Source code for pwb

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Wrapper script to invoke pywikibot-based scripts.

This wrapper script invokes script by its name in this search order:

1. Scripts listed in `user_script_paths` list inside your ``
   settings file in the given order. Refer
   :ref:`External Script Path Settings`.
2. User scripts residing in `scripts/userscripts` (directory mode only).
3. Scripts residing in `scripts` folder (directory mode only).
4. Maintenance scripts residing in `scripts/maintenance` (directory mode only).
5. Framework scripts residing in `pywikibot/scripts`.

This wrapper script is able to invoke scripts even if the script name is
misspelled. In directory mode it also checks package dependencies.

Run scripts with pywikibot in directory mode using::

    python <pwb options> <name_of_script> <options>

or run scripts with pywikibot installed as a site package using::

    pwb <pwb options> <name_of_script> <options>

This wrapper script uses the package directory to store all user files,
will fix up search paths so the package does not need to be installed, etc.

Currently, `<pwb options>` are :ref:`global options`. This can be used
for tests to set the default site (see T216825)::

    python -lang:de bot_tests -v

.. versionchanged:: 7.0
   pwb wrapper was added to the Python site package lib
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2012-2022
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import print_function

import os
import sys
import types
from difflib import get_close_matches
from importlib import import_module
from time import sleep
from warnings import warn

    from pathlib import Path
except ImportError as e:

pwb = None
site_package = False

[docs]def check_pwb_versions(package): """Validate package version and scripts version. Rules: - Pywikibot version must not be older than scrips version - Scripts version must not be older than previous Pywikibot version due to deprecation policy """ from import Version scripts_version = Version(getattr(package, '__version__', pwb.__version__)) wikibot_version = Version(pwb.__version__) if scripts_version.release > wikibot_version.release: # pragma: no cover print('WARNING: Pywikibot version {} is behind scripts package ' 'version {}.\nYour Pywikibot may need an update or be ' 'misconfigured.\n'.format(wikibot_version, scripts_version)) # calculate previous minor release if wikibot_version.minor > 0: prev_wikibot = Version('{v.major}.{}.{v.micro}' .format(wikibot_version.minor - 1, v=wikibot_version)) if scripts_version.release < prev_wikibot.release: # pragma: no cover print('WARNING: Scripts package version {} is behind legacy ' 'Pywikibot version {} and current version {}\nYour scripts ' 'may need an update or be misconfigured.\n' .format(scripts_version, prev_wikibot, wikibot_version)) elif scripts_version.release < wikibot_version.release: # pragma: no cover print('WARNING: Scripts package version {} is behind current version ' '{}\nYour scripts may need an update or be misconfigured.\n' .format(scripts_version, wikibot_version)) del Version
# The following snippet was developed by Ned Batchelder (and others) # for coverage [1], with Python 3 support [2] added later, # and is available under the BSD license (see [3]) # [1] # # [2] # # [3] #
[docs]def run_python_file(filename, args, package=None): """Run a python file as if it were the main program on the command line. :param filename: The path to the file to execute, it need not be a .py file. :type filename: str :param args: is the argument list to present as sys.argv, as strings. :type args: List[str] :param package: The package of the script. Used for checks. :type package: Optional[module] """ # Create a module to serve as __main__ old_main_mod = sys.modules['__main__'] main_mod = types.ModuleType('__main__') sys.modules['__main__'] = main_mod main_mod.__file__ = filename main_mod.__builtins__ = sys.modules['builtins'] if package: main_mod.__package__ = package.__name__ check_pwb_versions(package) # Set sys.argv and the first path element properly. old_argv = sys.argv old_argvu = pwb.argvu sys.argv = [filename] + args pwb.argvu = [Path(filename).stem] + args sys.path.insert(0, os.path.dirname(filename)) try: with open(filename, 'rb') as f: source = exec(compile(source, filename, 'exec', dont_inherit=True), main_mod.__dict__) finally: # Restore the old __main__ sys.modules['__main__'] = old_main_mod # Restore the old argv and path sys.argv = old_argv sys.path.pop(0) pwb.argvu = old_argvu
# end of snippet from coverage
[docs]def handle_args(pwb_py, *args): """Handle args and get filename. :return: filename, script args, local args for :rtype: tuple """ fname = None index = 0 for arg in args: if arg in ('-version', '--version'): fname = '' elif arg.startswith('-'): index += 1 continue else: fname = arg if not fname.endswith('.py'): fname += '.py' break return fname, list(args[index + int(bool(fname)):]), args[:index]
def _print_requirements(requirements, script, variant): # pragma: no cover """Print pip command to install requirements.""" if not requirements: return if len(requirements) > 1: format_string = '\nPackages necessary for {} are {}.' else: format_string = '\nA package necessary for {} is {}.' print(format_string.format(script or 'pywikibot', variant)) print('Please update required module{} with:\n\n' .format('s' if len(requirements) > 1 else '')) for requirement in requirements: print(' pip install "{}"\n' .format(str(requirement).partition(';')[0]))
[docs]def check_modules(script=None): """Check whether mandatory modules are present. This also checks Python version when importing dependencies from :param script: The script name to be checked for dependencies :type script: str or None :return: True if all dependencies are installed :rtype: bool :raise RuntimeError: wrong Python version found in """ import pkg_resources from setup import script_deps missing_requirements = [] version_conflicts = [] if script: dependencies = script_deps.get(Path(script).name, []) else: from setup import dependencies try: next(pkg_resources.parse_requirements(dependencies)) except ValueError as e: # pragma: no cover # T286980: setuptools is too old and requirement parsing fails import setuptools setupversion = tuple(int(num) for num in setuptools.__version__.split('.')) if setupversion < (20, 8, 1): # print the minimal requirement _print_requirements( ['setuptools>=20.8.1'], None, 'outdated ({})'.format(setuptools.__version__)) return False raise e for requirement in pkg_resources.parse_requirements(dependencies): if requirement.marker is None \ or pkg_resources.evaluate_marker(str(requirement.marker)): try: pkg_resources.resource_exists(requirement, except pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound as e: missing_requirements.append(requirement) print(e) except pkg_resources.VersionConflict as e: version_conflicts.append(requirement) print(e) del pkg_resources del dependencies del script_deps _print_requirements(missing_requirements, script, 'missing') _print_requirements(version_conflicts, script, 'outdated') if version_conflicts and not missing_requirements: # pragma: no cover print('\nYou may continue on your own risk; type CTRL-C to stop.') try: sleep(5) except KeyboardInterrupt: return False return not missing_requirements
filename, script_args, global_args = handle_args(*sys.argv) # Search for before creating one. # If successful, already exists in one of the candidate # directories. See for details on search order. # Use env var to communicate to location (bug T74918). _pwb_dir = os.path.split(__file__)[0] os.environ['PYWIKIBOT_DIR_PWB'] = _pwb_dir try: import pywikibot as pwb except RuntimeError: # pragma: no cover os.environ['PYWIKIBOT_NO_USER_CONFIG'] = '2' import pywikibot as pwb # to be created if filename is not None and not (filename.startswith('generate_') or filename == ''): print("NOTE: '' was not found!") print('Please follow the prompts to create it:') run_python_file(os.path.join( _pwb_dir, 'pywikibot', 'scripts', ''), []) # because we have loaded pywikibot without loaded, # we need to re-start the entire process. Ask the user to do so. print('Now, you have to re-execute the command to start your script.') sys.exit(1) except ImportError as e: # raised in textlib sys.exit(e)
[docs]def find_alternates(filename, script_paths): """Search for similar filenames in the given script paths.""" from pywikibot import config, input_choice, info from import QuitKeyboardInterrupt, ShowingListOption assert config.pwb_close_matches > 0, \ 'config.pwb_close_matches must be greater than 0' assert 0.0 < config.pwb_cut_off < 1.0, \ 'config.pwb_cut_off must be a float in range [0, 1]' print('ERROR: {} not found! Misspelling?'.format(filename), file=sys.stderr) scripts = {} script_paths = [['.']] + script_paths # add current directory for path in script_paths: folder = Path(_pwb_dir).joinpath(*path) for script_name in folder.iterdir(): name, suffix = script_name.stem, script_name.suffix if suffix == '.py' and not name.startswith('__'): scripts[name] = script_name # remove .py for better matching filename = filename[:-3] similar_scripts = get_close_matches(filename, scripts, config.pwb_close_matches, config.pwb_cut_off) if not similar_scripts: return None if len(similar_scripts) == 1: script = similar_scripts[0] wait_time = config.pwb_autostart_waittime info('NOTE: Starting the most similar script ' '<<lightyellow>>{}.py<<default>>\n' ' in {} seconds; type CTRL-C to stop.' .format(script, wait_time)) try: sleep(wait_time) # Wait a bit to let it be cancelled except KeyboardInterrupt: return None else: msg = '\nThe most similar scripts are:' alternatives = ShowingListOption(similar_scripts, pre=msg, post='') try: _, script = input_choice('Which script to be run:', alternatives, default='1') except QuitKeyboardInterrupt: return None print() # pragma: no cover return str(scripts[script])
[docs]def find_filename(filename): """Search for the filename in the given script paths. .. versionchanged:: 7.0 Search users_scripts_paths in config.base_dir """ from pywikibot import config path_list = [] # paths to find misspellings def test_paths(paths, root): """Search for filename in given paths within 'root' base directory.""" for file_package in paths: package = file_package.split('.') path = package + [filename] testpath = os.path.join(root, *path) if os.path.exists(testpath): return testpath path_list.append(package) return None if site_package: # pragma: no cover script_paths = [_pwb_dir] else: script_paths = [ 'scripts.userscripts', 'scripts', 'scripts.maintenance', 'pywikibot.scripts', ] user_script_paths = [] if config.user_script_paths: # pragma: no cover if isinstance(config.user_script_paths, list): user_script_paths = config.user_script_paths else: warn("'user_script_paths' must be a list,\n" 'found: {}. Ignoring this setting.' .format(type(config.user_script_paths))) found = test_paths(user_script_paths, config.base_dir) if found: # pragma: no cover return found found = test_paths(script_paths, _pwb_dir) if found: return found return find_alternates(filename, path_list)
[docs]def execute(): """Parse arguments, extract filename and run the script. .. versionadded:: 7.0 renamed from :func:`main` """ global filename if global_args: # don't use sys.argv unknown_args = pwb.handle_args(global_args) if unknown_args: # pragma: no cover print('ERROR: unknown argument{}: {}\n' .format('' if len(unknown_args) == 1 else 's', ', '.join(unknown_args))) return False if not filename: return False file_package = None if not os.path.exists(filename): filename = find_filename(filename) if filename is None: return True # When both and the filename to run are within the current # working directory: # a) set __package__ as if called using python -m # b) set __file__ to be relative, so it can be relative in backtraces, # and __file__ *appears* to be an unstable path to load data from. # This is a rough (and quick!) emulation of 'package name' detection. # a much more detailed implementation is in coverage's find_module. # cwd = Path.cwd() syspath = Path(sys.argv[0]) absolute_path = syspath.parent file_path = Path(filename) if absolute_path == cwd and cwd in file_path.parents: relative_filename = file_path.relative_to(absolute_path) # remove the filename, and use '.' instead of path separator. file_package = str(relative_filename.parent).replace(os.sep, '.') filename = os.path.join(os.curdir, str(relative_filename)) module = None if file_package: try: module = sys.modules[file_package] except KeyError: try: module = import_module(file_package) except ImportError as e: warn('Parent module {} not found: {}' .format(file_package, e), ImportWarning) help_option = any(arg.startswith('-help:') or arg == '-help' for arg in script_args) if site_package or check_modules(filename) or help_option: run_python_file(filename, script_args, module) return True
[docs]def main(): """Script entry point. Print doc if necessary. .. versionchanged:: 7.0 previous implementation was renamed to :func:`execute` """ try: if not check_modules(): # pragma: no cover raise RuntimeError('') # no further output needed # may also raise RuntimeError except RuntimeError as e: # pragma: no cover sys.exit(e) if not execute(): print(__doc__)
[docs]def run(): # pragma: no cover """Site package entry point. Print doc if necessary. .. versionadded:: 7.0 """ global site_package site_package = True if not execute(): print(__doc__)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()