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MediaWiki\Hook\UsersPagerDoBatchLookupsHook Interface Reference

This is a hook handler interface, see docs/ More...

Inherited by MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookRunner.

Public Member Functions

 onUsersPagerDoBatchLookups ( $dbr, $userIds, &$cache, &$groups)
 This hook is called in UsersPager::doBatchLookups()

Detailed Description

This is a hook handler interface, see docs/

Use the hook name "UsersPagerDoBatchLookups" to register handlers implementing this interface.

Stability: stable
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Member Function Documentation

◆ onUsersPagerDoBatchLookups()

MediaWiki\Hook\UsersPagerDoBatchLookupsHook::onUsersPagerDoBatchLookups ( $dbr,
& $cache,
& $groups )

This hook is called in UsersPager::doBatchLookups()

It is used to give extensions providing user group data from an alternate source a chance to add their data into the cache array so that things like global user groups are displayed correctly in Special:ListUsers.

IReadableDatabase$dbrRead-only database handle
int[]$userIdsArray of user IDs whose groups we should look up
array&$cacheArray of user ID -> (array of internal group name (e.g. 'sysop') -> UserGroupMembership object)
array&$groupsArray of group name -> bool true mappings for members of a given user group
bool|void True or no return value to continue or false to abort

Implemented in MediaWiki\HookContainer\HookRunner.

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