Source code for scripts.replicate_wiki

This bot replicates pages in a wiki to a second wiki within one family.


    python replicate_wiki [-r] -ns 10 -family:wikipedia -o nl li fy


    python replicate_wiki [-r] -ns 10 -family:wikipedia -lang:nl li fy

to copy all templates from nlwiki to liwiki and fywiki. It will show which
pages have to be changed if -r is not present, and will only actually write
pages if -r /is/ present.

You can add replicate_replace to your, which has the following

 replicate_replace = {
     'wikipedia:li': {'Hoofdpagina': 'Veurblaad'}

to replace all occurrences of 'Hoofdpagina' with 'Veurblaad' when writing to
liwiki. Note that this does not take the origin wiki into account.

The following parameters are supported:

-r, --replace           actually replace pages (without this option
                        you will only get an overview page)

-o, --original          original wiki (you may use -lang:<code> option
-ns, --namespace        specify namespace

-dns, --dest-namespace  destination namespace (if different)

 destination_wiki       destination wiki(s)
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2012-2022
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
import sys
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from collections import defaultdict

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import Page, config
from pywikibot.exceptions import IsRedirectPageError, NoPageError

[docs]def multiple_replace(text, word_dict): """Replace all occurrences in text of key value pairs in word_dict.""" for key in word_dict: text = text.replace(key, word_dict[key]) return text
[docs]class SyncSites: """Work is done in here.""" def __init__(self, options) -> None: """Initializer.""" self.options = options if options.original_wiki: original_wiki = options.original_wiki else: original_wiki = config.mylang pywikibot.output('Syncing from ' + original_wiki) family = sites = options.destination_wiki self.original = pywikibot.Site(original_wiki, family) self.original.login() if options.namespace and 'help' in options.namespace: for namespace in self.original.namespaces.values(): pywikibot.output( '{} {}'.format(, namespace.custom_name)) sys.exit() self.sites = [pywikibot.Site(s, family) for s in sites] self.differences = defaultdict(list) self.user_diff = defaultdict(list) pywikibot.output('Syncing to ', newline=False) for s in self.sites: s.login() pywikibot.output(str(s), newline=False) pywikibot.output()
[docs] def check_sysops(self) -> None: """Check if sysops are the same on all wikis.""" def get_users(site): userlist = [ul['name'] for ul in site.allusers(group='sysop')] return set(userlist) ref_users = get_users(self.original) for site in self.sites: users = get_users(site) diff = list(ref_users.difference(users)) diff.sort() self.user_diff[site] = diff
[docs] def check_namespaces(self) -> None: """Check all namespaces, to be ditched for clarity.""" namespaces = [ 0, # Main 8, # MediaWiki 152, # DPL 102, # Eigenschap 104, # Type 106, # Formulier 108, # Concept 10, # Sjabloon ] if self.options.namespace: pywikibot.output(str(self.options.namespace)) namespaces = [int(self.options.namespace)] pywikibot.output('Checking these namespaces: {}\n' .format((namespaces,))) for ns in namespaces: self.check_namespace(ns)
[docs] def check_namespace(self, namespace) -> None: """Check an entire namespace.""" pywikibot.output('\nCHECKING NAMESPACE {}'.format(namespace)) pages = (p.title() for p in self.original.allpages( '!', namespace=namespace)) for p in pages: if p not in ['MediaWiki:Sidebar', 'MediaWiki:Mainpage', 'MediaWiki:Sitenotice', 'MediaWiki:MenuSidebar']: try: self.check_page(p) except NoPageError: pywikibot.output('Bizarre NoPageError that we are ' 'just going to ignore') except IsRedirectPageError: pywikibot.error('Redirectpage - todo: handle gracefully') pywikibot.output()
[docs] def generate_overviews(self) -> None: """Create page on wikis with overview of bot results.""" for site in self.sites: sync_overview_page = Page(site, 'User:{}/ overview' .format(site.user())) output = '== Pages that differ from original ==\n\n' if self.differences[site]: output += ''.join('* [[:{}]]\n'.format(page_title) for page_title in self.differences[site]) else: output += 'All important pages are the same' output += ( '\n\n== Admins from original that are missing here ==\n\n') if self.user_diff[site]: output += ''.join('* {}\n'.format(user_name.replace('_', ' ')) for user_name in self.user_diff[site]) else: output += ( 'All users from original are also present on this wiki') pywikibot.output(output) sync_overview_page.text = output
[docs] def put_message(self, site) -> str: """Return synchronization message.""" return ('{} synchronization from {}' .format(site.user(), str(self.original)))
[docs] def check_page(self, pagename) -> None: """Check one page.""" pywikibot.output('\nChecking ' + pagename) page1 = Page(self.original, pagename) txt1 = page1.text if self.options.dest_namespace: dest_ns = int(self.options.dest_namespace) else: dest_ns = None for site in self.sites: if dest_ns is not None: page2 = Page(site, page1.title(with_ns=False), dest_ns) pywikibot.output('\nCross namespace, new title: ' + page2.title()) else: page2 = Page(site, pagename) txt2 = page2.text if str(site) in config.replicate_replace: txt_new = multiple_replace(txt1, config.replicate_replace[str(site)]) if txt1 != txt_new: pywikibot.output( 'NOTE: text replaced using config.sync_replace') pywikibot.output('{} {} {}'.format(txt1, txt_new, txt2)) txt1 = txt_new if txt1 != txt2: pywikibot.output('\n {} DIFFERS'.format(site)) self.differences[site].append(pagename) if self.options.replace: page2.text = txt1 else: pywikibot.stdout('.', newline=False)
[docs]def main(*args: str) -> None: """ Process command line arguments and invoke bot. If args is an empty list, sys.argv is used. :param args: command line arguments """ my_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args) parser = ArgumentParser(add_help=False) parser.add_argument('-r', '--replace', action='store_true', help='actually replace pages (without this ' 'option you will only get an overview page)') parser.add_argument('-o', '--original', dest='original_wiki', help='original wiki') parser.add_argument('destination_wiki', metavar='destination', type=str, nargs='+', help='destination wiki(s)') parser.add_argument('-ns', '--namespace', dest='namespace', help='specify namespace') parser.add_argument('-dns', '--dest-namespace', dest='dest_namespace', help='destination namespace (if different)') options = parser.parse_args(my_args) sync = SyncSites(options) sync.check_sysops() sync.check_namespaces() sync.generate_overviews()
if __name__ == '__main__': main()