Source code for titletranslate

"""Title translate module."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2003-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import config, date

[docs] def translate( page=None, hints=(), auto: bool = True, removebrackets: bool = False, site=None ) -> list[pywikibot.Link]: """ Return a list of links to pages on other sites based on hints. Entries for single page titles list those pages. Page titles for entries such as "all:" or "xyz:" or "20:" are first built from the page title of 'page' and then listed. When 'removebrackets' is True, a trailing pair of brackets and the text between them is removed from the page title. If 'auto' is true, known year and date page titles are autotranslated to all known target languages and inserted into the list. """ result = set() assert page or site site = site or for h in hints: # argument may be given as -hint:xy where xy is a language code codes, _, newname = h.partition(':') if not newname: # if given as -hint:xy or -hint:xy:, assume that there should # be a page in language xy with the same title as the page # we're currently working on ... if page is None: continue newname = page.title(with_ns=False, without_brackets=removebrackets) if codes.isdigit(): codes =[:int(codes)] elif codes == 'all': codes = list( else: codes =, codes.split(',')) for newcode in codes: if newcode in site.languages(): if newcode != site.code: ns = page.namespace() if page else 0 x = pywikibot.Link(newname, site.getSite(code=newcode), default_namespace=ns) result.add(x) elif config.verbose_output:'Ignoring unknown language code {newcode}') # Autotranslate dates into all other languages, the rest will come from # existing interwiki links. if auto and page: # search inside all dictionaries for this link sitelang = dict_name, value = date.getAutoFormat(sitelang, page.title()) if dict_name: 'TitleTranslate: {} was recognized as {} with value {}' .format(page.title(), dict_name, value)) for entry_lang, entry in date.formats[dict_name].items(): if entry_lang not in site.languages(): continue if entry_lang != sitelang: newname = entry(value) x = pywikibot.Link( newname, pywikibot.Site(code=entry_lang, result.add(x) return list(result)