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MediaWiki\Rest\SimpleHandler Class Reference

Inherits MediaWiki\Rest\Handler.

Inherited by MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\LanguageLinksHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaFileHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\MediaLinksHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\ModuleSpecHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\PageHTMLHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\PageHistoryCountHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\PageHistoryHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\PageSourceHandler, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\RevisionHTMLHandler, and MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\RevisionSourceHandler.

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Public Member Functions

 execute ()
 Execute the handler.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler
 applyCacheControl (ResponseInterface $response)
 Apply cache control to enforce privacy.
 applyConditionalResponseHeaders (ResponseInterface $response)
 Apply verifier headers to the response, per RFC 7231 ยง7.2.
 checkPreconditions ()
 Check the conditional request headers and generate a response if appropriate.
 checkSession ()
 Check the session (and session provider)
 getAuthority ()
 Get the current acting authority.
 getBodyParamSettings ()
 Fetch ParamValidator settings for body fields.
 getBodyValidator ( $contentType)
 Fetch the BodyValidator.
 getConfig ()
 Get the configuration array for the current route.
 getOpenApiSpec (string $method)
 Returns an OpenAPI Operation Object specification structure as an associative array.
 getParamSettings ()
 Fetch ParamValidator settings for parameters.
 getPath ()
 Returns the path this handler is bound to relative to the module prefix.
 getRequest ()
 Get the current request.
 getResponseFactory ()
 Get the ResponseFactory which can be used to generate Response objects.
 getSession ()
 Get the Session.
 getSupportedPathParams ()
 Get a list of parameter placeholders present in the route's path as returned by getPath().
 getSupportedRequestTypes ()
 Returns the content types that should be accepted by parseBodyData().
 getValidatedBody ()
 Fetch the validated body.
 getValidatedParams ()
 Fetch the validated parameters.
 initContext (Module $module, array $routeConfig)
 Injects information about the handler's context in the Module.
 initForExecute (RequestInterface $request)
 Initialise for execution based on the given request.
 initServices (Authority $authority, ResponseFactory $responseFactory, HookContainer $hookContainer)
 Inject service objects.
 initSession (Session $session)
 Inject session information.
 needsReadAccess ()
 Indicates whether this route requires read rights.
 needsWriteAccess ()
 Indicates whether this route requires write access.
 parseBodyData (RequestInterface $request)
 Returns the parsed body of the request.
 requireSafeAgainstCsrf ()
 Indicates whether this route can be accessed only by session providers safe vs csrf.
 validate (Validator $restValidator)
 Validate the request parameters/attributes and body.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler
 detectExtraneousBodyFields (Validator $restValidator)
 Subclasses may override this to disable or modify checks for extraneous body fields.
 getConditionalHeaderUtil ()
 Get a ConditionalHeaderUtil object.
 getETag ()
 The subclass should override this to provide an ETag for the current state of the requested resource.
 getHookContainer ()
 Get a HookContainer, for running extension hooks or for hook metadata.
 getHookRunner ()
 Get a HookRunner for running core hooks.
 getLastModified ()
 The subclass should override this to provide the maximum last modified timestamp of the requested resource.
 getModule ()
 Get the Module this handler belongs to.
 getRequestSpec ()
 Returns an OpenAPI Request Body Object specification structure as an associative array.
 getResponseBodySchema ()
 Returns an OpenAPI Schema Object specification structure as an associative array.
 getResponseSpec ()
 Returns an OpenAPI Responses Object specification structure as an associative array.
 getRouter ()
 Get the Router.
 getRouteUrl ( $pathParams=[], $queryParams=[])
 Get the URL of this handler's endpoint.
 hasRepresentation ()
 The subclass should override this to indicate whether the resource exists.
 postInitSetup ()
 The handler can override this to do any necessary setup after the init functions are called to inject dependencies.
 postValidationSetup ()
 The handler can override this to do any necessary setup after validate() has been called.
 urlEncodeTitle ( $title)
 URL-encode titles in a "pretty" way.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file SimpleHandler.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ execute()

MediaWiki\Rest\SimpleHandler::execute ( )

Execute the handler.

This is called after parameter validation. The return value can either be a Response or any type accepted by ResponseFactory::createFromReturnValue().

To automatically construct an error response, execute() should throw a \MediaWiki\Rest\HttpException. Such exceptions will not be logged like a normal exception.

If execute() throws any other kind of exception, the exception will be logged and a generic 500 error page will be shown.

Stability: stable
to override

Reimplemented from MediaWiki\Rest\Handler.

Definition at line 18 of file SimpleHandler.php.

References $params, $source, MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\getParamSettings(), MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\getRequest(), MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\getValidatedParams(), MediaWiki\Rest\Handler\PARAM_SOURCE, and run().

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