Source code for scripts.upload

Script to upload images to Wikipedia.

The following parameters are supported:

  -keep         Keep the filename as is
  -filename:    Target filename without the namespace prefix
  -prefix:      Add specified prefix to every filename.
  -noverify     Do not ask for verification of the upload description if one
                is given
  -abortonwarn: Abort upload on the specified warning type. If no warning type
                is specified, aborts on any warning.
  -ignorewarn:  Ignores specified upload warnings. If no warning type is
                specified, ignores all warnings. Use with caution
  -chunked:     Upload the file in chunks (more overhead, but restartable). If
                no value is specified the chunk size is 1 MiB. The value must
                be a number which can be preceded by a suffix. The units are:

                    No suffix: Bytes
                    'k': Kilobytes (1000 B)
                    'M': Megabytes (1000000 B)
                    'Ki': Kibibytes (1024 B)
                    'Mi': Mebibytes (1024x1024 B)

                The suffixes are case insensitive.
  -async        Make potentially large file operations asynchronous on the
                server side when possible.
  -always       Don't ask the user anything. This will imply -keep and
                -noverify and require that either -abortonwarn or -ignorewarn
                is defined for all. It will also require a valid file name and
                description. It'll only overwrite files if -ignorewarn includes
                the 'exists' warning.
  -recursive    When the filename is a directory it also uploads the files from
                the subdirectories.
  -summary:     Pick a custom edit summary for the bot.
  -descfile:    Specify a filename where the description is stored

It is possible to combine -abortonwarn and -ignorewarn so that if the specific
warning is given it won't apply the general one but more specific one. So if it
should ignore specific warnings and abort on the rest it's possible by defining
no warning for -abortonwarn and the specific warnings for -ignorewarn. The
order does not matter. If both are unspecific or a warning is specified by
both, it'll prefer aborting.

If any other arguments are given, the first is either URL, filename or
directory to upload, and the rest is a proposed description to go with the
upload. If none of these are given, the user is asked for the directory, file
or URL to upload. The bot will then upload the image to the wiki.

The script will ask for the location of an image(s), if not given as a
parameter, and for a description.
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2003-2021
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
import codecs
import math
import os
import re

import pywikibot
from import suggest_help
from pywikibot.specialbots import UploadRobot

CHUNK_SIZE_REGEX = re.compile(
    r'-chunked(?::(\d+(?:\.\d+)?)[ \t]*(k|ki|m|mi)?b?)?$', re.I)

[docs]def get_chunk_size(match) -> int: """Get chunk size.""" if not match: pywikibot.error('Chunk size parameter is not valid.') chunk_size = 0 elif # number was in there base = float( if # suffix too suffix = if suffix == 'k': suffix = 1000 elif suffix == 'm': suffix = 1000000 elif suffix == 'ki': suffix = 1 << 10 elif suffix == 'mi': suffix = 1 << 20 else: suffix = 1 chunk_size = math.trunc(base * suffix) else: chunk_size = 1 << 20 # default to 1 MiB return chunk_size
[docs]def main(*args: str) -> None: """ Process command line arguments and invoke bot. If args is an empty list, sys.argv is used. :param args: command line arguments """ url = '' description = [] summary = None keep_filename = False always = False use_filename = None filename_prefix = None verify_description = True aborts = set() ignorewarn = set() chunk_size = 0 asynchronous = False recursive = False description_file = None # process all global bot args # returns a list of non-global args, i.e. args for local_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args) for option in local_args: arg, _, value = option.partition(':') if arg == '-always': keep_filename = True always = True verify_description = False elif arg == '-recursive': recursive = True elif arg == '-keep': keep_filename = True elif arg == '-filename': use_filename = value elif arg == '-prefix': filename_prefix = value elif arg == '-summary': summary = value elif arg == '-noverify': verify_description = False elif arg == '-abortonwarn': if value and aborts is not True: aborts.add(value) else: aborts = True elif arg == '-ignorewarn': if value and ignorewarn is not True: ignorewarn.add(value) else: ignorewarn = True elif arg == '-chunked': match = CHUNK_SIZE_REGEX.match(option) chunk_size = get_chunk_size(match) elif arg == '-async': asynchronous = True elif arg == '-descfile': description_file = value elif not url: url = option else: description.append(option) description = ' '.join(description) if description_file: if description: pywikibot.error('Both a description and a -descfile were ' 'provided. Please specify only one of those.') return with, encoding=pywikibot.config.textfile_encoding) as f: description ='\r\n', '\n') while not ('://' in url or os.path.exists(url)): if not url: error = 'No input filename given.' else: error = 'Invalid input filename given.' if not always: error += ' Try again.' if always: url = None break pywikibot.output(error) url = pywikibot.input('URL, file or directory where files are now:') if always and (aborts is not True and ignorewarn is not True or not description or url is None): additional = '' missing = [] if url is None: missing += ['filename'] additional = error + ' ' if description is None: missing += ['description'] if aborts is not True and ignorewarn is not True: additional += ('Either -ignorewarn or -abortonwarn must be ' 'defined for all codes. ') additional += 'Unable to run in -always mode' suggest_help(missing_parameters=missing, additional_text=additional) return if os.path.isdir(url): file_list = [] for directory_info in os.walk(url): if not recursive: # Do not visit any subdirectories directory_info[1][:] = [] for dir_file in directory_info[2]: file_list.append(os.path.join(directory_info[0], dir_file)) url = file_list else: url = [url] bot = UploadRobot(url, description=description, use_filename=use_filename, keep_filename=keep_filename, verify_description=verify_description, aborts=aborts, ignore_warning=ignorewarn, chunk_size=chunk_size, asynchronous=asynchronous, always=always, summary=summary, filename_prefix=filename_prefix)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()