Outdated compat scripts#

This list contains outdated scripts from compat banch which haven’t ported to the core branch of Pywikibot.

Feel free to reactivate any script at any time by creating a Phabricator task (Porting request) or reactivate the specified task below.

catimages script#

Image by content categorization (T66838)

Script to check uncategorized files. This script checks if a file has some content that allows to assign it to a category.

censure script#

Bad word checker bot (T66839)

It checks new content for bad words and reports it on a log page.

cfd script#

This script processes the Categories for discussion working page

It parses out the actions that need to be taken as a result of CFD discussions (as posted to the working page by an administrator) and performs them.

commons_category_redirect script#

Script to clean up non-empty catecory redirect category on Commons

Moves all images, pages and categories in redirect categories to the target category.

deledpimage script#

Script to remove EDP images in non-article namespaces (T66849)

Script hides images due to the Exemption Doctrine Policy in this way:

  • [[Image:logo.jpg]] –> [[:Image:logo.jpg]]

  • [[:Image:logo.jpg]] pass

  • Image:logo.jpg in gallery –> [[:Image:logo.jpg]] in gallery end

  • logo.jpg (like used in template) –> hide(used <!--logo.jpg-->)

get script#

Get a page and writes its contents to standard output

This makes it possible to pipe the text to another process.

inline_images script#

Try to upload images which are linked inline (T66870)

This bot goes over multiple pages of the home wiki, and looks for images that are linked inline (i.e., they are hosted from an external server and hotlinked, instead of using the wiki’s upload function) and uploads it form url.

overcat_simple_filter script#

A bot to do some simple over categorization filtering (T66876)

panoramiopicker script#

Script to copy a Panoramio set to image repository (Commons)

spellcheck script#

This bot spellchecks wiki pages. (T236642)

The script is checking whether a word, stripped to its ‘essence’ is in a given list or not. It does not do any grammar checking or such. For each unknown word, you get a couple of options:

numbered options: replace by known alternatives
a: This word is correct; add it to the list of known words
c: The uncapitalized form of this word is correct; add it
i: Do not edit this word, but do also not add it to the list
p: Do not edit this word, and consider it correct for this page only
r: Replace the word, and add the replacement as a known alternative
s: Replace the word, but do not add the replacement
*: Edit the page using the gui
g: Give a list of 'guessed' words, which are similar to the given one
x: Ignore this word, and do not check the rest of the page

When the bot is ended, it will save the extensions to its word list; there is one word list for each language.

The bot does not rely on Latin script, but does rely on Latin punctuation. It is therefore expected to work on for example Russian and Korean, but not on for example Japanese.

splitwarning script#

Splits an interwiki.log file into chunks of warnings separated by language

standardize_notes script#

This bot will standardize footnote references

statistics_in_wikitable script#

This bot renders siteinfo statistics in a table on a wiki page.

Thus it creates and updates a Statistics wikitable.

subster script#

Script which will does substitutions of tags within wiki page content

Robot which will does substitutions of tags within wiki page content with external or other wiki text data. Like dynamic text updating.

tag_nowcommons script#

This script tags files available at Commons with the Nowcommons template (T66159)

warnfile script#

Script creates backlinks from a log file

A robot to implement backlinks from an interwiki.log file without checking them against the live wikipedia.