Parsoid PHP

Two-way MediaWiki wikitext↔HTML parser.

VisualEditor JS

Rich text visual editor for the browser with a MediaWiki integration. WYSIWYG, based on HTML5+RDFa and ContentEditable.


banana-i18n JS, Vue, React

Internationalization library that uses "banana" format - A JSON based localization file format.

CLDRPluralRuleParser PHP

Parse CLDR plural rules from Unicode.

cldrpluralruleparser.js JS

Parse CLDR plural rules from Unicode.


Convert stylesheets from left-to-right to right-to-left.

jQuery.i18n JS

Interface text localisation with support for CLDR plural rules, language fallbacks, Banana JSON files, and more.

language-data JS, PHP

Language related data based on CLDR and utility libraries to interact with that data

php-cssjanus PHP

Convert stylesheets from left-to-right to right-to-left. (PHP port)

UnicodeJS JS

String manipulation based on Unicode standard word breaks, graphemes, and character classes.

utfnormal PHP

Unicode normalization routines to produce NFC/UTF-8 strings.

User experience

Codex JS, Vue

Build user interfaces with the Wikimedia Design System.


Rapidly create web-applications in JS or PHP. Cross-browser, i18n and a11y ready.

Wikimedia Design Style Guide

Consistent look and behavior for our products.

WikimediaUI Base CSS, LESS

Stylesheet containing Wikimedia Design style values.


Who Wrote That JS

Explore authorship and revision informationon Wikipedia with this browser app.

Wikipedia for Android Java

The official Wikipedia app.

Wikipedia for iOS Swift

The official Wikipedia app.


AhoCorasick PHP

Efficient searching for multiple keywords in a string using the Aho-Corasick algorithm.

Assert PHP

Run-time assertions for parameter types, preconditions and postconditions.

at-ease PHP

Safe alternative to PHP's error-control operator.

base-convert PHP

Convert arbitrarily-length strings from one numeric base to another.


Fast and highly reliable key-value database file format.

css-sanitizer PHP

CSS parser in pure PHP to transform or filter stylesheets.

Dodo PHP

DOm DOcument implementation in pure PHP

Equivset PHP

Detect visually similar UTF-8 characters, partially based on Unicode Confusables.

HtmlFormatter PHP

Transformations for MediaWiki HTML output, based on libxml2.


DOM interfaces generated from WebIDL


Efficient matching of IP addresses against CIDR specifications.


Parsing and formatting of IPv4/IPv6 addresses and CIDR ranges.

jQuery Client JS

A minimal user-agent parser for client-side JavaScript.

LangConv PHP

FST-based implementation of language and script conversion.

Minify PHP

Minification of JavaScript code and CSS stylesheets.

mwbot-rs Rust

framework for writing MediaWiki bots and tools in Rust


OAuth client for Wikipedia and other MediaWiki sites.

ObjectFactory PHP

Construct objects based on a static description.


Create, extend and mixin classes with JavaScript.

OOjs Router JS

php-session-serializer PHP

CSS parser in pure PHP to transform or filter stylesheets.

Purtle PHP

Fast streaming RDF serializer for PHP.

RelPath PHP

Compute the relative path between two file paths.

RemexHtml PHP

Fast HTML5 parser in pure PHP.

RunningStat PHP

Compute statistics for a stream of numbers using only constant space.

ScopedCallback PHP

Invoke a callback automatically after an object goes out of scope.

Services PHP

Generic service container to manage named services using lazy instantiator callbacks.

Shellbox PHP

Web service for containerized shell execution.

Timestamp PHP

Create, parse, and format timestamps.

WaitConditionLoop PHP

Poll a condition and manage code execution between checks.

Wikimedia SlimApp PHP

WrappedString PHP

Merge similarly formatted strings.



Arc Lamp Python, PHP

Gather stack traces from a PHP 7 app with Excimer and publish them as flame graphs and trace logs.

coal Python

Process performance beacons and submit moving medians directly to Graphite.

Cumin Python

Framework for remote command execution.


Wikimedia DNS zones and GeoDNS configuration.

docker-pkg Python

Manage creation and updating of Docker images in a unified way.


WMF Common Logging Schema based on Elastic Common Schema

Excimer C, PHP

Low-overhead interrupting timer and sampling profiler for PHP.

Fresh Shell

Shell environment for frontend development.

homer Python

Configuration manager for network devices.

homer-public YAML, Jinja2

Configuration files for Homer (configuration manager for network devices).

LuaSandbox C, PHP

Safely execute untrusted Lua 5.1 code, natively from PHP or HHVM.

MediaWiki-Vagrant Puppet

Portable MediaWiki development environment.

PipelineLib Groovy

Container-based CI workflow specification and task runner.


Server provisioning and configuration for Wikimedia Foundation production.

Quibble Python

Test runner for MediaWiki.

Release Engineering

Diagrams for WMF CI and deployment systems.


Scap Python

The deployment tool used by Wikimedia Foundation.

search-extra Java

Elasticsearch plugin, used by CirrusSearch.

search-highlighter Java

Elasticsearch plugin, used by CirrusSearch.

Spicerack Python

Task orchestration framework, based on Cumin.

SRE Cookbooks Python

Collection of Spicerack cookbooks for WMF production infrastructure.

transferpy Python

Tool that can move large files over the network and backup mariadb servers.

Wikidata Query Service Java

wikidiff2 C, PHP

Fast diff engine for MediaWiki.

wmerrors C, PHP

Extended error handling and display.

wmflib Python

Generic Python library for common tasks in the WMF production infrastructure.


eslint-config-wikimedia JS

JavaScript style guide for Wikimedia software.

eslint-plugin-mediawiki JS

ESLint rules for MediaWiki-specific JavaScript idioms.

eslint-plugin-no-jquery JS

Control allowance of certain jQuery functions, and suggest or autofix alternatives.

Fresnel JS

Measure and compare performance of web pages.

grunt-stylelint JS

Stylelint adapter for the Grunt task runner.

MediaWiki API testing JS

A library for end-to-end integration tests of MediaWiki APIs

stylelint-config-wikimedia JS

CSS style guide for Wikimedia software.

testing-access-wrapper PHP

Convenient shortcuts for accessing protected or private properties and methods.

MediaWiki components


Elasticsearch integration for MediaWiki.


Add map capabilitity to wiki pages.

TimedMediaHandler JS

Allows you to display audio and video files in wiki pages

Microsites HTML HTML

Annual report. HTML

Portal for Wikimedia developers. HTML

Doc and Coverage reports. HTML

Metrics, flame graphs, profiles. HTML

Research landing page. HTML, JS

Wikistats 2.0. HTML

Transparency report. HTML

Portal for and other Wikimedia projects.