Non editing scripts#

listpages script#

Print a list of pages, as defined by page generator parameters

Optionally, it also prints page content to STDOUT or save it to a file in the current directory.

These parameters are supported to specify which pages titles to print:

-format     Defines the output format.

            Can be a custom string according to python string.format() notation
            or can be selected by a number from following list
            (1 is default format):
            1 - '{num:4d} {page.title}'
                --> 10 PageTitle

            2 - '{num:4d} [[{page.title}]]'
                --> 10 [[PageTitle]]

            3 - '{page.title}'
                --> PageTitle

            4 - '[[{page.title}]]'
                --> [[PageTitle]]

            5 - '{num:4d} <<lightred>>{page.loc_title:<40}<<default>>'
                --> 10 localised_Namespace:PageTitle (colorised in lightred)

            6 - '{num:4d} {page.loc_title:<40} {page.can_title:<40}'
                --> 10 localised_Namespace:PageTitle

            7 - '{num:4d} {page.loc_title:<40} {page.trs_title:<40}'
                --> 10 localised_Namespace:PageTitle
                (*) requires "outputlang:lang" set.

            num is the sequential number of the listed page.

            An empty format is equal to -notitle and just shows the total
            amount of pages.

-outputlang Language for translation of namespaces.

-notitle    Page title is not printed.

-get        Page content is printed.

-tofile     Save Page titles to a single file. File name can be set
            with -tofile:filename or -tofile:dir_name/filename.

-save       Save Page content to a file named as page.title(as_filename=True).
            Directory can be set with -save:dir_name
            If no dir is specified, current directory will be used.

-encode     File encoding can be specified with '-encode:name' (name must be
            a valid python encoding: utf-8, etc.).
            If not specified, it defaults to config.textfile_encoding.

-put:       Save the list to the defined page of the wiki. By default it does
            not overwrite an existing page.

-overwrite  Overwrite the page if it exists. Can only by applied with -put.

-summary:   The summary text when the page is written. If it's one word just
            containing letters, dashes and underscores it uses that as a
            translation key.

Custom format can be applied to the following items extrapolated from a page object:

site: obtained from page._link._site.

title: obtained from page._link._title.

loc_title: obtained from page._link.canonical_title().

can_title: obtained from page._link.ns_title().
    based either the canonical namespace name or on the namespace name
    in the language specified by the -trans param;
    a default value '******' will be used if no ns is found.

onsite: obtained from pywikibot.Site(outputlang,

trs_title: obtained from page._link.ns_title(onsite=onsite).
    If selected format requires trs_title, outputlang must be set.

This script supports use of pagegenerators arguments.

touch script#

This bot goes over multiple pages of a wiki, and edits them without changes

This is for example used to get category links in templates working.

Command-line arguments:

-purge                    Purge the page instead of touching it

Touch mode (default):

-botflag                  Force botflag in case of edits with changes.

Purge mode:

-converttitles            Convert titles to other variants if necessary
-forcelinkupdate          Update the links tables
-forcerecursivelinkupdate Update the links table, and update the links tables
                          for any page that uses this page as a template
-redirects                Automatically resolve redirects

This script supports use of pagegenerators arguments.