Auxiliary scripts#

clean_sandbox script#

This bot resets a (user) sandbox with predefined text

This script understands the following command-line arguments:

This script supports use of pagegenerators arguments.

Furthermore, the following command line parameters are supported:

-hours:#       Use this parameter if to make the script repeat itself
               after # hours. Hours can be defined as a decimal. 0.01
               hours are 36 seconds; 0.1 are 6 minutes.

-delay:#       Use this parameter for a wait time after the last edit
               was made. If no parameter is given it takes it from
               hours and limits it between 5 and 15 minutes.
               The minimum delay time is 5 minutes.

-text          The text that substitutes in the sandbox, you can use this
               when you haven't configured clean_sandbox for your wiki.

-textfile      As an alternative to -text, you can use this to provide
               a file containing the text to be used.

-summary       Summary of the edit made by the bot. Overrides the default
               from i18n.

This script is a ConfigParserBot. All local parameters can be given inside a scripts.ini file. Options passed to the script are priorized over options read from ini file.

For example:

# the parameter section for clean_sandbox script
summary = Bot: Cleaning sandbox
text = {{subst:Clean Sandbox}}
hours: 0.5
delay: 7

cosmetic_changes script#

This module can do slight modifications to tidy a wiki page’s source code

The changes are not supposed to change the look of the rendered wiki page.

The following parameters are supported:

-always           Don't prompt you for each replacement. Warning (see below)
                  has not to be confirmed. ATTENTION: Use this with care!

-async            Put page on queue to be saved to wiki asynchronously.

-summary:XYZ      Set the summary message text for the edit to XYZ, bypassing
                  the predefined message texts with original and replacements

-ignore:          Ignores if an error occurred and either skips the page or
                  only that method. It can be set to:
                  all - dos not ignore errors
                  match - ignores ISBN related errors (default)
                  method - ignores fixing method errors
                  page - ignores page related errors

The following generators and filters are supported:

This script supports use of pagegenerators arguments.

ATTENTION: You can run this script as a stand-alone for testing purposes. However, the changes that are made are only minor, and other users might get angry if you fill the version histories and watchlists with such irrelevant changes. Some wikis prohibit stand-alone running.

For further information see pywikibot/

transferbot script#

This script transfers pages from a source wiki to a target wiki

It also copies edit history to a subpage.

The following parameters are supported:

-tolang:          The target site code.

-tofamily:        The target site family.

-prefix:          Page prefix on the new site.

-overwrite:       Existing pages are skipped by default. Use this option to
                  overwrite pages.

-target           Use page generator of the target site

Internal links are not repaired!

Pages to work on can be specified using any of:

This script supports use of pagegenerators arguments.


Transfer all pages in category “Query service” from the English Wikipedia to the Arabic Wiktionary, adding “Wiktionary:Import enwp/” as prefix:

python transferbot -family:wikipedia -lang:en -cat:"Query service" \
    -tofamily:wiktionary -tolang:ar -prefix:"Wiktionary:Import enwp/"

Copy the template “Query service” from the English Wikipedia to the Arabic Wiktionary:

python transferbot -family:wikipedia -lang:en \
    -tofamily:wiktionary -tolang:ar -page:"Template:Query service"
Copy 10 wanted templates of German Wikipedia from English Wikipedia to German
python transferbot -family:wikipedia -lang:en

-tolang:de -wantedtemplates:10 -target