The default Python prompt of the interactive Pywikibot shell. Often seen for code examples which can be executed interactively in the interpreter. The pywikibot module is preloaded. The script is part of the Pywikibot Utility Scripts.


The first Pywikibot package formerly known as Pywikipediabot also called trunk was started in 2003. MediaWiki didn’t have an API so a screen scrapping was used.


In 2007 a new branch of Pywikibot formerly known as trunk was started using the new MediaWiki API. The current release is 9.3.0.dev1.


The development branch of Pywikibot. It should not be used for production systems, use stable instead. The master branch may have untested features. Use master branch if you want to support development and report undetected problems.


Can refer to:

  • short for Pywikibot

  • the pwb wrapper script


A tag for the last Pywikibot release 3.0.20200703 supporting Python 2 (Python 2.7.3 - 2.7.18). Ask for Python 2 to 3 support to convert your old scripts.


Python MediaWiki Bot Framework, a Python library and collection of scripts that automate work on MediaWiki sites. Originally designed for Wikipedia, it is now used throughout the Wikimedia Foundation’s projects and on many other wikis based of MediaWiki software.


A former name of core.


A stable branch of Pywikibot updated roughly every month after tests passes. This branch is preinstalled at PAWS and should be used for production systems.


A marker of particular revisions (e.g. a release version). Each Pywikibot release is tagged with its release version number. The current last tag is 9.3.0.


A former name of compat.


PAWS (PAWS: A Web Shell) formerly known as Pywikibot: A Web Shell is a Jupyter notebooks deployment hosted by Wikimedia. It has preinstalled the stable release of Pywikibot. Refer:


The Python Package Index (PyPI), a repository of software for the Python programming language. Pywikibot framework (without scripts) is published monthly at PyPI.