fixes — standard fixes for script#

File containing all standard fixes. Currently available predefined fixes are:

  • HTML - Convert HTML tags to wiki syntax, and

    fix XHTML.

  • isbn - Fix badly formatted ISBNs.

  • syntax - Try to fix bad wiki markup. Do not run

    this in automatic mode, as the bot may make mistakes.

  • syntax-safe - Like syntax, but less risky, so you can

    run this in automatic mode.

  • case-de - fix upper/lower case errors in German

  • grammar-de - fix grammar and typography in German

  • vonbis - Ersetze Binde-/Gedankenstrich durch “bis”

    in German

  • music - Links auf Begriffsklärungen in German

  • datum - specific date formats in German

  • correct-ar - Typo corrections for Arabic Wikipedia and any

    Arabic wiki.

  • yu-tld - Fix links to .yu domains because it is

    disabled, see:

  • fckeditor - Try to convert FCKeditor HTML tags to wiki