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Components are the interactive building blocks of our design system. They are used to create consistent and powerful user interfaces.

The Codex library contains two types of components:

  1. Fully interactive components built with Vue 3. These components require Vue 3 and JavaScript.
  2. CSS-only components that consist either of styles with suggested markup (e.g. the CSS-only Button) or a Less mixin (e.g. Link). Most of the Vue components have a corresponding CSS-only version. These components can be used without JavaScript.

Each component in Codex has a demo page where you can interact with working examples, see code samples, and read detailed usage information about the Vue and CSS-only implementations.

Using components


View the Codex Components Figma library.

NPM package

See the installation and using components documentation for information about how to use Codex components in your application.

In MediaWiki

Component roadmap

If you want to know more about the components we plan to add to Codex in the future, read about Codex planned components on