Outdated core scripts#

This list contains outdated scripts from core banch which aren’t supported any longer. They are either archived or deleted.

Feel free to reactivate any script at any time by creating a Phabricator task: Recovery request

capitalize_redirects script#

Bot to create capitalized redirects

It creates redirects where the first character of the first word is uppercase and the remaining characters and words are lowercase.

casechecker script#

Bot to find all pages on the wiki with mixed latin and cyrilic alphabets

catall script#

This script shows the categories on each page and lets you change them

For each page in the target wiki:

  • If the page contains no categories, you can specify a list of categories to add to the page.

  • If the page already contains one or more categories, you can specify a new list of categories to replace the current list of categories of the page.

create_categories script#

Program to batch create categories

The program expects a generator of category titles to be used as suffix for creating new categories with a different base.

disambredirs script#

User assisted updating redirect links on disambiguation pages

editarticle script#

Edit a Wikipedia article with your favourite editor

flickrripper script#

A tool to transfer flickr photos to Wikimedia Commons


Periodically grab list of new articles and analyze to blank or flag them

Script to follow new articles on the wiki and flag them with a template or eventually blank them.

freebasemappingupload script#

Script to upload the mappings of Freebase to Wikidata

Can be easily adapted to upload other String identifiers as well.

This bot needs the dump from https://developers.google.com/freebase/data#freebase-wikidata-mappings

imagecopy script#

Script to copy files from a local Wikimedia wiki to Wikimedia Commons

It uses CommonsHelper to not leave any information out and CommonSense to automatically categorise the file. After copying, a NowCommons template is added to the local wiki’s file. It uses a local exclusion list to skip files with templates not allow on Wikimedia Commons. If no categories have been found, the file will be tagged on Commons.

This bot uses a graphical interface and may not work from commandline only environment.

imagecopy_self script#

Script to copy self published files from English Wikipedia to Commons

This bot is based on imagecopy.py and intended to be used to empty out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Self-published_work

This bot uses a graphical interface and may not work from commandline only environment.

imageharvest script#

Bot for getting multiple images from an external site

It takes a URL as an argument and finds all images (and other files specified by the extensions in ‘file_formats’ that URL is referring to, asking whether to upload them. If further arguments are given, they are considered to be the text that is common to the descriptions. BeautifulSoup is needed only in this case.

A second use is to get a number of images that have URLs only differing in numbers. To do this, use the command line option “-pattern”, and give the URL with the variable part replaced by ‘$’ (if that character occurs in the URL itself, you will have to change the bot code, my apologies).

imagerecat script#

Program to re-categorize images at commons

The program uses read the current categories, put the categories through some filters and adds the result.

imageuncat script#

Program to add uncat template to images without categories at commons

See imagerecat script to add these images to categories.

This script is working on the given site, so if the commons should be handled, the site commons should be given and not a Wikipedia or similar.

isbn script#

This script reports and fixes invalid ISBN numbers

Additionally, it can convert all ISBN-10 codes to the ISBN-13 format, and correct the ISBN format by placing hyphens.

lonelypages script#

This is a script written to add the template “orphan” to pages

makecat script#

Bot to add new or existing categories to pages

This bot takes as its argument the name of a new or existing category. Multiple categories may be given. It will then try to find new articles for these categories (pages linked to and from pages already in the category), asking the user which pages to include and which not.

match_images script#

Program to match two images based on histograms

ndashredir script#

A script to create hyphenated redirects for n or m dash pages

This script collects pages with n or m dash in their title and creates a redirect from the corresponding hyphenated version. If the redirect already exists, it is skipped.

Use -reversed option to create n dash redirects for hyphenated pages. Some communities can decide to use hyphenated titles for templates, modules or categories and in this case this option can be handy.

piper script#

This bot uses external filtering programs for munging text

spamremove script#

Script to remove links that are being or have been spammed

standardize_interwiki script#

Loop over all pages in the home wiki, standardizing the interwiki links

states_redirect script#

Create country sub-division redirect pages

Check if they are in the form Something, State, and if so, create a redirect from Something, ST.

surnames_redirects script#

Bot to create redirects based on name order

By default it creates a “Surnames, Given Names” redirect version of a given page where title consists of 2 or 3 titlecased words.

table2wiki script#

Nifty script to convert HTML-tables to MediaWiki’s own syntax

wikisourcetext script#

This bot applies to Wikisource sites to upload text

Text is uploaded to pages in Page ns, for a specified Index. Text to be stored, if the page is not-existing, is preloaded from the file used to create the Index page, making the upload feature independent from the format of the file, as long as it is supported by the MW ProofreadPage extension.

As alternative, if ‘-ocr’ option is selected, OCR tool will be used to get text. In this case, also already existing pages with quality value ‘Not Proofread’ can be treated. ‘-force’ will override existing page in this case.