Source code for scripts.reflinks

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Fetch and add titles for bare links in references.

This bot will search for references which are only made of a link without title
(i.e. <ref>[]</ref> or <ref></ref>)
and will fetch the html title from the link to use it as the title of the wiki
link in the reference, i.e.
<ref>[ test - Google Search]</ref>

The bot checks every 20 edits a special stop page. If the page has been edited,
it stops.

Warning: Running this script on German Wikipedia is not allowed anymore.

As it uses it, you need to configure for your wiki, or it will
not work.

pdfinfo is needed for parsing pdf titles.

The following parameters are supported:

-limit:n          Stops after n edits

-xml:dump.xml     Should be used instead of a simple page fetching method from
         for performance and load issues

-xmlstart         Page to start with when using an XML dump

-ignorepdf        Do not handle PDF files (handy if you use Windows and can't
                  get pdfinfo)

-summary          Use a custom edit summary. Otherwise it uses the default
                  one from i18n/

The following generators and filters are supported:

# (C) Pywikibot team, 2008-2020
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import absolute_import, division, unicode_literals

import codecs
import os
import re
import socket
import subprocess
import tempfile

from functools import partial

import pywikibot

from pywikibot import comms, i18n, pagegenerators, textlib, Bot
from pywikibot import config2 as config
from pywikibot.pagegenerators import (
    XMLDumpPageGenerator as _XMLDumpPageGenerator,
from import color_format, PY2

from requests import codes

from scripts import noreferences

if not PY2:
    import http.client as httplib
    from urllib.error import URLError
    import httplib
    from urllib2 import URLError

docuReplacements = {
    '&params;': pagegenerators.parameterHelp

localized_msg = ('fr', 'it', 'pl')  # localized message at MediaWiki

# localized message at specific wikipedia site
# should be moved to MediaWiki Pywikibot manual

stop_page = {
    'fr': 'Utilisateur:DumZiBoT/EditezCettePagePourMeStopper',
    'da': 'Bruger:DumZiBoT/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'de': 'Benutzer:DumZiBoT/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'fa': 'کاربر:Amirobot/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'it': 'Utente:Marco27Bot/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'ko': '사용자:GrassnBreadRefBot/EditThisPageToStopMe1',
    'he': 'User:Matanyabot/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'hu': 'User:Damibot/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'en': 'User:DumZiBoT/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'pl': 'Wikipedysta:MastiBot/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'ru': 'User:Rubinbot/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'ur': 'صارف:Shuaib-bot/EditThisPageToStopMe',
    'zh': 'User:Sz-iwbot',

deadLinkTag = {
    'ar': '[%s] {{وصلة مكسورة}}',
    'fr': '[%s] {{lien mort}}',
    'da': '[%s] {{dødt link}}',
    'fa': '[%s] {{پیوند مرده}}',
    'he': '{{קישור שבור}}',
    'hi': '[%s] {{Dead link}}',
    'hu': '[%s] {{halott link}}',
    'ko': '[%s] {{죽은 바깥 고리}}',
    'es': '{{enlace roto2|%s}}',
    'it': '{{Collegamento interrotto|%s}}',
    'en': '[%s] {{dead link}}',
    'pl': '[%s] {{Martwy link}}',
    'ru': '[%s] {{subst:dead}}',
    'sr': '[%s] {{dead link}}',
    'ur': '[%s] {{مردہ ربط}}',

soft404 = re.compile(
# matches an URL at the index of a website
dirIndex = re.compile(
# Extracts the domain name
domain = re.compile(r'^(\w+)://(?:www.|)([^/]+)')

globalbadtitles = r"""
# is
# starts with
            |(sign|log)[ \-]?in
            |sign[ \-]?up
            |log[ \-]?on
            |untitled[ ]?(document|page|\d+|$)
            |404[ ]
# anywhere
            403[ ]forbidden
            |(404|page|file|information|resource).*not([ ]*be)?[ ]*
            |error[ ]404
            |error.+not[ ]found
            |not[ ]found.+error
            |404[ ]error
            |check[ ]browser[ ]settings
            |log[ \-]?(on|in)[ ]to
            |site[ ]redirection
# ends with
            |(sign|log)[ \-]?in
            |subscribe|sign[ \-]?up
            |log[ \-]?on
# Language-specific bad titles
badtitles = {
    'en': '',
    'fr': '.*(404|page|site).*en +travaux.*',
    'es': '.*sitio.*no +disponible.*',
    'it': '((pagina|sito) (non trovat[ao]|inesistente)|accedi|errore)',
    'ru': '.*(Страница|страница).*(не[ ]*найдена|осутствует).*',

# Regex that match bare references
linksInRef = re.compile(
    # bracketed URLs
    # unbracketed with()
    # unbracketed without ()

# Download this file :
# ( maintained by User:Dispenser )
listof404pages = '404-links.txt'

XmlDumpPageGenerator = partial(

[docs]class DuplicateReferences(object): """Helper to de-duplicate references in text. When some references are duplicated in an article, name the first, and remove the content of the others """
[docs] def __init__(self, site=None): """Initializer.""" if not site: site = pywikibot.Site() # Match references self.REFS = re.compile( r'(?i)<ref(?P<params>[^>/]*)>(?P<content>.*?)</ref>') self.NAMES = re.compile( r'(?i).*name\s*=\s*(?P<quote>"?)\s*(?P<name>.+)\s*(?P=quote).*') self.GROUPS = re.compile( r'(?i).*group\s*=\s*(?P<quote>"?)\s*(?P<group>.+)\s*(?P=quote).*') self.autogen = i18n.twtranslate(site, 'reflinks-autogen')
[docs] def process(self, text): """Process the page.""" # keys are ref groups # values are a dict where : # keys are ref content # values are [name, [list of full ref matches], # quoted, need_to_change] found_refs = {} found_ref_names = {} # Replace key by [value, quoted] named_repl = {} for match in self.REFS.finditer(text): content ='content') if not content.strip(): continue params ='params') group = self.GROUPS.match(params) if group not in found_refs: found_refs[group] = {} groupdict = found_refs[group] if content in groupdict: v = groupdict[content] v[1].append( else: v = [None, [], False, False] name = self.NAMES.match(params) if name: quoted ='quote') == '"' name ='name') if v[0]: if v[0] != name: named_repl[name] = [v[0], v[2]] else: # First name associated with this content if name == 'population': pywikibot.output(content) if name not in found_ref_names: # first time ever we meet this name if name == 'population': pywikibot.output('in') v[2] = quoted v[0] = name else: # if has_key, means that this name is used # with another content. We'll need to change it v[3] = True found_ref_names[name] = 1 groupdict[content] = v id = 1 while self.autogen + str(id) in found_ref_names: id += 1 for (g, d) in found_refs.items(): if g: group = 'group=\"{0}\" '.format(group) else: group = '' for (k, v) in d.items(): if len(v[1]) == 1 and not v[3]: continue name = v[0] if not name: name = '"{0}{1}"'.format(self.autogen, id) id += 1 elif v[2]: name = '"{0}"'.format(name) named = '<ref {0}name={1}>{2}</ref>'.format(group, name, k) text = text.replace(v[1][0], named, 1) # make sure that the first (named ref) is not # removed later : pos = text.index(named) + len(named) header = text[:pos] end = text[pos:] unnamed = '<ref {0}name={1} />'.format(group, name) for ref in v[1][1:]: end = end.replace(ref, unnamed) text = header + end for (k, v) in named_repl.items(): # TODO : Support ref groups name = v[0] if v[1]: name = '"{0}"'.format(name) text = re.sub( '<ref name\\s*=\\s*(?P<quote>"?)\\s*{}\\s*(?P=quote)\\s*/>' .format(k), '<ref name={} />'.format(name), text) return text
[docs]class ReferencesRobot(Bot): """References bot."""
[docs] def __init__(self, generator, **kwargs): """- generator : Page generator.""" self.availableOptions.update({ 'ignorepdf': False, # boolean 'limit': None, # int, stop after n modified pages 'summary': None, }) super(ReferencesRobot, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.generator = generator = pywikibot.Site() self._use_fake_user_agent = config.fake_user_agent_default.get( 'reflinks', False) # Check manual = 'mw:Manual:Pywikibot/refLinks' code = None for alt in [] + i18n._altlang( if alt in localized_msg: code = alt break if code: manual += '/{0}'.format(code) if self.getOption('summary') is None: self.msg = i18n.twtranslate(, 'reflinks-msg', locals()) else: self.msg = self.getOption('summary') local = i18n.translate(, badtitles) if local: bad = '(' + globalbadtitles + '|' + local + ')' else: bad = globalbadtitles self.titleBlackList = re.compile(bad, re.I | re.S | re.X) self.norefbot = noreferences.NoReferencesBot(None, verbose=False) self.deduplicator = DuplicateReferences( self.site_stop_page = i18n.translate(, stop_page) if self.site_stop_page: self.stop_page = pywikibot.Page(, self.site_stop_page) if self.stop_page.exists(): self.stop_page_rev_id = self.stop_page.latest_revision_id else: pywikibot.warning('The stop page {0} does not exist' .format(self.stop_page.title(as_link=True))) # Regex to grasp content-type meta HTML tag in HTML source self.META_CONTENT = re.compile(br'(?i)<meta[^>]*content\-type[^>]*>') # Extract the encoding from a charset property (from content-type !) self.CHARSET = re.compile(r'(?i)charset\s*=\s*(?P<enc>[^\'",;>/]*)') # Extract html title from page self.TITLE = re.compile(r'(?is)(?<=<title>).*?(?=</title>)') # Matches content inside <script>/<style>/HTML comments self.NON_HTML = re.compile( br'(?is)<script[^>]*>.*?</script>|<style[^>]*>.*?</style>|' br'<!--.*?-->|<!\[CDATA\[.*?\]\]>') # Authorized mime types for HTML pages self.MIME = re.compile( r'application/(?:xhtml\+xml|xml)|text/(?:ht|x)ml')
[docs] def httpError(self, err_num, link, pagetitleaslink): """Log HTTP Error.""" pywikibot.stdout('HTTP error ({}) for {} on {}' .format(err_num, link, pagetitleaslink))
[docs] def getPDFTitle(self, ref, f): """Use pdfinfo to retrieve title from a PDF. FIXME: Unix-only, I'm afraid. """ pywikibot.output('PDF file.') fd, infile = tempfile.mkstemp() urlobj = os.fdopen(fd, 'w+') urlobj.write(f.text) try: pdfinfo_out = subprocess.Popen([r'pdfinfo', '/dev/stdin'], stdin=urlobj, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, shell=False).communicate()[0] for aline in pdfinfo_out.splitlines(): if aline.lower().startswith('title'): ref.title = aline.split(None)[1:] ref.title = ' '.join(ref.title) if ref.title != '': pywikibot.output('title: ' + ref.title) pywikibot.output('PDF done.') except ValueError: pywikibot.output('pdfinfo value error.') except OSError: pywikibot.output('pdfinfo OS error.') except Exception: # Ignore errors pywikibot.output('PDF processing error.') pywikibot.exception() finally: urlobj.close() os.unlink(infile)
[docs] def run(self): """Run the Bot.""" try: dead_links =, 'r', 'latin_1').read() except IOError: raise NotImplementedError( '404-links.txt is required for\n' 'You need to download\n' '\n' 'and to unzip it in the same directory') editedpages = 0 for page in self.generator: try: # Load the page's text from the wiki new_text = page.get() if not page.has_permission(): pywikibot.output("You can't edit page " + page.title(as_link=True)) continue except pywikibot.NoPage: pywikibot.output('Page {} not found' .format(page.title(as_link=True))) continue except pywikibot.IsRedirectPage: pywikibot.output('Page {} is a redirect' .format(page.title(as_link=True))) continue # for each link to change for match in linksInRef.finditer( textlib.removeDisabledParts(page.get())): link ='url') # debugging purpose # print link if '' in link: # TODO: Clean URL blacklist continue ref = RefLink(link,'name'), try: f = comms.http.fetch( ref.url, use_fake_user_agent=self._use_fake_user_agent) # Try to get Content-Type from server content_type = f.response_headers.get('content-type') if content_type and not if'.pdf') and \ not self.getOption('ignorepdf'): # If file has a PDF suffix self.getPDFTitle(ref, f) else: pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightyellow}WARNING{default} : ' 'media : {0} ', if ref.title: if not re.match( '(?i) *microsoft (word|excel|visio)', ref.title): ref.transform(ispdf=True) repl = ref.refTitle() else: pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightyellow}WARNING{default} : ' 'PDF title blacklisted : {0} ', ref.title)) repl = ref.refLink() else: repl = ref.refLink() new_text = new_text.replace(, repl) continue # Get the real url where we end (http redirects !) redir = if redir != and \ domain.findall(redir) == domain.findall(link): if and \ not pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightyellow}WARNING{default} : ' 'Redirect 404 : {0} ', continue if dirIndex.match(redir) and \ not dirIndex.match( pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightyellow}WARNING{default} : ' 'Redirect to root : {0} ', continue if f.status != codes.ok: pywikibot.output('HTTP error ({0}) for {1} on {2}' .format(f.status, ref.url, page.title(as_link=True)), toStdout=True) # 410 Gone, indicates that the resource has been # purposely removed if f.status == 410 or \ (f.status == 404 and ('\t{}\t'.format(ref.url) in dead_links)): repl = ref.refDead() new_text = new_text.replace(, repl) continue linkedpagetext = f.raw except UnicodeError: # example: #¦/ECOC0100037D.html # in [[fr:Cyanure]] pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightred}Bad link{default} : {0} in {1}', ref.url, page.title(as_link=True))) continue except (URLError, socket.error, IOError, httplib.error, pywikibot.FatalServerError, pywikibot.Server504Error) as e: pywikibot.output("Can't retrieve page {0} : {1}" .format(ref.url, e)) continue # remove <script>/<style>/comments/CDATA tags linkedpagetext = self.NON_HTML.sub(b'', linkedpagetext) meta_content = enc = [] s = None if content_type: # use charset from http header s = if meta_content: tag = # Prefer the contentType from the HTTP header : if not content_type: content_type = tag if not s: # use charset from html s = if s: tmp ='enc').strip("\"' ").lower() naked = re.sub(r'[ _\-]', '', tmp) # Convert to python correct encoding names if naked == 'gb2312': enc.append('gbk') elif naked == 'shiftjis': enc.append('shift jis 2004') enc.append('cp932') elif naked == 'xeucjp': enc.append('euc-jp') else: enc.append(tmp) else: pywikibot.output('No charset found for ' + if not content_type: pywikibot.output('No content-type found for ' + continue elif not pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightyellow}WARNING{default} : media : {0} ', repl = ref.refLink() new_text = new_text.replace(, repl) continue # Ugly hacks to try to survive when both server and page # return no encoding. # Uses most used encodings for each national suffix if '.ru' in or '.su' in # see : no server # encoding, no page encoding enc = enc + ['koi8-r', 'windows-1251'] elif '.jp' in enc.append('shift jis 2004') enc.append('cp932') elif '.kr' in enc.append('euc-kr') enc.append('cp949') elif '.zh' in enc.append('gbk') if 'utf-8' not in enc: enc.append('utf-8') try: u = linkedpagetext.decode(enc[0]) # Bug T69410 except (UnicodeDecodeError, LookupError) as e: pywikibot.output('{} : Decoding error - {}' .format(, e)) continue # Retrieves the first non empty string inside <title> tags for m in self.TITLE.finditer(u): t = if t: ref.title = t ref.transform() if ref.title: break if not ref.title: repl = ref.refLink() new_text = new_text.replace(, repl) pywikibot.output('{0} : No title found...' .format( continue # XXX Ugly hack if 'é' in ref.title: repl = ref.refLink() new_text = new_text.replace(, repl) pywikibot.output('{0} : Hybrid encoding...' .format( continue if self.titleBlackList.match(ref.title): repl = ref.refLink() new_text = new_text.replace(, repl) pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightred}WARNING{default} {0} : ' 'Blacklisted title ({1})',, ref.title)) continue # Truncate long titles. 175 is arbitrary if len(ref.title) > 175: ref.title = ref.title[:175] + '...' repl = ref.refTitle() new_text = new_text.replace(, repl) # Add <references/> when needed, but ignore templates ! if page.namespace != 10: if self.norefbot.lacksReferences(new_text): new_text = self.norefbot.addReferences(new_text) new_text = self.deduplicator.process(new_text) old_text = page.text self.userPut(page, old_text, new_text, summary=self.msg, ignore_save_related_errors=True, ignore_server_errors=True) if new_text == old_text: continue else: editedpages += 1 if self.getOption('limit') \ and editedpages >= self.getOption('limit'): pywikibot.output('Edited {} pages, stopping.' .format(self.getOption('limit'))) return if self.site_stop_page and editedpages % 20 == 0: self.stop_page = pywikibot.Page(, self.site_stop_page) if self.stop_page.exists(): pywikibot.output(color_format( '{lightgreen}Checking stop page...{default}')) actual_rev = self.stop_page.latest_revision_id if actual_rev != self.stop_page_rev_id: pywikibot.output( '{0} has been edited : Someone wants us to stop.' .format(self.stop_page.title(as_link=True))) return
[docs]def main(*args): """ Process command line arguments and invoke bot. If args is an empty list, sys.argv is used. @param args: command line arguments @type args: str """ xml_filename = None xml_start = None options = {} generator = None # Process global args and prepare generator args parser local_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args) gen_factory = pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory() for arg in local_args: if arg.startswith('-summary:'): options['summary'] = arg[9:] elif arg == '-always': options['always'] = True elif arg == '-ignorepdf': options['ignorepdf'] = True elif arg.startswith('-limit:'): options['limit'] = int(arg[7:]) elif arg.startswith('-xmlstart'): if len(arg) == 9: xml_start = pywikibot.input( 'Please enter the dumped article to start with:') else: xml_start = arg[10:] elif arg.startswith('-xml'): if len(arg) == 4: xml_filename = pywikibot.input( "Please enter the XML dump's filename:") else: xml_filename = arg[5:] else: gen_factory.handleArg(arg) if xml_filename: generator = XmlDumpPageGenerator(xml_filename, xml_start, gen_factory.namespaces) if not generator: generator = gen_factory.getCombinedGenerator() if not generator: return if not gen_factory.nopreload: generator = pagegenerators.PreloadingGenerator(generator) generator = pagegenerators.RedirectFilterPageGenerator(generator) bot = ReferencesRobot(generator, **options)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()