Source code for userinterfaces.gui

"""A window with a textfield where the user can edit.

Useful for editing the contents of an article.

.. note:: idlelib, tkinter and pillow modules are required.

.. warning::
   With Pillow 10.0, 10.1 no wheels for 32-bit Python on Windows are
   supported. Pillow 10.2 supports it again. Either you have to update
   your Python using a 64-bit version or you have to
   :command:`pip install "pillow>8.1.1,!=10.0,!=10.1"`.

.. seealso:: :mod:`editor`
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2003-2023
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import pywikibot
from import PYTHON_VERSION

    import idlelib
except ImportError as e:
    idlelib = e
    ConfigDialog = ReplaceDialog = SearchDialog = object()
    idleConf = MultiCallCreator = object()  # noqa:  N816
    from idlelib import replace as ReplaceDialog  # noqa: N812
    from idlelib import search as SearchDialog  # noqa: N812
    from idlelib.config import idleConf
    from idlelib.configdialog import ConfigDialog
    from idlelib.multicall import MultiCallCreator

    import tkinter
except ImportError as e:
    tkinter = e
    Frame = simpledialog = ScrolledText = object
    from tkinter import Frame, simpledialog
    from tkinter.scrolledtext import ScrolledText

__all__ = ('EditBoxWindow', 'TextEditor', 'Tkdialog')

[docs] class TextEditor(ScrolledText): """A text widget with some editing enhancements. A lot of code here is copied or adapted from the idlelib/ file in the standard Python distribution. """ def __init__(self, master=None, **kwargs) -> None: """Initializer. Get default settings from user's IDLE configuration. """ for module in (idlelib, tkinter): if isinstance(module, ImportError): raise module textcf = self._initialize_config(idleConf.CurrentTheme()) if idleConf.GetOption('main', 'EditorWindow', 'font-bold', type='bool'): font_weight = 'bold' else: font_weight = 'normal' textcf['font'] = ( idleConf.GetOption('main', 'EditorWindow', 'font'), idleConf.GetOption('main', 'EditorWindow', 'font-size'), font_weight) # override defaults with any user-specified settings textcf.update(kwargs) super().__init__(master, **textcf) @staticmethod def _initialize_config(theme): """Fix idleConf.GetHighlight method for different Python releases.""" config = { 'padx': 5, 'wrap': 'word', 'undo': 'True', 'width': idleConf.GetOption('main', 'EditorWindow', 'width'), 'height': idleConf.GetOption('main', 'EditorWindow', 'height'), } if PYTHON_VERSION >= (3, 7, 4): # T241216 config['foreground'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'normal')['foreground'] config['background'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'normal')['background'] config['highlightcolor'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'hilite')['foreground'] config['highlightbackground'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'hilite')['background'] config['insertbackground'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'cursor')['foreground'] else: config['foreground'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'normal', fgBg='fg') config['background'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'normal', fgBg='bg') config['highlightcolor'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'hilite', fgBg='fg') config['highlightbackground'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'hilite', fgBg='bg') config['insertbackground'] = idleConf.GetHighlight( theme, 'cursor', fgBg='fg') return config
[docs] def add_bindings(self) -> None: """Assign key and events bindings to methods.""" # due to IDLE dependencies, this can't be called from __init__ # add key and event bindings self.bind('<<cut>>', self.cut) self.bind('<<copy>>', self.copy) self.bind('<<paste>>', self.paste) self.bind('<<select-all>>', self.select_all) self.bind('<<remove-selection>>', self.remove_selection) self.bind('<<find>>', self.find_event) self.bind('<<find-again>>', self.find_again_event) self.bind('<<find-selection>>', self.find_selection_event) self.bind('<<replace>>', self.replace_event) self.bind('<<goto-line>>', self.goto_line_event) self.bind('<<del-word-left>>', self.del_word_left) self.bind('<<del-word-right>>', self.del_word_right) keydefs = {'<<copy>>': ['<Control-Key-c>', '<Control-Key-C>'], '<<cut>>': ['<Control-Key-x>', '<Control-Key-X>'], '<<del-word-left>>': ['<Control-Key-BackSpace>'], '<<del-word-right>>': ['<Control-Key-Delete>'], '<<end-of-file>>': ['<Control-Key-d>', '<Control-Key-D>'], '<<find-again>>': ['<Control-Key-g>', '<Key-F3>'], '<<find-selection>>': ['<Control-Key-F3>'], '<<find>>': ['<Control-Key-f>', '<Control-Key-F>'], '<<goto-line>>': ['<Alt-Key-g>', '<Meta-Key-g>'], '<<paste>>': ['<Control-Key-v>', '<Control-Key-V>'], '<<redo>>': ['<Control-Shift-Key-Z>'], '<<remove-selection>>': ['<Key-Escape>'], '<<replace>>': ['<Control-Key-h>', '<Control-Key-H>'], '<<select-all>>': ['<Control-Key-a>'], '<<undo>>': ['<Control-Key-z>', '<Control-Key-Z>'], } for event, keylist in keydefs.items(): if keylist: self.event_add(event, *keylist)
[docs] def cut(self, event) -> str: """Perform cut operation.""" if self.tag_ranges('sel'): self.event_generate('<<Cut>>') return 'break'
[docs] def copy(self, event) -> str: """Perform copy operation.""" if self.tag_ranges('sel'): self.event_generate('<<Copy>>') return 'break'
[docs] def paste(self, event) -> str: """Perform paste operation.""" self.event_generate('<<Paste>>') return 'break'
[docs] def select_all(self, event=None) -> str: """Perform select all operation.""" self.tag_add('sel', '1.0', 'end-1c') self.mark_set('insert', '1.0') self.see('insert') return 'break'
[docs] def remove_selection(self, event=None) -> None: """Perform remove operation.""" self.tag_remove('sel', '1.0', 'end') self.see('insert')
[docs] def del_word_left(self, event) -> str: """Perform delete word (left) operation.""" self.event_generate('<Meta-Delete>') return 'break'
[docs] def del_word_right(self, event=None) -> str: """Perform delete word (right) operation.""" self.event_generate('<Meta-d>') return 'break'
[docs] def find_event(self, event=None) -> str: """Perform find operation.""" if not self.tag_ranges('sel'): found = self.tag_ranges('found') if found: self.tag_add('sel', found[0], found[1]) else: self.tag_add('sel', '1.0', '1.0+1c') SearchDialog.find(self) return 'break'
[docs] def find_again_event(self, event=None) -> str: """Perform find again operation.""" SearchDialog.find_again(self) return 'break'
[docs] def find_selection_event(self, event=None) -> str: """Perform find selection operation.""" SearchDialog.find_selection(self) return 'break'
[docs] def replace_event(self, event=None) -> str: """Perform replace operation.""" ReplaceDialog.replace(self) return 'break'
[docs] def find_all(self, s): """ Highlight all occurrences of string s, and select the first one. If the string has already been highlighted, jump to the next occurrence after the current selection. (You cannot go backwards using the button, but you can manually place the cursor anywhere in the document to start searching from that point.) """ if hasattr(self, '_highlight') and self._highlight == s: try: if self.get(tkinter.SEL_FIRST, tkinter.SEL_LAST) == s: return self.find_selection_event(None) # user must have changed the selection found = self.tag_nextrange('found', tkinter.SEL_LAST) except tkinter.TclError: # user must have unset the selection found = self.tag_nextrange('found', tkinter.INSERT) if not found: # at last occurrence, scroll back to the top found = self.tag_nextrange('found', 1.0) if found: self.do_highlight(found[0], found[1]) else: # find all occurrences of string s; # adapted from O'Reilly's Python in a Nutshell # remove previous uses of tag 'found', if any self.tag_remove('found', '1.0', tkinter.END) if s: self._highlight = s # start from the beginning (and when we come to the end, stop) idx = '1.0' while True: # find next occurrence, exit loop if no more idx =, idx, nocase=1, stopindex=tkinter.END) if not idx: break # index right after the end of the occurrence lastidx = f'{idx}+{len(s)}c' # tag the whole occurrence (start included, stop excluded) self.tag_add('found', idx, lastidx) # prepare to search for next occurrence idx = lastidx # use a red foreground for all the tagged occurrences self.tag_config('found', foreground='red') found = self.tag_nextrange('found', 1.0) if found: self.do_highlight(found[0], found[1]) return None
[docs] def do_highlight(self, start, end) -> None: """Select and show the text from index start to index end.""" self.see(start) self.tag_remove(tkinter.SEL, '1.0', tkinter.END) self.tag_add(tkinter.SEL, start, end) self.focus_set()
[docs] def goto_line_event(self, event): """Perform goto line operation.""" lineno = simpledialog.askinteger('Goto', 'Go to line number:', parent=self) if lineno is None: return 'break' if lineno <= 0: self.bell() return 'break' self.mark_set('insert', f'{lineno}.0') self.see('insert') return None
[docs] class EditBoxWindow(Frame): """Edit box window.""" def __init__(self, parent=None, **kwargs) -> None: """Initializer.""" for module in (idlelib, tkinter): if isinstance(module, ImportError): raise module if parent is None: # create a new window parent = tkinter.Tk() self.parent = parent super().__init__(parent) self.editbox = MultiCallCreator(TextEditor)(self, **kwargs) self.editbox.pack(side=tkinter.TOP) self.editbox.add_bindings() self.bind('<<open-config-dialog>>', self.config_dialog) bottom = tkinter.Frame(parent) # lower left subframe with a textfield and a Search button bottom_left_frame = tkinter.Frame(bottom) self.textfield = tkinter.Entry(bottom_left_frame) self.textfield.pack(side=tkinter.LEFT, fill=tkinter.X, expand=1) button_search = tkinter.Button(bottom_left_frame, text='Find next', command=self.find) button_search.pack(side=tkinter.RIGHT) bottom_left_frame.pack(side=tkinter.LEFT, expand=1) # lower right subframe which will contain OK and Cancel buttons bottom_right_frame = tkinter.Frame(bottom) button_ok = tkinter.Button(bottom_right_frame, text='OK', command=self.pressedOK) button_cancel = tkinter.Button(bottom_right_frame, text='Cancel', command=parent.destroy) button_ok.pack(side=tkinter.LEFT, fill=tkinter.X) button_cancel.pack(side=tkinter.RIGHT, fill=tkinter.X) bottom_right_frame.pack(side=tkinter.RIGHT, expand=1) bottom.pack(side=tkinter.TOP) # create a toplevel menu menubar = tkinter.Menu(self.parent) findmenu = tkinter.Menu(menubar) findmenu.add_command(label='Find', command=self.editbox.find_event, accelerator='Ctrl+F', underline=0) findmenu.add_command(label='Find again', command=self.editbox.find_again_event, accelerator='Ctrl+G', underline=6) findmenu.add_command(label='Find all', command=self.find_all, underline=5) findmenu.add_command(label='Find selection', command=self.editbox.find_selection_event, accelerator='Ctrl+F3', underline=5) findmenu.add_command(label='Replace', command=self.editbox.replace_event, accelerator='Ctrl+H', underline=0) menubar.add_cascade(label='Find', menu=findmenu, underline=0) editmenu = tkinter.Menu(menubar) editmenu.add_command(label='Cut', command=self.editbox.cut, accelerator='Ctrl+X', underline=2) editmenu.add_command(label='Copy', command=self.editbox.copy, accelerator='Ctrl+C', underline=0) editmenu.add_command(label='Paste', command=self.editbox.paste, accelerator='Ctrl+V', underline=0) editmenu.add_separator() editmenu.add_command(label='Select all', command=self.editbox.select_all, accelerator='Ctrl+A', underline=7) editmenu.add_command(label='Clear selection', command=self.editbox.remove_selection, accelerator='Esc') menubar.add_cascade(label='Edit', menu=editmenu, underline=0) optmenu = tkinter.Menu(menubar) optmenu.add_command(label='Settings...', command=self.config_dialog, underline=0) menubar.add_cascade(label='Options', menu=optmenu, underline=0) # display the menu self.parent.config(menu=menubar) self.pack()
[docs] def edit(self, text: str, jumpIndex: int | None = None, # noqa: N803 highlight: str | None = None) -> str | None: """ Provide user with editor to modify text. :param text: the text to be edited :param jumpIndex: position at which to put the caret :param highlight: each occurrence of this substring will be highlighted :return: the modified text, or None if the user didn't save the text file in his text editor """ self.text = None # put given text into our textarea self.editbox.insert(tkinter.END, text) # wait for user to push a button which will destroy (close) the window # enable word wrap self.editbox.tag_add('all', '1.0', tkinter.END) self.editbox.tag_config('all', wrap=tkinter.WORD) # start search if required if highlight: self.find_all(highlight) if jumpIndex: # lines are indexed starting at 1 line = text[:jumpIndex].count('\n') + 1 column = jumpIndex - (text[:jumpIndex].rfind('\n') + 1) # don't know how to place the caret, but scrolling to the right # line should already be helpful. self.editbox.see(f'{line}.{column}') # wait for user to push a button which will destroy (close) the window self.parent.mainloop() return self.text
[docs] def find_all(self, target) -> None: """Perform find all operation.""" self.textfield.insert(tkinter.END, target) self.editbox.find_all(target)
[docs] def find(self) -> None: """Perform find operation.""" # get text to search for s = self.textfield.get() if s: self.editbox.find_all(s)
[docs] def config_dialog(self, event=None) -> None: """Show config dialog.""" ConfigDialog(self, 'Settings')
[docs] def pressedOK(self) -> None: # noqa: N802 """ Perform OK operation. Called when user pushes the OK button. Saves the buffer into a variable, and closes the window. """ self.text = self.editbox.get('1.0', tkinter.END) self.parent.destroy()
[docs] def debug(self, event=None) -> str: """Call quit() and return 'break'.""" self.quit() return 'break'
[docs] class Tkdialog: """The dialog window for image info.""" def __init__(self, photo_description, photo, filename) -> None: """Initializer.""" for module in (idlelib, tkinter): if isinstance(module, ImportError): raise module self.root = tkinter.Tk() # "%dx%d%+d%+d" % (width, height, xoffset, yoffset) self.root.geometry('{}x{}+10-10' .format(int(pywikibot.config.tkhorsize), int(pywikibot.config.tkvertsize))) self.root.title(filename) self.photo_description = photo_description self.filename = filename = photo self.skip = False self.exit = False # --Init of the widgets # The image self.image = self.get_image(, 800, 600) self.image_panel = tkinter.Label(self.root, image=self.image) self.image_panel.image = self.image # The filename self.filename_label = tkinter.Label(self.root, text='Suggested filename') self.filename_field = tkinter.Entry(self.root, width=100) self.filename_field.insert(tkinter.END, filename) # The description self.description_label = tkinter.Label(self.root, text='Suggested description') self.description_scrollbar = tkinter.Scrollbar(self.root, orient=tkinter.VERTICAL) self.description_field = tkinter.Text(self.root) self.description_field.insert(tkinter.END, photo_description) self.description_field.config( state=tkinter.NORMAL, height=12, width=100, padx=0, pady=0, wrap=tkinter.WORD, yscrollcommand=self.description_scrollbar.set) self.description_scrollbar.config(command=self.description_field.yview) # The buttons self.ok_button = tkinter.Button(self.root, text='OK', command=self.ok_file) self.skip_button = tkinter.Button(self.root, text='Skip', command=self.skip_file) # --Start grid # The image self.image_panel.grid(row=0, column=0, rowspan=11, columnspan=4) # The buttons self.ok_button.grid(row=11, column=1, rowspan=2) self.skip_button.grid(row=11, column=2, rowspan=2) # The filename self.filename_label.grid(row=13, column=0) self.filename_field.grid(row=13, column=1, columnspan=3) # The description self.description_label.grid(row=14, column=0) self.description_field.grid(row=14, column=1, columnspan=3) self.description_scrollbar.grid(row=14, column=5)
[docs] @staticmethod def get_image(photo, width, height): """Take the BytesIO object and build an imageTK thumbnail.""" try: from PIL import Image, ImageTk except ImportError: pywikibot.warning('This script requires ImageTk from the' 'Python Imaging Library (PIL).') raise image = image.thumbnail((width, height)) return ImageTk.PhotoImage(image)
[docs] def ok_file(self) -> None: """The user pressed the OK button.""" self.filename = self.filename_field.get() self.photo_description = self.description_field.get(0.0, tkinter.END) self.root.destroy()
[docs] def skip_file(self) -> None: """The user pressed the Skip button.""" self.skip = True self.root.destroy()
[docs] def show_dialog(self) -> tuple[str, str, bool]: """Activate the dialog. :return: new description, name, and if the image is skipped """ self.root.mainloop() return self.photo_description, self.filename, self.skip