Source code for families.wikiquote_family

"""Family module for Wikiquote."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2005-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

from pywikibot import family

# The Wikimedia family that is known as Wikiquote
[docs] class Family(family.SubdomainFamily, family.WikimediaFamily): """Family class for Wikiquote.""" name = 'wikiquote' closed_wikis = [ # 'am', 'ang', 'ast', 'bm', 'co', 'cr', 'ga', 'kk', 'kr', 'ks', 'kw', 'lb', 'na', 'nds', 'qu', 'simple', 'tk', 'tt', 'ug', 'vo', 'wo', 'za', 'zh-min-nan', ] removed_wikis = [ # 'als', 'tokipona', ] codes = { 'af', 'ar', 'as', 'az', 'bcl', 'be', 'bg', 'bjn', 'bn', 'br', 'bs', 'ca', 'cs', 'cy', 'da', 'de', 'el', 'en', 'eo', 'es', 'et', 'eu', 'fa', 'fi', 'fr', 'gl', 'gu', 'guw', 'he', 'hi', 'hr', 'hu', 'hy', 'id', 'ig', 'is', 'it', 'ja', 'ka', 'kn', 'ko', 'ku', 'ky', 'la', 'li', 'lt', 'ml', 'mr', 'nl', 'nn', 'no', 'pl', 'pt', 'ro', 'ru', 'sa', 'sah', 'sk', 'sl', 'sq', 'sr', 'su', 'sv', 'ta', 'te', 'th', 'tl', 'tr', 'uk', 'ur', 'uz', 'vi', 'zh', } category_redirect_templates = { '_default': (), 'ar': ('تحويل تصنيف',), 'en': ('Category redirect',), 'ro': ('Redirect categorie',), 'sq': ('Kategori e zhvendosur',), 'uk': ('Categoryredirect',), } # Global bot allowed languages on # # & cross_allowed = [ 'af', 'ar', 'az', 'be', 'bg', 'br', 'bs', 'ca', 'cs', 'cy', 'da', 'el', 'eo', 'es', 'et', 'eu', 'fa', 'fi', 'fr', 'gl', 'gu', 'he', 'hi', 'hu', 'hy', 'id', 'is', 'it', 'ja', 'ka', 'kn', 'ko', 'ku', 'ky', 'la', 'li', 'lt', 'ml', 'mr', 'nl', 'nn', 'no', 'pt', 'ro', 'ru', 'sa', 'sah', 'sk', 'sl', 'sq', 'sr', 'su', 'sv', 'ta', 'te', 'th', 'tr', 'uk', 'ur', 'uz', 'vi', 'wo', 'zh', ] # Subpages for documentation. # TODO: List is incomplete, to be completed for missing languages. doc_subpages = { '_default': (('/doc', ), ['en'] ), 'ar': ('/شرح', '/doc'), 'sr': ('/док', ), }
[docs] def encodings(self, code): """ Return a list of historical encodings for a specific language. :param code: site code """ # Historic compatibility if code == 'pl': return 'utf-8', 'iso8859-2' if code == 'ru': return 'utf-8', 'iso8859-5' return super().encodings(code)