlist token used to access another user's watchlist, used with 'watchlistOwnerToken' option 'limit' => int maximum numbers of items to return 'usedInGenerator' => bool include only RecentChange id field required by the generator ('rc_cur_id' or 'rc_this_oldid') if true, or all id fields ('rc_cur_id', 'rc_this_oldid', 'rc_last_oldid') if false (default)
array | null&$startFromContinuation value: [ string $rcTimestamp, int $rcId ]
array[] Array of pairs ( WatchedItem $watchedItem, string[] $recentChangeInfo ), where $recentChangeInfo contains the following keys:
  • 'rc_id',
  • 'rc_namespace',
  • 'rc_title',
  • 'rc_timestamp',
  • 'rc_type',
  • 'rc_deleted', Additional keys could be added by specifying the 'includeFields' option

Definition at line 179 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


Member Data Documentation


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::DIR_NEWER = 'newer'

Definition at line 39 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::DIR_OLDER = 'older'

Definition at line 38 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_ANON = 'anon'

Definition at line 58 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_AUTOPATROLLED = 'autopatrolled'

Definition at line 62 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_BOT = 'bot'

Definition at line 56 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_CHANGED = 'changed'

Definition at line 66 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_MINOR = 'minor'

Definition at line 54 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_NOT_ANON = '!anon'

Definition at line 59 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_NOT_AUTOPATROLLED = '!autopatrolled'

Definition at line 63 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_NOT_BOT = '!bot'

Definition at line 57 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_NOT_CHANGED = '!changed'

Definition at line 67 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_NOT_MINOR = '!minor'

Definition at line 55 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_NOT_PATROLLED = '!patrolled'

Definition at line 61 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_NOT_UNREAD = '!unread'

Definition at line 65 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_PATROLLED = 'patrolled'

Definition at line 60 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::FILTER_UNREAD = 'unread'

Definition at line 64 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_AUTOPATROL_INFO = 'autopatrol'

Definition at line 46 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_COMMENT = 'comment'

Definition at line 44 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_FLAGS = 'flags'

Definition at line 41 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_LOG_INFO = 'loginfo'

Definition at line 48 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_PATROL_INFO = 'patrol'

Definition at line 45 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_SIZES = 'sizes'

Definition at line 47 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_TAGS = 'tags'

Definition at line 49 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_USER = 'user'

Definition at line 42 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::INCLUDE_USER_ID = 'userid'

Definition at line 43 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::SORT_ASC = 'ASC'

Definition at line 69 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.


const MediaWiki\Watchlist\WatchedItemQueryService::SORT_DESC = 'DESC'

Definition at line 70 of file WatchedItemQueryService.php.

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