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MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler Class Reference

Handler class for Core REST API endpoints that perform operations on revisions. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer, RepoGroup $repoGroup)
 getParamSettings ()
 Fetch ParamValidator settings for parameters. More...
 needsWriteAccess ()
 Indicates whether this route requires write access. More...
 run ( $title)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Rest\SimpleHandler
 execute ()
 Execute the handler. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler
 applyConditionalResponseHeaders (ResponseInterface $response)
 Modify the response, adding Last-Modified and ETag headers as indicated the values previously returned by ETag and getLastModified(). More...
 checkPreconditions ()
 Check the conditional request headers and generate a response if appropriate. More...
 getAuthority ()
 Get the current acting authority. More...
 getBodyValidator ( $contentType)
 Fetch the BodyValidator. More...
 getConfig ()
 Get the configuration array for the current route. More...
 getRequest ()
 Get the current request. More...
 getResponseFactory ()
 Get the ResponseFactory which can be used to generate Response objects. More...
 getValidatedBody ()
 Fetch the validated body. More...
 getValidatedParams ()
 Fetch the validated parameters. More...
 init (Router $router, RequestInterface $request, array $config, Authority $authority, ResponseFactory $responseFactory, HookContainer $hookContainer)
 Initialise with dependencies from the Router. More...
 needsReadAccess ()
 Indicates whether this route requires read rights. More...
 validate (Validator $restValidator)
 Validate the request parameters/attributes and body. More...

Protected Member Functions

 getETag ()
 getLastModified ()
 hasRepresentation ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler
 getConditionalHeaderUtil ()
 Get a ConditionalHeaderUtil object. More...
 getHookContainer ()
 Get a HookContainer, for running extension hooks or for hook metadata. More...
 getHookRunner ()
 Get a HookRunner for running core hooks. More...
 getRouter ()
 Get the Router. More...
 getRouteUrl ( $pathParams=[], $queryParams=[])
 Get the URL of this handler's endpoint. More...
 postInitSetup ()
 The handler can override this to do any necessary setup after init() is called to inject the dependencies. More...
 postValidationSetup ()
 The handler can override this to do any necessary setup after validate() has been called. More...
 urlEncodeTitle ( $title)
 URL-encode titles in a "pretty" way. More...

Private Member Functions

 getDbResults (int $pageId)
 getTitle ()
 processDbResults ( $results)

Private Attributes

ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer
RepoGroup $repoGroup
Title bool null $title = null
const MAX_NUM_LINKS = 100
 int The maximum number of media links to return More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler
const PARAM_SOURCE = 'rest-param-source'
 (string) ParamValidator constant to specify the source of the parameter. More...

Detailed Description

Handler class for Core REST API endpoints that perform operations on revisions.

Definition at line 19 of file MediaLinksHandler.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::__construct ( ILoadBalancer  $loadBalancer,
RepoGroup  $repoGroup 

Definition at line 40 of file MediaLinksHandler.php.

References MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler\$loadBalancer, and MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler\$repoGroup.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDbResults()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::getDbResults ( int  $pageId)
int$pageIdthe id of the page to load media links for
array the results

Definition at line 97 of file MediaLinksHandler.php.

References $dbr, and DB_REPLICA.

Referenced by MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler\run().

◆ getETag()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::getETag ( )

◆ getLastModified()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::getLastModified ( )

◆ getParamSettings()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::getParamSettings ( )

Fetch ParamValidator settings for parameters.

Every setting must include self::PARAM_SOURCE to specify which part of the request is to contain the parameter.

Can be used for validating parameters inside an application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data POST body (i.e. parameters which would be present in PHP's $_POST array). For validating other kinds of request bodies, override getBodyValidator().

Stable to override

array[] Associative array mapping parameter names to ParamValidator settings arrays

Reimplemented from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler.

Definition at line 154 of file MediaLinksHandler.php.

◆ getTitle()

◆ hasRepresentation()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::hasRepresentation ( )

◆ needsWriteAccess()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::needsWriteAccess ( )

Indicates whether this route requires write access.

The handler should override this if the route does not need to write to the database.

This should return true for routes that may require synchronous database writes. Modules that do not need such writes should also not rely on master database access, since only read queries are needed and each master DB is a single point of failure.

Stable to override


Reimplemented from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler.

Definition at line 150 of file MediaLinksHandler.php.

◆ processDbResults()

MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::processDbResults (   $results)
array$resultsdatabase results, or an empty array if none
array response data

Definition at line 115 of file MediaLinksHandler.php.

References $file, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler\$title, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\getAuthority(), and User\newFromIdentity().

Referenced by MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler\run().

◆ run()

Member Data Documentation

◆ $loadBalancer

ILoadBalancer MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::$loadBalancer

◆ $repoGroup

RepoGroup MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::$repoGroup

◆ $title


const MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler::MAX_NUM_LINKS = 100

int The maximum number of media links to return

Definition at line 23 of file MediaLinksHandler.php.

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