Source code for pywikibot.scripts.generate_user_files

#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Script to create Other file names are not supported.

.. versionchanged:: 7.0
   moved to pywikibot.scripts folder.
.. versionchanged:: 8.0
   let user the choice which section to be copied.
   Also EXTERNAL EDITOR SETTINGS section can be copied.
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2010-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import codecs
import os
import re
import sys
from pathlib import Path
from textwrap import fill
from typing import NamedTuple

from pywikibot.backports import Callable
from pywikibot.scripts import _import_with_no_user_config

# DISABLED_SECTIONS cannot be copied; variables must be set manually
    'USER INTERFACE SETTINGS',  # uses sys
    'ACCOUNT SETTINGS',  # already set

# Disable user-config usage as we are creating it here
pywikibot = _import_with_no_user_config('pywikibot')
config, __url__ = pywikibot.config, pywikibot.__url__
base_dir = pywikibot.config.base_dir

console_encoding: str | None
    console_encoding = sys.stdout.encoding
# unittests fails with "StringIO instance has no attribute 'encoding'"
except AttributeError:
    console_encoding = None

if console_encoding is None or sys.platform == 'cygwin':
    console_encoding = 'iso-8859-1'


[docs] def change_base_dir(): """Create a new user directory.""" while True: new_base = pywikibot.input('New user directory? ') new_base = os.path.abspath(new_base) if os.path.exists(new_base): if os.path.isfile(new_base): pywikibot.error('there is an existing file with that name.') continue # make sure user can read and write this directory if not os.access(new_base, os.R_OK | os.W_OK): pywikibot.error('directory access restricted') continue'Using existing directory') else: try: os.mkdir(new_base, pywikibot.config.private_files_permission) except Exception as e: pywikibot.error(f'directory creation failed: {e}') continue'Created new directory.') break if new_base == pywikibot.config.get_base_dir(new_base): # config would find that file return new_base msg = fill("""WARNING: Your user files will be created in the directory '{new_base}' you have chosen. To access these files, you will either have to use the argument "-dir:{new_base}" every time you run the bot, or set the environment variable "PYWIKIBOT_DIR" equal to this directory name in your operating system. See your operating system documentation for how to set environment variables.""".format(new_base=new_base), width=76) if pywikibot.input_yn('Is this OK?', default=False, automatic_quit=False): return new_base'Aborting changes.') return False
[docs] def file_exists(filename) -> bool: """Return whether the file exists and print a message if it exists.""" if os.path.exists(filename):'{1} already exists in the target directory "{0}".' .format(*os.path.split(filename))) return True return False
[docs] def get_site_and_lang( default_family: str | None = 'wikipedia', default_lang: str | None = 'en', default_username: str | None = None, force: bool = False ) -> tuple[str, str, str]: """ Ask the user for the family, site code and username. :param default_family: The default family which should be chosen. :param default_lang: The default site code which should be chosen, if the family supports it. :param default_username: The default username which should be chosen. :return: The family, site code and username """ known_families = sorted(pywikibot.config.family_files.keys()) if default_family not in known_families: default_family = None fam = 'Select family of sites we are working on, ' 'just enter the number or name', known_families, force=force, default=default_family) fam = if hasattr(fam, 'langs'): codes = [code for code in if code in fam.langs] known_langs = codes + sorted(set(fam.langs.keys()).difference(codes)) else: known_langs = [] if not known_langs:'There were no known site codes found in {}.') default_lang = None elif len(known_langs) == 1:'The only known site code: {known_langs[0]}') default_lang = known_langs[0] else: if default_lang not in known_langs: if default_lang != 'en' and 'en' in known_langs: default_lang = 'en' else: default_lang = None if not force:'This is the list of known site codes:') text = fill(', '.join(known_langs), width=79) if default_lang: text = text.replace( f' {default_lang},', f' <<lightblue>>{default_lang}<<default>>,', ) message = "The site code of the site we're working on" mycode = None while not mycode: mycode = pywikibot.input(message, default=default_lang, force=force) if known_langs and mycode and mycode not in known_langs \ and not pywikibot.input_yn( fill('The site code {!r} is not in the list of known sites. ' 'Do you want to continue?'.format(mycode)), default=False, automatic_quit=False): mycode = None message = f'Username on {mycode}:{}' username = pywikibot.input(message, default=default_username, force=force) # Escape ''s if username: username = username.replace("'", "\\'") return, mycode, username
EXTENDED_CONFIG = """\ # This is an automatically generated file. You can find more # configuration parameters in '' file or refer # # The family of sites to be working on. # Pywikibot will import families/ so if you want to change # this variable, you have to ensure that such a file exists. You may use # generate_family_file to create one. family = '{main_family}' # The site code (language) of the site to be working on. mylang = '{main_code}' # The dictionary usernames should contain a username for each site where you # have a bot account. If you have a unique username for all sites of a # family , you can use '*' {usernames} # The list of BotPasswords is saved in another file. Import it if needed. # See to know how # use them. {botpasswords} {config_text}""" SMALL_CONFIG = """\ family = '{main_family}' mylang = '{main_code}' {usernames} {botpasswords} """ PASSFILE_CONFIG = """\ # This is an automatically generated file used to store # BotPasswords. # # As a simpler (but less secure) alternative to OAuth, MediaWiki allows bot # users to uses BotPasswords to limit the permissions given to a bot. # When using BotPasswords, each instance gets keys. This combination can only # access the API, not the normal web interface. # # See for more # information. {botpasswords}""" class _ConfigSection(NamedTuple): head: str info: str section: str
[docs] def parse_sections() -> list: """Parse sections from file. will be in the pywikibot/ directory whereas generate_user_files script is in pywikibot/scripts. :return: a list of _ConfigSection named tuples. """ data = [] config_path = Path(__file__).resolve().parents[1].joinpath('') with, 'r', 'utf-8') as config_f: config_file = result = re.findall( '^(?P<section># #{5,} (?P<head>[A-Z][A-Z_ ]+[A-Z]) #{5,}\r?\n' '(?:^#?\r?\n)?' # There may be an empty or short line after header '(?P<comment>(?:^# .+?)+)' # first comment is used as help string '^.*?)' # catch the remaining text '^(?=# #{5,}|# ={5,})', # until section end marker config_file, re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL) for section, head, comment in result: info = ' '.join(text.strip('# ') for text in comment.splitlines()) data.append(_ConfigSection(head, info, section)) return data
[docs] def copy_sections(force: bool = False, default: str = 'n') -> str | None: """Take config sections and copy them to .. versionchanged:: 8.0 *force* and *default* options were added. :param force: Copy all sections if force is True :param default: Default answer for input_sections. Should be 'a' for all or 'n' for none to copy. :return: config text of all selected sections. """ sections = parse_sections() if not sections: # Something is wrong with the regex return None # copy framework settings copies = input_sections( 'framework', sections, force=force, default=default, skip=lambda x: x.head not in (DISABLED_SECTIONS | OBSOLETE_SECTIONS | SCRIPT_SECTIONS)) # copy scripts settings copies += input_sections( 'scripts', sections, force=force, default=default, skip=lambda x: x.head in SCRIPT_SECTIONS) return ''.join(copies)
[docs] def input_sections(variant: str, sections: list[_ConfigSection], skip: Callable | None = None, force: bool = False, default: str = 'n') -> list[str]: """Ask for settings to copy. .. versionadded:: 8.0 :param variant: Variant of the setting section. Either 'framework' or 'scripts' :param sections: A sections list previously read from the config file :param skip: a filter function :param force: Force input if True """ # First ask what to do which the whole section type variant select = 'h' answers = [('Yes', 'y'), ('All', 'a'), ('None', 'n'), ('Help', 'h')] while select == 'h': select = pywikibot.input_choice( f'Do you want to select {variant} setting sections?', answers, default=default, force=force, automatic_quit=False) if select == 'h': # pragma: no cover answers.pop(-1) f'The following {variant} setting sections are provided:') for item in filter(skip, sections): copies = [] # Now ask for a single section of the given variant # or use all or none of them choice = {'a': 'all', 'n': 'none', 'y': 'h'}[select] # mapping for item in filter(skip, sections): answers = [('Yes', 'y'), ('No', 'n'), ('Help', 'h')] while choice == 'h': # pragma: no cover choice = pywikibot.input_choice( f'Do you want to add {item.head} section?', answers, default='n', force=force, automatic_quit=False) if choice == 'h': answers.pop(-1) if choice in ('all', 'y'): copies.append(item.section) # Fill the mutable directly if choice not in ('all', 'none'): choice = 'h' return copies
class _UserItem(NamedTuple): family: str code: str name: str
[docs] def create_user_config( main_family: str, main_code: str, main_username: str, force: bool = False ): """ Create a in base_dir. Create a if necessary. """ _fnc = os.path.join(base_dir, USER_BASENAME) _fncpass = os.path.join(base_dir, PASS_BASENAME) userlist = [] if force and not config.verbose_output: if main_username: userlist = [_UserItem(main_family, main_code, main_username)] else: while True: userlist += [_UserItem(*get_site_and_lang( main_family, main_code, main_username, force=force))] if not pywikibot.input_yn('Do you want to add any other projects?', force=force, default=False, automatic_quit=False): break # For each different username entered, ask if user wants to save a # BotPassword (username, BotPassword name, BotPassword pass) msg: str | None = fill( f'See {__url__}/BotPasswords to know how to get codes. ' f'Please note that plain text in {_fncpass} and anyone with read' ' access to that directory will be able read the file.' ) botpasswords = [] userset = { for user in userlist} for username in userset: if pywikibot.input_yn('Do you want to add a BotPassword for {}?' .format(username), force=force, default=False): if msg: msg = None message = f'BotPassword\'s "bot name" for {username}' botpasswordname = pywikibot.input(message, force=force) message = 'BotPassword\'s "password" for "{}" ' \ '(no characters will be shown)' \ .format(botpasswordname) botpasswordpass = pywikibot.input(message, force=force, password=True) if botpasswordname and botpasswordpass: botpasswords.append((username, botpasswordname, botpasswordpass)) if not userlist: # Show a sample usernames = ( f"# usernames['{main_family}']['{main_code}'] = 'MyUsername'") else: usernames = '\n'.join( "usernames['{}']['{user.code}'] = '{}'" .format(user=user) for user in userlist) # Arbitrarily use the first key as default settings main_family, main_code = userlist[0].family, userlist[0].code botpasswords = '\n'.join( "('{}', BotPassword('{}', {!r}))".format(*botpassword) for botpassword in botpasswords) config_text = copy_sections(force=force) if config_text: config_content = EXTENDED_CONFIG else:'Creating a small variant of') config_content = SMALL_CONFIG try: # Finally save with, 'w', 'utf-8') as f: f.write(config_content.format( main_family=main_family, main_code=main_code, usernames=usernames, config_text=config_text, botpasswords='password_file = ' + (f'"{PASS_BASENAME}"' if botpasswords else 'None')))"'{_fnc}' written.") except BaseException: if os.path.exists(_fnc): os.remove(_fnc) raise save_botpasswords(botpasswords, _fncpass)
[docs] def save_botpasswords(botpasswords, _fncpass): """Write botpasswords to file.""" if botpasswords: # Save if necessary # is already created at this point # therefore can be imported safely from import file_mode_checker try: # First create an empty file with good permissions, before writing # in it with, 'w', 'utf-8') as f: f.write('') file_mode_checker(_fncpass, mode=config.private_files_permission, quiet=True) with, 'w', 'utf-8') as f: f.write(PASSFILE_CONFIG.format(botpasswords=botpasswords)) file_mode_checker(_fncpass, mode=config.private_files_permission)"'{_fncpass}' written.") except OSError: os.remove(_fncpass) raise
[docs] def ask_for_dir_change(force) -> tuple[bool, bool]: """Ask whether the base directory is has to be changed. Only give option for directory change if or user-password already exists in the directory. This will repeat if also exists in the requested directory. :param force: Skip asking for directory change :type force: bool :return: whether user file or password file exists already """ global base_dir'\nYour default user directory is "{base_dir}"') while True: # Show whether file exists userfile = file_exists(os.path.join(base_dir, USER_BASENAME)) passfile = file_exists(os.path.join(base_dir, PASS_BASENAME)) if force and not config.verbose_output or not (userfile or passfile): break if pywikibot.input_yn( 'Would you like to change the directory?', default=True, automatic_quit=False, force=force): new_base = change_base_dir() if new_base: base_dir = new_base else: break return userfile, passfile
[docs] def main(*args: str) -> None: """ Process command line arguments and generate user-config. If args is an empty list, sys.argv is used. :param args: command line arguments """ # set the config family and mylang values to an invalid state so that # the script can detect that the command line arguments -family & -lang # or -site were used and handle_args has updated these config values, # and 'force' mode can be activated below., config.mylang = 'wikipedia', None local_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args) if local_args:'Unknown argument{}: {}' .format('s' if len(local_args) > 1 else '', ', '.join(local_args))) return'You can abort at any time by pressing ctrl-c') if config.mylang is not None: force = True'Automatically generating') else: force = False # Force default site of en.wikipedia, config.mylang = 'wikipedia', 'en' username = config.usernames[].get(config.mylang) try: has_userfile, has_passfile = ask_for_dir_change(force) if not (has_userfile or has_passfile): create_user_config(, config.mylang, username, force=force) except KeyboardInterrupt:'\nScript terminated by user.')
# Creation of has been replaced by an example file. if __name__ == '__main__': main()