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MediaWiki\Watchlist Namespace Reference


class  ActivityUpdateJob
 Job for updating user activity like "last viewed" timestamps. More...
class  ClearUserWatchlistJob
 Job to clear a users watchlist in batches. More...
class  ClearWatchlistNotificationsJob
 Job for clearing all of the "last viewed" timestamps for a user's watchlist, or setting them all to the same value. More...
class  NoWriteWatchedItemStore
class  WatchedItem
 Representation of a pair of user and title for watchlist entries. More...
class  WatchedItemQueryService
interface  WatchedItemQueryServiceExtension
class  WatchedItemStore
 Storage layer class for WatchedItems. More...
interface  WatchedItemStoreInterface
class  WatchlistExpiryJob
class  WatchlistManager
 WatchlistManager service. More...