Source code for make_dist

#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Script to create a new distribution.

The following options are supported:

-help      Print documentation of this file and of

-local     Install the distribution as a local site-package. If a
           Pywikibot package is already there, it will be uninstalled
           first. Clears old dist folders first.

-remote    Upload the package to pypi. This cannot be done if the
           Pywikibot version is a development release.  Clears old dist
           folders first.

-clear     Clear old dist folders and leave. Does not create a

-upgrade   Upgrade pip first; upgrade or install distribution packages
           build and twine first.


    [pwb] make_dist [options]

.. versionadded:: 7.3
.. versionchanged:: 7.4

   - updates pip, setuptools, wheel and twine packages first
   - installs pre-releases over stable versions
   - also creates built distribution together with source distribution
   - *-upgrade* option was added

.. versionchanged:: 7.5

   - *clear* option was added
   - *nodist* option was added

.. versionchanged:: 8.1
   *nodist* option was removed, *clear* option does not create a
   distribution. *local* and *remote* option clears old distributions
.. versionchanged:: 8.2
   Build frontend was changed from setuptools to build. ``-upgrade``
   option also installs packages if necessary.
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2022-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import abc
import shutil
import sys
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from importlib import import_module
from pathlib import Path
from subprocess import check_call, run

from pywikibot import __version__, error, info, input_yn, warning

[docs] @dataclass class SetupBase(abc.ABC): """Setup distribution base class. .. versionadded:: 8.0 .. versionchanged:: 8.1 *dataclass* is used. """ local: bool remote: bool clear: bool upgrade: bool folder: Path = field(init=False) def __post_init__(self) -> None: """Post-init initializer.""" self.folder = Path().resolve()
[docs] def clear_old_dist(self) -> None: # pragma: no cover """Delete old dist folders. .. versionadded:: 7.5 """ info('<<lightyellow>>Removing old dist folders... ', newline=False) shutil.rmtree(self.folder / 'build', ignore_errors=True) shutil.rmtree(self.folder / 'dist', ignore_errors=True) shutil.rmtree(self.folder / 'pywikibot.egg-info', ignore_errors=True) info('<<lightyellow>>done')
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def copy_files(self) -> None: """Copy files."""
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def cleanup(self) -> None: """Cleanup copied files."""
[docs] def run(self) -> bool: """Run the installer script. :return: True if no error occurs, else False """ if self.local or self.remote or self.clear: self.clear_old_dist() if self.clear: return True # pragma: no cover if self.upgrade: # pragma: no cover check_call('python -m pip install --upgrade pip', shell=True) for module in ('build', 'twine'): info(f'<<lightyellow>>Install or upgrade {module}') try: import_module(module) except ModuleNotFoundError: check_call(f'pip install {module}', shell=True) else: check_call(f'pip install --upgrade {module}', shell=True) else: for module in ('build', 'twine'): try: import_module(module) except ModuleNotFoundError as e: # pragma: no cover error(f'<<lightred>>{e}') info('<<lightblue>>You may use -upgrade option to install') return False self.copy_files() info('<<lightyellow>>Build package') try: check_call('python -m build') except Exception as e: # pragma: no cover error(e) return False finally: self.cleanup() info('<<lightyellow>>Check package and description') if run('twine check dist/*', shell=True).returncode: return False # pragma: no cover if self.local: info('<<lightyellow>>Install locally') check_call('pip uninstall pywikibot -y', shell=True) check_call( 'pip install --no-index --pre --find-links=dist pywikibot', shell=True) if self.remote and input_yn( '<<lightblue>>Upload dist to pypi', automatic_quit=False): check_call('twine upload dist/*', shell=True) # pragma: no cover return True
[docs] class SetupPywikibot(SetupBase): """Setup for Pywikibot distribution. .. versionadded:: 8.0 """ def __init__(self, *args) -> None: """Set source and target directories.""" super().__init__(*args) source = self.folder / 'scripts' / 'i18n' / 'pywikibot' target = self.folder / 'pywikibot' / 'scripts' / 'i18n' / 'pywikibot' = target self.source = source
[docs] def copy_files(self) -> None: """Copy i18n files to pywikibot.scripts folder. Pywikibot i18n files are used for some translations. They are copied to the pywikibot scripts folder. """ info('<<lightyellow>>Copy files') info(f'directory is {self.folder}') info(f'clear {} directory') shutil.rmtree(, ignore_errors=True) info('copy i18n files ... ', newline=False) shutil.copytree(self.source, info('done')
[docs] def cleanup(self) -> None: """Remove all copied files from pywikibot scripts folder.""" info('<<lightyellow>>Remove copied files... ', newline=False) shutil.rmtree( # restore pywikibot en.json file filename = 'en.json' shutil.copy(self.source / filename, / filename) info('<<lightyellow>>done')
[docs] def handle_args() -> tuple[bool, bool, bool, bool]: """Handle arguments and print documentation if requested. :return: Return whether dist is to be installed locally or to be uploaded """ if '-help' in sys.argv: import re import setup help_text = re.sub(r'^\.\. version(added|changed)::.+', '', __doc__, flags=re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL) info(help_text) info(setup.__doc__) sys.exit() local = '-local' in sys.argv remote = '-remote' in sys.argv clear = '-clear' in sys.argv upgrade = '-upgrade' in sys.argv if remote and 'dev' in __version__: # pragma: no cover warning('Distribution must not be a developmental release to upload.') remote = False sys.argv = [sys.argv[0]] return local, remote, clear, upgrade
[docs] def main() -> None: """Script entry point.""" args = handle_args() return SetupPywikibot(*args).run()
if __name__ == '__main__': if not main(): sys.exit(1) # pragma: no cover