Source code for scripts.solve_disambiguation

Script to help a human solve disambiguations by presenting a set of options.

Specify the disambiguation page on the command line.

The program will pick up the page, and look for all alternative links,
and show them with a number adjacent to them. It will then automatically
loop over all pages referring to the disambiguation page,
and show 30 characters of context on each side of the reference to help you
make the decision between the alternatives. It will ask you to type the
number of the appropriate replacement, and perform the change.

It is possible to choose to replace only the link (just type the number) or
replace both link and link-text (type 'r' followed by the number).

Multiple references in one page will be scanned in order, but typing 'n'
(next) on any one of them will leave the complete page unchanged. To leave
only some reference unchanged, use the 's' (skip) option.

Command line options:

   -pos:XXXX   adds XXXX as an alternative disambiguation

   -just       only use the alternatives given on the command line, do not
               read the page for other possibilities

   -dnskip     Skip links already marked with a disambiguation-needed
               template (e.g., {{dn}})

   -primary    "primary topic" disambiguation (Begriffsklärung nach Modell 2).
               That's titles where one topic is much more important, the
               disambiguation page is saved somewhere else, and the important
               topic gets the nice name.

   -primary:XY like the above, but use XY as the only alternative, instead of
               searching for alternatives in [[Keyword (disambiguation)]].
               Note: this is the same as -primary -just -pos:XY

   -file:XYZ   reads a list of pages from a text file. XYZ is the name of the
               file from which the list is taken. If XYZ is not given, the
               user is asked for a filename. Page titles should be inside
               [[double brackets]]. The -pos parameter won't work if -file
               is used.

   -always:XY  instead of asking the user what to do, always perform the same
               action. For example, XY can be "r0", "u" or "2". Be careful with
               this option, and check the changes made by the bot. Note that
               some choices for XY don't make sense and will result in a loop,
               e.g. "l" or "m".

   -main       only check pages in the main namespace, not in the Talk,
               Project, User, etc. namespaces.

   -first      Uses only the first link of every line on the disambiguation
               page that begins with an asterisk. Useful if the page is full
               of irrelevant links that are not subject to disambiguation.
               You won't get all af them as options, just the first on each
               line. For a moderated example see
               A really exotic one is
     értelműsítő lap)

   -start:XY   goes through all disambiguation pages in the category on your
               wiki that is defined (to the bot) as the category containing
               disambiguation pages, starting at XY. If only '-start' or
               '-start:' is given, it starts at the beginning.

   -min:XX     (XX being a number) only work on disambiguation pages for which
               at least XX are to be worked on.

To complete a move of a page, one can use:

    python solve_disambiguation -just -pos:New_Name Old_Name

# (C) Pywikibot team, 2003-2022
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
import codecs
import os
import re
from contextlib import suppress
from itertools import chain
from typing import Generator, Optional

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import config
from pywikibot import editor as editarticle
from pywikibot import i18n, pagegenerators
from pywikibot.backports import List
from import (
from pywikibot.exceptions import (
from import first_lower, first_upper, issue_deprecation_warning
from import SequenceOutputter

# Disambiguation Needed template
dn_template = {
    'ar': '{{بحاجة لتوضيح}}',
    'arz': '{{Disambiguation needed}}',
    'en': '{{dn}}',
    'fr': '{{Lien vers un homonyme}}',

# disambiguation page name format for "primary topic" disambiguations
# (Begriffsklärungen nach Modell 2)
primary_topic_format = {
    'ar': '%s_(توضيح)',
    'arz': '%s_(توضيح)',
    'ca': '%s_(desambiguació)',
    'cs': '%s_(rozcestník)',
    'de': '%s_(Begriffsklärung)',
    'en': '%s_(disambiguation)',
    'fa': '%s_(ابهام‌زدایی)',
    'fi': '%s_(täsmennyssivu)',
    'hu': '%s_(egyértelműsítő lap)',
    'ia': '%s_(disambiguation)',
    'it': '%s_(disambigua)',
    'lt': '%s_(reikšmės)',
    'kk': '%s_(айрық)',
    'ko': '%s_(동음이의)',
    'nl': '%s_(doorverwijspagina)',
    'no': '%s_(peker)',
    'pl': '%s_(ujednoznacznienie)',
    'pt': '%s_(desambiguação)',
    'pfl': '%s_BKL',
    'he': '%s_(פירושונים)',
    'ru': '%s_(значения)',
    'sr': '%s_(вишезначна одредница)',
    'sv': '%s_(olika betydelser)',
    'uk': '%s_(значення)',
    'ur': '%s_(ضد ابہام)',

# List pages that will be ignored if they got a link to a disambiguation
# page. An example is a page listing disambiguations articles.
# Special chars should be encoded with unicode (\x##) and space used
# instead of _

ignore_title = {
    'wikipedia': {
        'ca': [
            'Viquipèdia:Enllaços incorrectes a pàgines de desambiguació',
            'Viquipèdia:Registre de pàgines de desambiguació òrfenes',
        'cs': [
            'Diskuse k Wikipedii:Rozcestníky',
            'Wikipedie:Údržbové seznamy/Nejvíce odkazované rozcestníky/seznam',
            'Wikipedie:Seznam rozcestníků/první typ',
            'Wikipedie:Seznam rozcestníků/druhý typ',
        'da': [
            'Wikipedia:Links til sider med flertydige titler'
        'de': [
            'Benutzer:Mathias Schindler/.+',
            'Benutzer:Professor Einstein.*',
            'Liste griechischer Wortstämme in deutschen Fremdwörtern',
            'Liste von Gräzismen',
            'Wikipedia:Liste mathematischer Themen/BKS',
            'Wikipedia:Liste mathematischer Themen/Redirects',
            'Wikipedia:WikiProjekt Altertumswissenschaft/.+',
            'Wikipedia:WikiProjekt Verwaiste Seiten/Begriffsklärungen',
            'Vorlage:Infobox Weltraum',
            'Vorlage:Navigationsleiste Raumfahrt',
        'en': [
            'Wikipedia:Links to disambiguating pages',
            'Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links',
            'Wikipedia:Multiple-place names \\([A-Z]\\)',
            'Wikipedia:Non-unique personal name',
            "User:Jerzy/Disambiguation Pages i've Editted",
            'User:Gareth Owen/inprogress',
            'TLAs from [A-Z][A-Z][A-Z] to [A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]',
            'List of all two-letter combinations',
            'User:Daniel Quinlan/redirects.+',
            'User:Oliver Pereira/stuff',
            'Wikipedia:French Wikipedia language links',
            'Wikipedia:Polish language links',
            'Wikipedia:Undisambiguated abbreviations/.+',
            'List of acronyms and initialisms',
            'Wikipedia:Usemod article histories',
            'User:Pizza Puzzle/stuff',
            'List of generic names of political parties',
            'Talk:List of initialisms/marked',
            'Talk:List of initialisms/sorted',
            'Talk:Programming language',
            'Talk:SAMPA/To do',
            "Wikipedia:Outline of Roget's Thesaurus",
            'Wikipedia talk:Make only links relevant to the context',
            'Wikipedia:Common words, searching for which is not possible',
        'fa': [
            'ویکی‌پدیا:فهرست صفحات ابهام‌زدایی',
        'fi': [
            'Wikipedia:Luettelo täsmennyssivuista',
            'Wikipedia:Luettelo (täsmennyssivuista)',
        'fr': [
            'Wikipédia:Liens aux pages d’homonymie',
            'Wikipédia:Homonymie/Homonymes dynastiques',
            'Wikipédia:Prise de décision, noms des membres '
            'de dynasties/liste des dynastiens',
            'Liste de toutes les combinaisons de deux lettres',
            'Wikipédia:Log d’upload/.*',
            'Sigles de trois lettres de [A-Z]AA à [A-Z]ZZ',
            'Wikipédia:Pages sans interwiki,.'
        'fy': [
        'hu': [
            # hu:Wikipédia:Kocsmafal (egyéb)#Hol nem kell egyértelműsíteni?
            # 2012-02-08
            'Wikipédia:(?!Sportműhely/Eddigi cikkeink).*',
            '.*\\(egyértelműsítő lap\\)$',
        'ia': [
            'Discussion Usator:.+',
        'it': [
            'Discussioni utente:.+',
        'kk': [
            'Санат:Айрықты бет',
        'ko': [
            '위키백과:(동음이의) 문서의 목록',
            '위키백과:동음이의어 문서의 목록',
        'lt': [
            'Wikipedia:Rodomi nukreipiamieji straipsniai',
        'nl': [
            'Overleg gebruiker:.+[aA]rchief.*',
            'Overleg gebruiker:Pven',
            'Wikipedia:Humor en onzin.*',
            "Wikipedia:Links naar doorverwijspagina's/Winkeldochters.*",
            "Wikipedia:Project aanmelding bij startpagina's",
            "Wikipedia:Wikiproject Roemeense gemeenten/Doorverwijspagina's",
            'Lijst van Nederlandse namen van pausen',
            'Overleg Wikipedia:Discussie spelling 2005',
            'Overleg Wikipedia:Doorverwijspagina',
            'Overleg Wikipedia:Logboek.*',
            'Overleg gebruiker:Sybren/test.*',
            'Overleg gebruiker:([0-9][0-9]?[0-9]?\\.){3}[0-9][0-9]?[0-9]?',
            'Overleg:Lage Landen (staatkunde)',
            'Wikipedia:Lijst van alle tweeletter-combinaties',
            'Wikipedia:Ongelijke redirects',
            'Wikipedia:Protection log',
            'Wikipedia:Te verwijderen.*',
            'Wikipedia:Top 1000 van meest bekeken artikelen',
            'Wikipedia:Wikipedianen met een encyclopedisch artikel',
            'Wikipedia:Woorden die niet als zoekterm gebruikt kunnen worden',
            'Overleg gebruiker:Taka(/.*)?',
            "Wikipedia:Links naar doorverwijspagina's/Artikelen",
            "Wikipedia:Wikiproject/Roemeense gemeenten/Doorverwijspagina's",
            'Overleg Wikipedia:Wikiproject/Redirects.*',
            "Wikipedia:Links naar doorverwijspagina's/Amsterdamconstructie",
        'pl': [
        'pt': [
            'Usuário Discussão:.+',
            'Lista de combinações de duas letras',
            'Wikipedia:Lista de páginas de desambiguação.+',
            'Wikipedia:Páginas para eliminar/.+',
        'ru': [
            'Википедия:Страницы разрешения неоднозначностей',
            'Википедия:Вики-уборка/Статьи без языковых ссылок',
            'Википедия:Страницы с пометкой «(значения)»',
            'Список общерусских фамилий',
        'sr': [
            'Википедија:Вишезначна одредница',
        'ur': [
            'زمرہ:ضد ابہام صفحات',
    'memoryalpha': {
        'en': [
            'Memory Alpha:Links to disambiguating pages'
        'de': [
            'Memory Alpha:Liste der Wortklärungsseiten'

[docs]def correctcap(link, text: str) -> str: """Return the link capitalized/uncapitalized according to the text. :param link: link page :type link: pywikibot.Page :param text: the wikitext that is supposed to refer to the link :return: uncapitalized title of the link if the text links to the link with an uncapitalized title, else capitalized """ linkupper = link.title() linklower = first_lower(linkupper) if '[[{}]]'.format(linklower) in text or '[[{}|'.format(linklower) in text: return linklower return linkupper
[docs]class ReferringPageGeneratorWithIgnore: """Referring Page generator, with an ignore manager.""" def __init__( self, page, primary: bool = False, minimum: int = 0, main_only: bool = False ) -> None: """Initializer. :type page: pywikibot.Page """ = page # if run with the -primary argument, enable the ignore manager self.primaryIgnoreManager = PrimaryIgnoreManager(page, enabled=primary) self.minimum = minimum self.main_only = main_only def __iter__(self) -> Generator[pywikibot.Page, None, None]: """Yield pages.""" # TODO: start yielding before all referring pages have been found refs = list(, namespaces=0 if self.main_only else None)) pywikibot.output('Found {} references.'.format(len(refs))) # Remove ignorables site = if in ignore_title \ and site.lang in ignore_title[]: for ig in ignore_title[][site.lang]: for i in range(len(refs) - 1, -1, -1): if re.match(ig, refs[i].title()): pywikibot.log('Ignoring page ' + refs[i].title()) del refs[i] elif self.primaryIgnoreManager.isIgnored(refs[i]): del refs[i] if len(refs) < self.minimum: pywikibot.output('Found only {} pages to work on; skipping.' .format(len(refs))) return pywikibot.output('Will work on {} pages.'.format(len(refs))) yield from refs
[docs]class PrimaryIgnoreManager: """ Primary ignore manager. If run with the -primary argument, reads from a file which pages should not be worked on; these are the ones where the user pressed n last time. If run without the -primary argument, doesn't ignore any pages. """ def __init__(self, disamb_page, enabled: bool = False) -> None: """Initializer. :type disamb_page: pywikibot.Page """ self.disamb_page = disamb_page self.enabled = enabled self.ignorelist = set() folder = config.datafilepath('disambiguations') if os.path.exists(folder): self._read_ignorelist(folder) def _read_ignorelist(self, folder) -> None: """Read pages to be ignored from file. :type folder: str """ filename = os.path.join( folder, self.disamb_page.title(as_filename=True) + '.txt') with suppress(IOError): # The file is stored in the disambiguation/ subdir. # Create if necessary. with, 'r', 'utf-8') as f: for line in f: # remove trailing newlines and carriage returns line = line.rstrip('\r\n') # skip empty lines if line: self.ignorelist.add(line)
[docs] def isIgnored(self, ref_page) -> bool: # noqa: N802 """Return if ref_page is to be ignored. :type ref_page: pywikibot.Page """ return self.enabled and ref_page.title(as_url=True) in self.ignorelist
[docs] def ignore(self, page_titles) -> None: """Write pages to ignorelist. :param page_titles: page titles to be ignored :type page_titles: iterable """ # backward compatibility if isinstance(page_titles, pywikibot.Page): page_titles = [page_titles.title(as_url=True)] if self.enabled: # Skip this occurrence next time. filename = config.datafilepath( 'disambiguations', self.disamb_page.title(as_url=True) + '.txt') with suppress(IOError): # Open file for appending. If none exists, create a new one. with, 'a', 'utf-8') as f: f.write('\n'.join(page_titles) + '\n')
[docs]class AddAlternativeOption(OutputProxyOption): """Add a new alternative."""
[docs] def result(self, value) -> None: """Add the alternative and then list them.""" new_alternative = pywikibot.input('New alternative:') self._outputter.sequence.append(new_alternative) super().result(value)
[docs]class EditOption(StandardOption): """Edit the text.""" def __init__(self, option, shortcut, text, start, title) -> None: """Initializer. :type option: str :type shortcut: str :type text: str :type start: int :type title: str """ super().__init__(option, shortcut) self._text = text self._start = start self._title = title @property def stop(self) -> bool: """Return whether if user didn't press cancel and changed it.""" return self.new_text and self.new_text != self._text
[docs] def result(self, value) -> str: """Open a text editor and let the user change it.""" editor = editarticle.TextEditor() self.new_text = editor.edit(self._text, jumpIndex=self._start, highlight=self._title) return super().result(value)
[docs]class ShowPageOption(StandardOption): """Show the page's contents in an editor.""" def __init__(self, option, shortcut, start, page) -> None: """Initializer.""" super().__init__(option, shortcut, stop=False) self._start = start if page.isRedirectPage(): page = page.getRedirectTarget() self._page = page
[docs] def result(self, value) -> None: """Open a text editor and show the text.""" editor = editarticle.TextEditor() editor.edit(self._page.text, jumpIndex=self._start, highlight=self._page.title())
[docs]class AliasOption(StandardOption): """An option allowing multiple aliases which also select it.""" def __init__(self, option, shortcuts, stop: bool = True) -> None: """Initializer.""" super().__init__(option, shortcuts[0], stop=stop) self._aliases = frozenset(s.lower() for s in shortcuts[1:])
[docs] def test(self, value) -> bool: """Test aliases and combine it with the original test.""" return value.lower() in self._aliases or super().test(value)
[docs]class DisambiguationRobot(SingleSiteBot): """Disambiguation Bot.""" ignore_contents = { 'de': ('{{[Ii]nuse}}', '{{[Ll]öschen}}', ), 'fi': ('{{[Tt]yöstetään}}', ), 'kk': ('{{[Ii]nuse}}', '{{[Pp]rocessing}}', ), 'nl': ('{{wiu2}}', '{{nuweg}}', ), 'ru': ('{{[Ii]nuse}}', '{{[Pp]rocessing}}', ), } primary_redir_template = { # First letter uppercase 'hu': 'Egyért-redir', } # refer -help message for complete options documentation disambig_options = { 'always': None, # always perform the same action 'pos': [], # add possibilities as alternative disambig 'just': True, # just and only use the possibilities given with command 'dnskip': False, # skip already marked links 'primary': False, # primary topic disambig 'main': False, # only use main namespace 'first': False, # use first link only 'min': 0, # minimum number of pages on a disambig } # needed for argument cleanup available_options = disambig_options def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None: """Initializer.""" self._clean_args(args, kwargs) super().__init__(**kwargs) self.ignores = set() self.summary = None self.dn_template_str = i18n.translate(, dn_template) def _clean_args(self, args, kwargs) -> None: """Cleanup positional and keyword arguments. Replace positional arguments with keyword arguments. Replace old keywords with new keywords which are given by argument handling. This also fixes arguments which aren't currently used by BaseDisambigBot abstract class but was introduced for the old DisambiguationRobot to prevent multiple deprecation warnings. """ # New keys of positional arguments keys = ('always', 'pos', 'just', 'dnskip', 'generator', 'primary', 'main', 'first', 'min') # Keys mapping from old argument name to new keywords. # The ordering of dics is not safe for Python < 3.7. Therefore # we need a dict in addition to key above. keymap = { 'alternatives': 'pos', 'getAlternatives': 'just', 'dnSkip': 'dnskip', 'main_only': 'main', 'first_only': 'first', 'minimum': 'min', } # Replace positional arguments with keyword arguments for i, arg in enumerate(args): key = keys[i] issue_deprecation_warning( 'Positional argument {} ({})'.format(i + 1, arg), 'keyword argument "{}={}"'.format(key, arg), since='6.0.0') if key in kwargs: pywikibot.warning('{!r} is given as keyword argument {!r} ' 'already; ignoring {!r}' .format(key, arg, kwargs[key])) else: kwargs[key] = arg # replace old keywords to new for key in list(kwargs): if key in keymap: newkey = keymap[key] issue_deprecation_warning( '{!r} argument of {}'.format(key, self.__class__.__name__), repr(newkey), since='6.0.0') kwargs[newkey] = kwargs.pop(key) # Expand available_options # Currently scripts may have its own options set added_keys = [] for key in keys: if key != 'generator' and key not in self.available_options: added_keys.append(key) self.available_options[key] = self.disambig_options[key] if added_keys: pywikibot.warning("""\ The following keys were added to available_options: {options}. Either add them to available_options setting of {classname} bot class or use available_options.update() to use default settings from DisambiguationRobot""".format(options=added_keys, classname=self.__class__.__name__))
[docs] def checkContents(self, text: str) -> Optional[str]: # noqa: N802 """ Check if the text matches any of the ignore regexes. :param text: wikitext of a page :return: None if none of the regular expressions given in the dictionary at the top of this class matches a substring of the text, otherwise the matched substring """ for ig in self.ignore_contents_regexes: match = if match: return return None
[docs] def makeAlternativesUnique(self) -> None: # noqa: N802 """Remove duplicate items from self.opt.pos. Preserve the order of alternatives. """ seen = set() self.opt.pos = [i for i in self.opt.pos if i not in seen and not seen.add(i)]
[docs] def setup(self) -> None: """Compile regular expressions.""" self.ignore_contents_regexes = [] if in self.ignore_contents: for ig in self.ignore_contents[]: self.ignore_contents_regexes.append(re.compile(ig)) linktrail = self.trailR = re.compile(linktrail) # The regular expression which finds links. Results consist of four # groups: # group title is the target page title, that is, everything before # | or ]. # group section is the page section. It'll include the # to make life # easier for us. # group label is the alternative link title, that's everything # between | and ]. # group linktrail is the link trail, that's letters after ]] which # are part of the word. # note: the definition of 'letter' varies from language to language. self.linkR = re.compile(r""" \[\[ (?P<title> [^\[\]\|#]*) (?P<section> \#[^\]\|]*)? (\|(?P<label> [^\]]*))? \]\] (?P<linktrail>{})""".format(linktrail), flags=re.X)
[docs] def firstize(self, page, links) -> List[pywikibot.Page]: """Call firstlinks and remove extra links. This will remove a lot of silly redundant links from overdecorated disambiguation pages and leave the first link of each asterisked line only. This must be done if -first is used in command line. """ titles = {first_upper(t) for t in self.firstlinks(page)} links = list(links) for link in links[:]: # uses a copy because of remove! if link.title() not in titles: links.remove(link) return links
[docs] def treat_disamb_only(self, ref_page, disamb_page) -> str: """Resolve the links to disamb_page but don't look for its redirects. :param disamb_page: the disambiguation page or redirect we don't want anything to link to :type disamb_page: pywikibot.Page :param ref_page: a page linking to disamb_page :type ref_page: pywikibot.Page :return: "nextpage" if the user enters "n" to skip this page, "nochange" if the page needs no change, and "done" if the page is processed successfully """ # TODO: break this function up into subroutines! self.current_page = ref_page include = False unlink_counter = 0 new_targets = [] try: text = ref_page.get() except IsRedirectPageError: pywikibot.output('{} is a redirect to {}' .format(ref_page.title(), disamb_page.title())) if disamb_page.isRedirectPage(): target = self.opt.pos[0] if pywikibot.input_yn( 'Do you want to make redirect {} point to {}?' .format(ref_page.title(), target), default=False, automatic_quit=False): redir_text = '#{} [[{}]]' \ .format(, target) try: ref_page.put(redir_text, summary=self.summary, asynchronous=True) except PageSaveRelatedError as error: pywikibot.output('Page not saved: {}' .format(error.args)) else: choice = pywikibot.input_choice( 'Do you want to work on pages linking to {}?' .format(ref_page.title()), [('yes', 'y'), ('no', 'n'), ('change redirect', 'c')], 'n', automatic_quit=False) if choice == 'y': gen = ReferringPageGeneratorWithIgnore( ref_page, self.opt.primary, main_only=self.opt.main ) gen = pagegenerators.PreloadingGenerator(gen) for ref_page2 in gen: # run until the user selected 'quit' self.treat_links(ref_page2, ref_page) elif choice == 'c': text = ref_page.get(get_redirect=True) include = 'redirect' except NoPageError: pywikibot.output( 'Page [[{}]] does not seem to exist?! Skipping.' .format(ref_page.title())) else: ignore_reason = self.checkContents(text) if ignore_reason: pywikibot.output( '\n\nSkipping {} because it contains {}.\n\n' .format(ref_page.title(), ignore_reason)) else: include = True if include: # save the original text so we can show the changes later original_text = text n = 0 curpos = 0 dn = False edited = False # This loop will run until we have finished the current page while True: m =, pos=curpos) if not m: if n == 0: # No changes necessary for this disambiguation title. return 'nochange' # stop loop and save page break # Ensure that next time around we will not find this same hit. curpos = m.start() + 1 try: foundlink = pywikibot.Link('title'), foundlink.parse() except Error: continue # ignore interwiki links if != continue # Check whether the link found is to disamb_page. try: if foundlink.canonical_title() != disamb_page.title(): continue except Error: # must be a broken link pywikibot.log('Invalid link [[{}]] in page [[{}]]' .format('title'), ref_page.title())) continue n += 1 # how many bytes should be displayed around the current link context = 60 # check if there's a dn-template here already if (self.opt.dnskip and self.dn_template_str and self.dn_template_str[:-2] in text[ m.end():m.end() + len(self.dn_template_str) + 8]): continue edit = EditOption('edit page', 'e', text, m.start(), disamb_page.title()) context_option = HighlightContextOption( 'more context', 'm', text, 60, start=m.start(), end=m.end()) context_option.before_question = True options = [ListOption(self.opt.pos, ''), ListOption(self.opt.pos, 'r'), StandardOption('skip link', 's'), edit, StandardOption('next page', 'n'), StandardOption('next disambig', 'g'), StandardOption('unlink', 'u')] if self.dn_template_str: # '?', '/' for old choice options += [AliasOption('tag template %s' % self.dn_template_str, ['t', '?', '/'])] options += [context_option] if not edited: options += [ShowPageOption('show disambiguation page', 'd', m.start(), disamb_page)] options += [ OutputProxyOption('list', 'l', SequenceOutputter(self.opt.pos)), AddAlternativeOption('add new', 'a', SequenceOutputter(self.opt.pos))] if edited: options += [StandardOption('save in this form', 'x')] # TODO: Output context on each question answer = pywikibot.input_choice('Option', options, default=self.opt.always, force=bool(self.opt.always)) if answer == 'x': assert edited, 'invalid option before editing' break if answer == 's': n -= 1 # TODO what's this for? continue if answer == 'e': text = edit.new_text edited = True curpos = 0 continue if answer == 'n': # skip this page if self.opt.primary: # If run with the -primary argument, skip this # occurrence next time. self.ignores.add(ref_page.title(as_url=True)) return 'nextpage' if answer == 'g': return 'nextdisambig' # The link looks like this: # [[page_title|link_text]]trailing_chars page_title ='title') link_text ='label') if not link_text: # or like this: [[page_title]]trailing_chars link_text = page_title if'section') is None: section = '' else: section ='section') trailing_chars ='linktrail') if trailing_chars: link_text += trailing_chars if answer == 't': assert self.dn_template_str # small chunk of text to search search_text = text[m.end():m.end() + context] # figure out where the link (and sentence) ends, put note # there end_of_word_match ='\s', search_text) if end_of_word_match: position_split = end_of_word_match.start(0) else: position_split = 0 # insert dab needed template text = (text[:m.end() + position_split] + self.dn_template_str + text[m.end() + position_split:]) dn = True continue if answer == 'u': # unlink - we remove the section if there's any text = text[:m.start()] + link_text + text[m.end():] unlink_counter += 1 continue # else check that no option from above was missed assert isinstance(answer, tuple), 'only tuple answer left.' assert answer[0] in ['r', ''], 'only valid tuple answers.' if answer[0] == 'r': # we want to throw away the original link text replaceit = link_text == page_title else: replaceit = include == 'redirect' new_page_title = answer[1] rep = pywikibot.Page(pywikibot.Link(new_page_title, new_page_title = rep.title() if not (new_page_title[0].isupper() or link_text[0].isupper()): new_page_title = first_lower(new_page_title) if new_page_title not in new_targets: new_targets.append(new_page_title) if replaceit and trailing_chars: newlink = '[[{}{}]]{}'.format(new_page_title, section, trailing_chars) elif replaceit or (new_page_title == link_text and not section): newlink = '[[{}]]'.format(new_page_title) # check if we can create a link with trailing characters # instead of a pipelink elif ( (len(new_page_title) <= len(link_text)) and (first_upper(link_text[:len(new_page_title)]) == first_upper(new_page_title)) and (self.trailR.sub( '', link_text[len(new_page_title):]) == '') and (not section) ): newlink = '[[{}]]{}'.format( link_text[:len(new_page_title)], link_text[len(new_page_title):]) else: newlink = '[[{}{}|{}]]'.format(new_page_title, section, link_text) text = text[:m.start()] + newlink + text[m.end():] continue if text == original_text: pywikibot.output('\nNo changes have been made:\n') else: pywikibot.output('\nThe following changes have been made:\n') pywikibot.showDiff(original_text, text) pywikibot.output() # save the page self.setSummaryMessage(disamb_page, new_targets, unlink_counter, dn) try: ref_page.put(text, summary=self.summary, asynchronous=True) except LockedPageError: pywikibot.output('Page not saved: page is locked') except PageSaveRelatedError as error: pywikibot.output('Page not saved: {}'.format(error.args)) return 'done'
[docs] def findAlternatives(self, page) -> bool: # noqa: N802 """Extend self.opt.pos using correctcap of disambPage.linkedPages. :param page: the disambiguation page :type page: pywikibot.Page :return: True if everything goes fine, False otherwise """ if page.isRedirectPage() and not self.opt.primary: primary = i18n.translate(, self.primary_redir_template) if primary: primary_page = pywikibot.Page(, 'Template:' + primary) if primary and primary_page in page.templates(): baseTerm = page.title() for template, params in page.templatesWithParams(): if params and template == primary_page: baseTerm = params[1] break disambTitle = primary_topic_format[] % baseTerm try: page2 = pywikibot.Page( pywikibot.Link(disambTitle, links = page2.linkedPages() if self.opt.first: links = self.firstize(page2, links) links = [correctcap(link, page2.get()) for link in links] except NoPageError: pywikibot.output('No page at {}, using redirect target.' .format(disambTitle)) links = page.linkedPages()[:1] links = [correctcap(link, page.get(get_redirect=True)) for link in links] self.opt.pos += links else: try: target = page.getRedirectTarget().title() self.opt.pos.append(target) except NoPageError: pywikibot.output('The specified page was not found.') user_input = pywikibot.input("""\ Please enter the name of the page where the redirect should have pointed at, or press enter to quit:""") if user_input == '': self.quit() else: self.opt.pos.append(user_input) except IsNotRedirectPageError: pywikibot.output( 'The specified page is not a redirect. Skipping.') return False elif self.opt.just: # not page.isRedirectPage() or self.opt.primary try: if self.opt.primary: try: page2 = pywikibot.Page( pywikibot.Link( primary_topic_format[] % page.title(), links = page2.linkedPages() if self.opt.first: links = self.firstize(page2, links) links = [correctcap(link, page2.get()) for link in links] except NoPageError: pywikibot.output( 'Page does not exist; using first ' 'link in page {}.'.format(page.title())) links = page.linkedPages()[:1] links = [correctcap(link, page.get()) for link in links] else: try: links = page.linkedPages() if self.opt.first: links = self.firstize(page, links) links = [correctcap(link, page.get()) for link in links] except NoPageError: pywikibot.output('Page does not exist, skipping.') return False except IsRedirectPageError: pywikibot.output('Page is a redirect, skipping.') return False self.opt.pos += links return True
[docs] def setSummaryMessage( self, page, new_targets=None, unlink_counter: int = 0, dn: bool = False ) -> None: """Setup i18n summary message.""" new_targets = new_targets or [] # make list of new targets comma ='comma-separator') targets = comma.join('[[{}]]'.format(page_title) for page_title in new_targets) if not targets: targets = i18n.twtranslate(, 'solve_disambiguation-unknown-page') # first check whether user has customized the edit comment if ( in config.disambiguation_comment and in config.disambiguation_comment[]): try: self.summary = i18n.translate(, config.disambiguation_comment[], fallback=True) % (page.title(), targets) # Backwards compatibility, type error probably caused by too # many arguments for format string except TypeError: self.summary = i18n.translate(, config.disambiguation_comment[], fallback=True) % page.title() elif page.isRedirectPage(): # when working on redirects, there's another summary message if unlink_counter and not new_targets: self.summary = i18n.twtranslate(, 'solve_disambiguation-redirect-removed', {'from': page.title(), 'count': unlink_counter}) elif dn and not new_targets: self.summary = i18n.twtranslate(, 'solve_disambiguation-redirect-adding-dn-template', {'from': page.title()}) else: self.summary = i18n.twtranslate(, 'solve_disambiguation-redirect-resolved', {'from': page.title(), 'to': targets, 'count': len(new_targets)}) else: if unlink_counter and not new_targets: self.summary = i18n.twtranslate(, 'solve_disambiguation-links-removed', {'from': page.title(), 'count': unlink_counter}) elif dn and not new_targets: self.summary = i18n.twtranslate(, 'solve_disambiguation-adding-dn-template', {'from': page.title()}) else: self.summary = i18n.twtranslate(, 'solve_disambiguation-links-resolved', {'from': page.title(), 'to': targets, 'count': len(new_targets)})
[docs] def teardown(self) -> None: """Write ignoring pages to a file.""" self.primaryIgnoreManager.ignore(self.ignores)
[docs] def treat(self, page) -> None: """Work on a single disambiguation page.""" self.primaryIgnoreManager = PrimaryIgnoreManager( page, enabled=self.opt.primary) if not self.findAlternatives(page): return pywikibot.output('\nAlternatives for {}'.format(page)) self.makeAlternativesUnique() # sort possible choices if config.sort_ignore_case: self.opt.pos.sort(key=lambda x: x.lower()) else: self.opt.pos.sort() SequenceOutputter(self.opt.pos).output() gen = ReferringPageGeneratorWithIgnore( page, self.opt.primary, minimum=self.opt.min, main_only=self.opt.main ) gen = pagegenerators.PreloadingGenerator(gen) for ref_page in gen: if not self.primaryIgnoreManager.isIgnored(ref_page) \ and not self.treat_links(ref_page, page): break # next disambig # clear alternatives before working on next disambiguation page self.opt.pos = []
[docs]def main(*args: str) -> None: """ Process command line arguments and invoke bot. If args is an empty list, sys.argv is used. :param args: command line arguments """ options = {} alternatives = [] generator = None local_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args) site = pywikibot.Site() generator_factory = pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory( positional_arg_name='page') for argument in local_args: arg, _, value = argument.partition(':') if arg == '-primary': options['primary'] = True if value: options['just'] = False alternatives.append(value) elif arg == '-always': options['always'] = value or None elif arg == '-pos': if not value: continue if value.startswith(':'): alternatives.append(value) else: page = pywikibot.Page(pywikibot.Link(value, site)) if page.exists(): alternatives.append(page.title()) elif pywikibot.input_yn( 'Possibility {} does not actually exist. Use it anyway?' .format(page.title()), default=False, automatic_quit=False): alternatives.append(page.title()) elif arg == '-just': options['just'] = False elif arg in ('-dnskip', '-main', '-first'): options[arg[1:]] = True elif arg == '-min': options['min'] = int(value or 0) elif arg == '-start': try: generator = pagegenerators.CategorizedPageGenerator( pywikibot.Site().disambcategory(), start=value, namespaces=[0]) except NoPageError: pywikibot.output( 'Disambiguation category for your wiki is not known.') raise else: generator_factory.handle_arg(argument) generator = generator_factory.getCombinedGenerator(generator) if not generator: return bot = DisambiguationRobot(generator=generator, pos=alternatives, **options)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()