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Returns a ref of the language code string, or null if the component hasn't been mounted yet.

This composable traverses up the HTML tree until it finds an ancestor with a lang attribute. It detects the language of the context surrounding a component. For example, if the component is wrapped in <div lang="ar">...</div>, this composable detects that and returns 'ar'.

Because this method must be run on a rendered DOM element, the composable will return null until the component is mounted. Code using this composable should anticipate this, and check whether the value is null.


Create a template ref that references the root element of the component. The ref attribute provides a direct reference to the root element and allows us to obtain the detected language by interacting with the DOM element's ancestors.

    <span ref="rootElement"></span>

Pass in a template ref to the composable.

const rootElement = ref(null);
const computedLang = useComputedLanguage( rootElement );

When the component mounts, the computed language is updated.

Full example

In this example, the component has different character limits based on the language code. If the character limit is met or exceeded, the TextArea status prop will change from "default" to "error". If the character limit has not been exceeded then the status is "default".

The composable determines the language code. With the language code, the character limit is evaluated to determine the status of the TextArea. The status props, "default" and "error" dynamically apply CSS styles to the TextArea.

  <div lang="fr">
    <div ref="rootElement">
      <cdx-label input-id="user-request">
        Laissez-nous savoir comment nous pouvons vous aider.

import { defineComponent, ref, computed } from 'vue';
import { CdxTextArea, CdxLabel, useComputedLanguage } from '@wikimedia/codex';
// this json file is not a real file but used for demo purposes
import characterLimits from './characterLimits.json';

export default defineComponent({
    components: { CdxTextArea, CdxLabel },
    setup() {
        const textareaValue = ref('');
        const rootElement = ref(null);
        const computedLang = useComputedLanguage( rootElement );

        // imported from characterLimits.json
        const characterLimit = {
            af: 110,
            de: 35,
            is: 80,
            fr: 50,

        const computedStatus = computed(() => {
            return {
                textareaValue.value.length >= characterLimit[computedLang.value] ? 'error' : 'default';

        return {