Source code for cosmetic_changes

This module can do slight modifications to tidy a wiki page's source code.

The changes are not supposed to change the look of the rendered wiki page.

If you wish to run this as an stand-alone script, use::


For regular use, it is recommended to put this line into your user config::

    cosmetic_changes = True

You may enable cosmetic changes for additional languages by adding the
dictionary cosmetic_changes_enable to your It should contain
a tuple of languages for each site where you wish to enable in addition to
your own langlanguage if cosmetic_changes_mylang_only is True (see below).
Please set your dictionary by adding such lines to your user config::

    cosmetic_changes_enable['wikipedia'] = ('de', 'en', 'fr')

There is another config variable: You can set::

    cosmetic_changes_mylang_only = False

if you're running a bot on multiple sites and want to do cosmetic changes on
all of them, but be careful if you do.

You may disable cosmetic changes by adding the all unwanted languages to
the `dictionary cosmetic_changes_disable` in your user config file
(``). It should contain a tuple of languages for each site
where you wish to disable cosmetic changes. You may use it with
`cosmetic_changes_mylang_only` is False, but you can also disable your
own language. This also overrides the settings in the dictionary
`cosmetic_changes_enable`. Please set this dictionary by adding such
lines to your user config file::

    cosmetic_changes_disable['wikipedia'] = ('de', 'en', 'fr')

You may disable cosmetic changes for a given script by appending the all
unwanted scripts to the list cosmetic_changes_deny_script in your By default it contains itself and
This overrides all other enabling settings for cosmetic changes. Please modify
the given list by adding such lines to your


or by adding a list to the given one::

    cosmetic_changes_deny_script += ['your_script_name_1',
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2006-2023
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import re
from contextlib import suppress
from enum import IntEnum
from typing import Any
from urllib.parse import urlparse, urlunparse

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import exceptions, textlib
from pywikibot.backports import Callable, Match, Pattern
from import Namespace
from pywikibot.textlib import (
from import first_lower, first_upper
from import url2string

    import stdnum.isbn as stdnum_isbn
except ImportError:
    stdnum_isbn = None

# Subpage templates. Must be in lower case,
# whereas subpage itself must be case sensitive
# This is also used by
# TODO: Maybe move it to family file and implement global instances
moved_links = {
    'ar': (['documentation', 'template documentation', 'شرح', 'توثيق'],
    'bn': ('documentation', '/doc'),
    'ca': ('ús de la plantilla', '/ús'),
    'cs': ('dokumentace', '/doc'),
    'da': ('dokumentation', '/doc'),
    'de': ('dokumentation', '/Meta'),
    'dsb': (['dokumentacija', 'doc'], '/Dokumentacija'),
    'en': (['documentation', 'template documentation', 'template doc',
            'doc', 'documentation, template'], '/doc'),
    'es': (['documentación', 'documentación de plantilla'], '/doc'),
    'eu': ('txantiloi dokumentazioa', '/dok'),
    'fa': (['documentation', 'template documentation', 'template doc',
            'doc', 'توضیحات', 'زیرصفحه توضیحات'], '/doc'),
    # fi: no idea how to handle this type of subpage at :Metasivu:
    'fi': ('mallineohje', None),
    'fr': (['/documentation', 'documentation', 'doc_modèle',
            'documentation modèle', 'documentation modèle compliqué',
            'documentation modèle en sous-page',
            'documentation modèle compliqué en sous-page',
            'documentation modèle utilisant les parserfunctions en sous-page',
    'hsb': (['dokumentacija', 'doc'], '/Dokumentacija'),
    'hu': ('sablondokumentáció', '/doc'),
    'id': ('template doc', '/doc'),
    'ilo': ('documentation', '/doc'),
    'ja': ('documentation', '/doc'),
    'ka': ('თარგის ინფო', '/ინფო'),
    'ko': ('documentation', '/설명문서'),
    'ms': ('documentation', '/doc'),
    'no': ('dokumentasjon', '/dok'),
    'nn': ('dokumentasjon', '/dok'),
    'pl': ('dokumentacja', '/opis'),
    'pt': (['documentação', '/doc'], '/doc'),
    'ro': ('documentaţie', '/doc'),
    'ru': ('doc', '/doc'),
    'simple': (['documentation',
                'template documentation',
                'template doc',
                'documentation, template'], '/doc'),
    'sk': ('dokumentácia', '/Dokumentácia'),
    'sv': ('dokumentation', '/dok'),
    'uk': (['документація', 'doc', 'documentation'], '/Документація'),
    'ur': (['دستاویز', 'توثيق', 'شرح', 'توضیحات',
            'documentation', 'template doc', 'doc',
            'documentation, template'], '/doc'),
    'vi': ('documentation', '/doc'),
    'zh': (['documentation', 'doc'], '/doc'),

# Template which should be replaced or removed.
# Use a list with two entries. The first entry will be replaced by the second.
# Examples:
# For removing {{Foo}}, the list must be:
#           ('Foo', None),
# The following also works:
#           ('Foo', ''),
# For replacing {{Foo}} with {{Bar}} the list must be:
#           ('Foo', 'Bar'),
# This also removes all template parameters of {{Foo}}
# For replacing {{Foo}} with {{Bar}} but keep the template
# parameters in its original order, please use:
#           ('Foo', 'Bar\\g<parameters>'),

deprecatedTemplates = {
    'wikipedia': {
        'de': [
            ('Belege', 'Belege fehlen\\g<parameters>'),
            ('Quelle', 'Belege fehlen\\g<parameters>'),
            ('Quellen', 'Belege fehlen\\g<parameters>'),
            ('Quellen fehlen', 'Belege fehlen\\g<parameters>'),
        'ur': [
            ('Infobox former country',
             'خانہ معلومات سابقہ ملک\\g<parameters>'),
            ('Infobox Former Country',
             'خانہ معلومات سابقہ ملک\\g<parameters>'),

[docs] class CANCEL(IntEnum): """Cancel level to ignore exceptions. If an error occurred and either skips the page or the method or a single match. ALL raises the exception. .. versionadded:: 6.3 """ ALL = 0 PAGE = 1 METHOD = 2 MATCH = 3
def _format_isbn_match(match: Match[str], strict: bool = True) -> str: """Helper function to validate and format a single matched ISBN.""" if not stdnum_isbn: raise NotImplementedError( 'ISBN functionality not available. Install stdnum package.') isbn = match['code'] try: stdnum_isbn.validate(isbn) except stdnum_isbn.ValidationError as e: if strict: raise pywikibot.log(f'ISBN "{isbn}" validation error: {e}') return isbn return stdnum_isbn.format(isbn) def _reformat_ISBNs(text: str, strict: bool = True) -> str: """Helper function to normalise ISBNs in text. :raises Exception: Invalid ISBN encountered when strict enabled """ return textlib.reformat_ISBNs( text, lambda match: _format_isbn_match(match, strict=strict))
[docs] class CosmeticChangesToolkit: """Cosmetic changes toolkit. .. versionchanged:: 7.0 `from_page()` method was removed """ def __init__(self, page:, *, show_diff: bool = False, ignore: IntEnum = CANCEL.ALL) -> None: """Initializer. .. versionchanged:: 5.2 instantiate the CosmeticChangesToolkit from a page object; only allow keyword arguments except for page parameter; `namespace` and `pageTitle` parameters are deprecated .. versionchanged:: 7.0 `namespace` and `pageTitle` parameters were removed :param page: the Page object containing the text to be modified :param show_diff: show difference after replacements :param ignore: ignores if an error occurred and either skips the page or only that method. It can be set one of the CANCEL constants """ = self.title = page.title() self.namespace = page.namespace() self.show_diff = show_diff self.template = (self.namespace == Namespace.TEMPLATE) self.talkpage = self.namespace >= 0 and self.namespace % 2 == 1 self.ignore = ignore self.common_methods = [ self.commonsfiledesc, self.fixSelfInterwiki, self.standardizePageFooter, self.fixSyntaxSave, self.cleanUpLinks, self.cleanUpSectionHeaders, self.putSpacesInLists, self.translateAndCapitalizeNamespaces, self.translateMagicWords, self.replaceDeprecatedTemplates, self.resolveHtmlEntities, self.removeEmptySections, self.removeUselessSpaces, self.removeNonBreakingSpaceBeforePercent, self.fixHtml, self.fixReferences, self.fixStyle, self.fixTypo, self.fixArabicLetters, ] if stdnum_isbn: self.common_methods.append(self.fix_ISBN)
[docs] def safe_execute(self, method: Callable[[str], str], text: str) -> str: """Execute the method and catch exceptions if enabled.""" result = None try: result = method(text) except Exception as e: if self.ignore == CANCEL.METHOD: pywikibot.warning('Unable to perform "{}" on "{}"!' .format(method.__name__, self.title)) pywikibot.error(e) else: raise return text if result is None else result
def _change(self, text: str) -> str: """Execute all clean up methods.""" for method in self.common_methods: text = self.safe_execute(method, text) return text
[docs] def change(self, text: str) -> bool | str: """Execute all clean up methods and catch errors if activated.""" try: new_text = self._change(text) except Exception as e: if self.ignore == CANCEL.PAGE: pywikibot.warning('Skipped "{}", because an error occurred.' .format(self.title)) pywikibot.error(e) return False raise else: if self.show_diff: pywikibot.showDiff(text, new_text) return new_text
[docs] def fixSelfInterwiki(self, text: str) -> str: """ Interwiki links to the site itself are displayed like local links. Remove their language code prefix. """ if not self.talkpage and pywikibot.calledModuleName() != 'interwiki': interwikiR = re.compile(r'\[\[(?: *:)? *{} *: *([^\[\]\n]*)\]\]' .format( text = interwikiR.sub(r'[[\1]]', text) return text
[docs] def standardizePageFooter(self, text: str) -> str: """ Standardize page footer. Makes sure that interwiki links and categories are put into the correct position and into the right order. This combines the old instances of standardizeInterwiki and standardizeCategories. The page footer consists of the following parts in that sequence: 1. categories 2. additional information depending on the local site policy 3. interwiki """ assert self.title is not None categories = [] interwiki_links = {} # get categories if not self.template: categories = textlib.getCategoryLinks(text, if not self.talkpage: subpage = False if self.template: try: tmpl, loc = moved_links[] del tmpl except KeyError: loc = None if loc is not None and loc in self.title: subpage = True # get interwiki interwiki_links = textlib.getLanguageLinks( text,, template_subpage=subpage) # remove interwiki text = textlib.removeLanguageLinks(text, # add categories, main to top if categories: # TODO: Sort categories in alphabetic order, e.g. using # categories.sort()? (T100265) # TODO: Get main categories from Wikidata? main = pywikibot.Category(, 'Category:' + self.title, sort_key=' ') if main in categories: categories.pop(categories.index(main)) categories.insert(0, main) text = textlib.replaceCategoryLinks(text, categories, # add interwiki if interwiki_links: text = textlib.replaceLanguageLinks(text, interwiki_links,, template=self.template, template_subpage=subpage) return text
[docs] def translateAndCapitalizeNamespaces(self, text: str) -> str: """Use localized namespace names. .. versionchanged:: 7.4 No longer expect a specific namespace alias for File: """ # arz uses English stylish codes if == 'wikipedia:arz': return text # wiki links aren't parsed here. exceptions = ['nowiki', 'comment', 'math', 'pre'] for namespace in if namespace == Namespace.MAIN: # skip main (article) namespace continue # a clone is needed. Won't change the namespace dict namespaces = list(namespace) if (namespace == Namespace.FILE and == 'wikipedia'): if in ('en', 'fr'): # do not change "Image" on en-wiki and fr-wiki with suppress(ValueError): namespaces.remove('Image') if == 'hu': # do not change "Kép" on hu-wiki with suppress(ValueError): namespaces.remove('Kép') elif == 'pt': # use "Imagem" by default on pt-wiki (per T57242) with suppress(ValueError): namespaces.insert( 0, namespaces.pop(namespaces.index('Imagem'))) # final namespace variant final_ns = namespaces.pop(0) if namespace in (Namespace.USER, Namespace.USER_TALK): # skip localized user namespace, maybe gender is used namespaces = ['User' if namespace == Namespace.USER else 'User talk'] # lowerspaced and underscored namespaces for i, item in enumerate(namespaces): item = item.replace(' ', '[ _]') item = f'[{item[0]}{item[0].lower()}]' + item[1:] namespaces[i] = item namespaces.append(first_lower(final_ns)) if final_ns and namespaces: if ( == 'wikipedia:pt' and namespace == Namespace.FILE): # only change on these file extensions (per T57242) extensions = ('png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'svg', 'tiff', 'tif') text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'\[\[\s*({}) *:(?P<name>[^\|\]]*?\.({}))' r'(?P<label>.*?)\]\]' .format('|'.join(namespaces), '|'.join(extensions)), fr'[[{final_ns}:\g<name>\g<label>]]', exceptions) else: text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'\[\[\s*({}) *:(?P<nameAndLabel>.*?)\]\]' .format('|'.join(namespaces)), fr'[[{final_ns}:\g<nameAndLabel>]]', exceptions) return text
[docs] def translateMagicWords(self, text: str) -> str: """Use localized magic words.""" # not wanted at ru # arz uses English stylish codes # no need to run on English wikis if in ['arz', 'en', 'ru']: return text def init_cache() -> None: for magicword in ('img_thumbnail', 'img_left', 'img_center', 'img_right', 'img_none', 'img_framed', 'img_frameless', 'img_border', 'img_upright', 'img_baseline', 'img_sub', 'img_super', 'img_top', 'img_text_top', 'img_middle', 'img_bottom', 'img_text_bottom'): aliases = if len(aliases) > 1: cache.update((alias, aliases[0]) for alias in aliases[1:] if '$1' not in alias) if not cache: cache[False] = True # signal there is nothing to replace def replace_magicword(match: Match[str]) -> str: if cache.get(False): return split ='|') if len(split) == 1: return if not cache: init_cache() # push ']]' out and re-add below split[-1] = split[-1][:-2] return '{}|{}]]'.format( split[0], '|'.join(cache.get(x.strip(), x) for x in split[1:])) cache: dict[bool | str, Any] = {} exceptions = ['comment', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'syntaxhighlight'] regex = re.compile( FILE_LINK_REGEX % '|'.join([6]), flags=re.X) return textlib.replaceExcept( text, regex, replace_magicword, exceptions)
[docs] def resolveHtmlEntities(self, text: str) -> str: """Replace HTML entities with string.""" ignore = [ 38, # Ampersand (&amp;) 39, # Single quotation mark (&quot;) per T26093 60, # Less than (&lt;) 62, # Greater than (&gt;) 91, # Opening square bracket ([) # - sometimes used intentionally inside links 93, # Closing square bracket (]) # - used intentionally inside links 124, # Vertical bar (|) # - used intentionally in navigation bar templates on w:de 160, # Non-breaking space (&nbsp;) # - not supported by Firefox textareas 173, # Soft-hypen (&shy;) - enable editing 8206, # Left-to-right mark (&ltr;) 8207, # Right-to-left mark (&rtl;) ] if self.template: ignore.append(32) # Space ( ) ignore.append(58) # Colon (:) # TODO: T254350 - what other extension tags should be avoided? # (graph, math, score, timeline, etc.) text = pywikibot.html2unicode( text, ignore=ignore, exceptions=['comment', 'syntaxhighlight']) return text
[docs] def removeEmptySections(self, text: str) -> str: """Cleanup empty sections.""" # userspace contains article stubs without nobots/in use templates if self.namespace == Namespace.USER: return text skippings = ['comment', 'category'] skip_regexes = get_regexes(skippings, # site defined templates skip_templates = { 'cs': ('Pahýl[ _]část',), # stub section } if in skip_templates: for template in skip_templates[]: skip_regexes.append( re.compile(r'\{\{\s*%s\s*\}\}' % template, re.I)) # empty lists skip_regexes.append(re.compile(r'(?m)^[\*#] *$')) # get stripped sections stripped_text = textlib.removeLanguageLinks(text,, '\n') for reg in skip_regexes: stripped_text = reg.sub(r'', stripped_text) strip_sections = textlib.extract_sections( stripped_text, # get proper sections header, sections, footer = textlib.extract_sections(text, # iterate stripped sections and create a new page body new_body: list[textlib.Section] = [] for i, strip_section in enumerate(strip_sections): current_dep = sections[i].level try: next_dep = sections[i + 1].level except IndexError: next_dep = 0 if strip_section.content.strip() or current_dep < next_dep: new_body.extend(sections[i]) return header + ''.join(new_body) + footer
[docs] def removeUselessSpaces(self, text: str) -> str: """Cleanup multiple or trailing spaces.""" exceptions = ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'syntaxhighlight', 'startspace', 'table'] if != 'wikipedia:cs': exceptions.append('template') text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(?m)[\t ]+( |$)', r'\1', exceptions, return text
[docs] def removeNonBreakingSpaceBeforePercent(self, text: str) -> str: """ Remove a non-breaking space between number and percent sign. Newer MediaWiki versions automatically place a non-breaking space in front of a percent sign, so it is no longer required to place it manually. """ text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'(\d)&(?:nbsp|#160|#x[Aa]0);%', r'\1 %', ['timeline']) return text
[docs] def cleanUpSectionHeaders(self, text: str) -> str: """ Add a space between the equal signs and the section title. Example:: ==Section title== becomes:: == Section title == .. note:: This space is recommended in the syntax help on the English and German Wikipedias. It is not wanted on Lojban and English Wiktionaries (:phab:`T168399`, :phab:`T169064`) and it might be that it is not wanted on other wikis. If there are any complaints, please file a bug report. """ if in ['wiktionary:jbo', 'wiktionary:en']: return text return textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'(?m)^(={1,6})[ \t]*(?P<title>.*[^\s=])[ \t]*\1[ \t]*\r?\n', r'\1 \g<title> \1\n', ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre'])
[docs] def putSpacesInLists(self, text: str) -> str: """ Add a space between the * or # and the text. .. note:: This space is recommended in the syntax help on the English, German and French Wikipedias. It might be that it is not wanted on other wikis. If there are any complaints, please file a bug report. """ if not self.template: exceptions = ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'syntaxhighlight', 'template', 'timeline',] text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'(?m)' r'^(?P<bullet>[:;]*(\*+|#+)[:;\*#]*)(?P<char>[^\s\*#:;].+?)', r'\g<bullet> \g<char>', exceptions) return text
[docs] def replaceDeprecatedTemplates(self, text: str) -> str: """Replace deprecated templates.""" exceptions = ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre'] builder = MultiTemplateMatchBuilder( if in deprecatedTemplates \ and in deprecatedTemplates[]: for template in deprecatedTemplates[][]: old, new = template if new is None: new = '' else: new = '{{%s}}' % new text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, builder.pattern(old), new, exceptions) return text
# from
[docs] def fixSyntaxSave(self, text: str) -> str: """Convert weblinks to wikilink, fix link syntax.""" def replace_link(match: Match[str]) -> str: """Create a string to replace a single link.""" replacement = '[[' if re.match( r'(?:{}):'.format('|'.join( (*[Namespace.FILE], *[Namespace.CATEGORY]))), match['link']): replacement += ':' replacement += match['link'] if match['title']: replacement += '|' + match['title'] return replacement + ']]' exceptions = ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'startspace', 'syntaxhighlight'] # link to the wiki working on # Only use suffixes for article paths for suffix in http_url =, 'http') if == 'http': https_url = None else: https_url =, 'https') # compare strings without the protocol, if they are empty support # also no prefix (//…) http = urlparse(http_url) https = urlparse(https_url) if https_url is not None and http.netloc == https.netloc: urls = ['(?:https?:)?' + re.escape(urlunparse(('', *http[1:])))] else: urls = [re.escape(url) for url in (http_url, https_url) if url is not None] for url in urls: # unescape {} placeholder url = url.replace(r'\{\}', '{title}') # Only include links which don't include the separator # as the wikilink won't support additional parameters separator = '?&' if '?' in suffix else '?' # Match first a non space in the title to prevent that multiple # spaces at the end without title will be matched by it title_regex = (r'(?P<link>[^{sep}]+?)' r'(\s+(?P<title>[^\s].*?))' .format(sep=separator)) url_regex = fr'\[\[?{url}?\s*\]\]?' text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, url_regex.format(title=title_regex), replace_link, exceptions, # external link in/starting with double brackets text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'\[\[(?P<url>https?://[^\]]+?)\]\]?', r'[\g<url>]', exceptions, # external link and description separated by a pipe, with # whitespace in front of the pipe, so that it is clear that # the dash is not a legitimate part of the URL. text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'\[(?P<url>https?://[^\|\] \r\n]+?) +\| *(?P<label>[^\|\]]+?)\]', r'[\g<url> \g<label>]', exceptions) # dash in external link, where the correct end of the URL can # be detected from the file extension. It is very unlikely that # this will cause mistakes. extensions = [fr'\.{ext}' for ext in ['pdf', 'html?', 'php', 'aspx?', 'jsp']] text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'\[(?P<url>https?://[^\|\] ]+?(' + '|'.join(extensions) + r')) *' r'\| *(?P<label>[^\|\]]+?)\]', r'[\g<url> \g<label>]', exceptions) return text
[docs] def fixHtml(self, text: str) -> str: """Relace html markups with wikitext markups.""" def replace_header(match: Match[str]) -> str: """Create a header string for replacing.""" depth = int(match[1]) return r'{0} {1} {0}'.format('=' * depth, match[2]) # Everything case-insensitive (?i) # Keep in mind that MediaWiki automatically converts <br> to <br /> exceptions = ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'startspace', 'syntaxhighlight'] text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(?i)<(b|strong)>(.*?)</\1>', r"'''\2'''", exceptions, text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(?i)<(i|em)>(.*?)</\1>', r"''\2''", exceptions, # horizontal line without attributes in a single line text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(?i)([\r\n])<hr[ /]*>([\r\n])', r'\1----\2', exceptions) # horizontal line with attributes; can't be done with wiki syntax # so we only make it XHTML compliant text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(?i)<hr ([^>/]+?)>', r'<hr \1 />', exceptions) # a header where only spaces are in the same line text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'(?i)(?<=[\r\n]) *<h([1-7])> *([^<]+?) *</h\1> *(?=[\r\n])', replace_header, exceptions) # TODO: maybe we can make the bot replace <p> tags with \r\n's. return text
[docs] def fixReferences(self, text: str) -> str: """Fix references tags.""" # See also # exceptions = ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'syntaxhighlight', 'startspace'] # it should be name = " or name=" NOT name =" text = re.sub(r'(?i)<ref +name(= *| *=)"', r'<ref name="', text) # remove empty <ref/>-tag text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(?i)(<ref\s*/>|<ref *>\s*</ref>)', r'', exceptions) text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(?i)<ref\s+([^>]+?)\s*>\s*</ref>', r'<ref \1/>', exceptions) return text
[docs] def fixStyle(self, text: str) -> str: """Convert prettytable to wikitable class.""" exceptions = ['comment', 'math', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'startspace', 'syntaxhighlight'] if in ('de', 'en'): text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(class="[^"]*)prettytable([^"]*")', r'\1wikitable\2', exceptions) return text
[docs] def fixTypo(self, text: str) -> str: """Fix units.""" exceptions: list[str | Pattern[str]] = [ 'comment', 'gallery', 'hyperlink', 'interwiki', 'link', 'nowiki', 'math', 'pre', 'startspace', 'syntaxhighlight', ] # change <number> ccm -> <number> cm³ text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(\d)\s*(?:&nbsp;)?ccm', r'\1&nbsp;cm³', exceptions, # Solve wrong Nº sign with °C or °F # additional exception requested on fr-wiki for this stuff pattern = re.compile('«.*?»') exceptions.append(pattern) text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'(\d)\s*(?:&nbsp;)?[º°]([CF])', r'\1&nbsp;°\2', exceptions, text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, 'º([CF])', '°' + r'\1', exceptions, return text
[docs] def fixArabicLetters(self, text: str) -> str: """Fix Arabic and Persian letters.""" if not in ['ckb', 'fa']: return text exceptions: list[str | Pattern[str]] = [ 'file', 'gallery', 'hyperlink', 'interwiki', 'inputbox', # FIXME: but changes letters inside wikilinks # 'link', 'math', 'pre', 'template', 'timeline', 'ref', 'startspace', 'syntaxhighlight', ] digits = textlib.NON_LATIN_DIGITS faChrs = 'ءاآأإئؤبپتثجچحخدذرزژسشصضطظعغفقکگلمنوهیةيك' + digits['fa'] # not to let bot edits in latin content exceptions.append(re.compile('[^{fa}] *?"*? *?, *?[^{fa}]' .format(fa=faChrs))) text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, ',', '،', exceptions, if == 'ckb': text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, '\u0647([.\u060c_<\\]\\s])', '\u06d5\\1', exceptions, text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, \u200c', 'ە', exceptions, text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, 'ه', 'ھ', exceptions, text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, 'ك', 'ک', exceptions, text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, '[ىي]', 'ی', exceptions, return text
[docs] def commonsfiledesc(self, text: str) -> str: """ Clean up file descriptions on Wikimedia Commons. It works according to [1] and works only on pages in the file namespace on Wikimedia Commons. [1]: """ if ( != 'commons:commons' or self.namespace == Namespace.FILE): return text # section headers to {{int:}} versions exceptions = ['comment', 'includeonly', 'math', 'noinclude', 'nowiki', 'pre', 'syntaxhighlight', 'ref', 'timeline'] text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'([\r\n]|^)\=\= *Summary *\=\=', r'\1== {{int:filedesc}} ==', exceptions, True) text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'([\r\n])\=\= *\[\[Commons:Copyright tags\|Licensing\]\]: *\=\=', r'\1== {{int:license-header}} ==', exceptions, True) text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'([\r\n])' r'\=\= *(Licensing|License information|{{int:license}}) *\=\=', r'\1== {{int:license-header}} ==', exceptions, True) # frequent field values to {{int:}} versions text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'([\r\n]\|[Ss]ource *\= *)' r'(?:[Oo]wn work by uploader|[Oo]wn work|[Ee]igene [Aa]rbeit) *' r'([\r\n])', r'\1{{own}}\2', exceptions, True) text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'(\| *Permission *\=) *(?:[Ss]ee below|[Ss]iehe unten) *([\r\n])', r'\1\2', exceptions, True) # added to transwikied pages text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'__NOTOC__', '', exceptions, True) # tracker element for js upload form text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'<!-- *{{ImageUpload\|(?:full|basic)}} *-->', '', exceptions[1:], True) text = textlib.replaceExcept(text, r'{{ImageUpload\|(?:basic|full)}}', '', exceptions, True) # duplicated section headers text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'([\r\n]|^)\=\= *{{int:filedesc}} *\=\=(?:[\r\n ]*)\=\= *' r'{{int:filedesc}} *\=\=', r'\1== {{int:filedesc}} ==', exceptions, True) text = textlib.replaceExcept( text, r'([\r\n]|^)\=\= *{{int:license-header}} *\=\=(?:[\r\n ]*)' r'\=\= *{{int:license-header}} *\=\=', r'\1== {{int:license-header}} ==', exceptions, True) return text
[docs] def fix_ISBN(self, text: str) -> str: """Hyphenate ISBN numbers.""" return _reformat_ISBNs(text, strict=self.ignore != CANCEL.MATCH)