Source code for data

"""Module providing several layers of data access to the wiki."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2007-2023
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import pywikibot

[docs] class WaitingMixin: """A mixin to implement wait cycles. .. versionadded:: 8.4 :ivar int max_retries: Maximum number of times to retry an API request before quitting. Defaults to ``config.max_retries`` if attribute is missing. :ivar int retry_wait: Minimum time to wait before resubmitting a failed API request. Defaults to ``config.retry_wait`` if attribute is missing. :ivar int current_retries: counter of retries made for the current request. Starting with 1 if attribute is missing. """
[docs] def wait(self, delay: int | None = None) -> None: """Determine how long to wait after a failed request. :param delay: Minimum time in seconds to wait. Overwrites ``retry_wait`` variable if given. The delay doubles each retry until ``retry_max`` seconds is reached. """ if not hasattr(self, 'max_retries'): self.max_retries = pywikibot.config.max_retries if not hasattr(self, 'retry_wait'): self.retry_wait = pywikibot.config.retry_wait if not hasattr(self, 'current_retries'): self.current_retries = 1 else: self.current_retries += 1 if self.current_retries > self.max_retries: raise pywikibot.exceptions.TimeoutError( 'Maximum retries attempted without success.') # double the next wait, but do not exceed config.retry_max seconds delay = delay or self.retry_wait delay *= 2 ** (self.current_retries - 1) delay = min(delay, pywikibot.config.retry_max) pywikibot.warning(f'Waiting {delay:.1f} seconds before retrying.') pywikibot.sleep(delay)