Source code for scripts.commonscat

#!/usr/bin/env python3
With this tool you can add the template {{commonscat}} to categories.

The tool works by following the interwiki links. If the template is present on
another language page, the bot will use it.

You could probably use it at articles as well, but this isn't tested.

The following parameters are supported:

-checkcurrent     Work on all category pages that use the primary commonscat

This script is a :py:obj:`ConfigParserBot <bot.ConfigParserBot>`.
The following options can be set within a settings file which is scripts.ini
by default::

-always           Don't prompt you for each replacement. Warning message
                  has not to be confirmed. ATTENTION: Use this with care!

-summary:XYZ      Set the action summary message for the edit to XYZ,
                  otherwise it uses messages from as default.

This bot uses pagegenerators to get a list of pages. The following options are


For example to go through all categories:

    python commonscat -start:Category:!
# Commonscat bot:
# Take a page. Follow the interwiki's and look for the commonscat template
# *Found zero templates. Done.
# *Found one template. Add this template
# *Found more templates. Ask the user <- still have to implement this
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2008-2023
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
import re

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import i18n, pagegenerators
from import ConfigParserBot, ExistingPageBot
from pywikibot.exceptions import InvalidTitleError
from pywikibot.textlib import add_text

docuReplacements = {
    '&params;': pagegenerators.parameterHelp

# Wikibase property containing the Wikibase category
wikibase_property = {
    'wikidata:wikidata': 'P373',

# Primary template, list of alternatives
# No entry needed if it is like _default
commonscatTemplates = {
    '_default': ('Commonscat', []),
    'af': ('CommonsKategorie', ['commonscat']),
    'an': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'ar': ('تصنيف كومنز',
           ['Commonscat', 'تصنيف كومونز', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category',
            'تك', 'Commonscategory', 'Category commons']),
    'ary': ('Commons category',
            ['Commoncat', 'تصنيف كومنز', 'Commons cat', 'Commonscategory',
             'Category commons']),
    'arz': ('تصنيف كومونز',
            ['تصنيف كومنز', 'Commoncat', 'Commons category', 'Commons cat',
             'Commonscategory', 'Category commons']),
    'az': ('CommonsKat', ['Commonscat']),
    'bn': ('কমন্সক্যাট', ['Commonscat']),
    'ca': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'ckb': ('پۆلی کۆمنز', ['Commonscat', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'crh': ('CommonsKat', ['Commonscat']),
    'cs': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'da': ('Commonscat',
           ['Commons cat', 'Commons category', 'Commonscat left',
    'en': ('Commons category',
           ['Commoncat', 'Commonscat', 'Commons cat', 'Commons+cat',
            'Commonscategory', 'Commons and category', 'Commonscat-inline',
            'Commons category-inline', 'Commons2', 'Commons category multi',
            'Cms-catlist-up', 'Catlst commons', 'Commonscat show2',
            'Sister project links']),
    'es': ('Commonscat',
           ['Ccat', 'Commons cat', 'Categoría Commons',
    'et': ('Commonsi kategooria',
           ['Commonscat', 'Commonskat', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'eu': ('Commonskat', ['Commonscat']),
    'fa': ('ویکی‌انبار-رده',
           ['Commonscat', 'Commons cat', 'انبار رده', 'Commons category',
            'انبار-رده', 'جعبه پیوند به پروژه‌های خواهر',
            'در پروژه‌های خواهر', 'پروژه‌های خواهر']),
    'fr': ('Commonscat', ['CommonsCat', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'frp': ('Commonscat', ['CommonsCat']),
    'ga': ('Catcómhaoin', ['Commonscat']),
    'he': ('ויקישיתוף בשורה', []),
    'hi': ('Commonscat', ['Commons2', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'hu': ('Commonskat', ['Közvagyonkat']),
    'hy': ('Վիքիպահեստ կատեգորիա',
           ['Commonscat', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'id': ('Commonscat',
           ['Commons cat', 'Commons2', 'CommonsCat', 'Commons category']),
    'is': ('CommonsCat', ['Commonscat']),
    'ja': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'jv': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'kaa': ('Commons cat', ['Commonscat']),
    'kk': ('Commonscat', ['Commons2']),
    'ko': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat', '공용분류']),
    'la': ('CommuniaCat', []),
    'mk': ('Ризница-врска',
           ['Commonscat', 'Commons cat', 'CommonsCat', 'Commons2',
            'Commons category']),
    'ml': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat', 'Commons2']),
    'ms': ('Kategori Commons', ['Commonscat', 'Commons category']),
    'ne': ('कमन्सश्रेणी', ['Commonscat']),
    'nn': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'os': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'pt': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'ro': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'ru': ('Commonscat', ['Викисклад-кат', 'Commons category']),
    'sco': ('Commons category', ['Commonscat', 'Commons cat']),
    'simple': ('Commonscat',
               ['Commons cat', 'Commons cat multi', 'Commons category',
                'Commons category multi', 'CommonsCompact',
    'sh': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'sl': ('Kategorija v Zbirki',
           ['Commonscat', 'Kategorija v zbirki', 'Commons cat',
    'sr': ('Commons category',
           ['Commonscat', 'Commons cat', 'Категорија на Остави']),
    'sq': ('Commonscat', ['Commonskat', 'Commonsart', 'CommonsCat']),
    'sv': ('Commonscat',
           ['Commonscat-rad', 'Commonskat', 'Commons cat', 'Commonscatbox',
    'sw': ('Commonscat', ['Commons2', 'Commons cat']),
    'te': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat']),
    'tr': ('Commons kategori',
           ['CommonsKat', 'Commonscat', 'Commons cat']),
    'uk': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat', 'Category', 'Commonscat-inline']),
    'ur': ('زمرہ کومنز',
           ['Commonscat', 'زمرہ العام', 'Commons cat', 'CommonsCat']),
    'vi': ('Commonscat',
           ['Commons2', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category', 'Commons+cat']),
    'yi': ('קאמאנסקאט', ['Commonscat']),
    'zh': ('Commonscat', ['Commons cat', 'Commons category']),
    'zh-classical': ('共享類', ['Commonscat']),
    'zh-yue': ('同享類',
               ['Commonscat', '共享類 ', 'Commons cat', 'Commons category']),

ignoreTemplates = {
    'af': ['commons'],
    'ar': ['تحويل تصنيف', 'نقل تصنيف', 'تحويلة تصنيف', 'Category redirect',
           'تحويل التصنيف', 'تصانيف كومنز متعددة', 'تكم', 'روابط شقيقة',
           'Sisterlinks', 'وصلات شقيقة', 'Sister project links'],
    'ary': ['Category redirect'],
    'arz': ['تحويل تصنيف', 'Category redirect', 'روابط شقيقة',
            'Sisterlinks', 'Sister project links'],
    'be-tarask': ['Commons', 'Commons category'],
    'cs': ['Commons', 'Sestřičky', 'Sisterlinks'],
    'da': ['Commons', 'Commons left', 'Commons2', 'Commonsbilleder',
           'Commonskat', 'Commonscat2', 'GalleriCommons', 'Søsterlinks'],
    'de': ['Commons', 'ZhSZV', 'Bauwerk-stil-kategorien',
           'Bauwerk-funktion-kategorien', 'KsPuB',
           'Kategoriesystem Augsburg-Infoleiste',
           'Kategorie Ge', 'Kategorie v. Chr. Ge',
           'Kategorie Geboren nach Jh. v. Chr.', 'Kategorie Geboren nach Jh.',
           '!Kategorie Gestorben nach Jh. v. Chr.',
           '!Kategorie Gestorben nach Jh.',
           'Kategorie Jahr', 'Kategorie Jahr v. Chr.',
           'Kategorie Jahrzehnt', 'Kategorie Jahrzehnt v. Chr.',
           'Kategorie Jahrhundert', 'Kategorie Jahrhundert v. Chr.',
           'Kategorie Jahrtausend', 'Kategorie Jahrtausend v. Chr.'],
    'en': ['Category redirect', 'Commons', 'Commoncats',
           'Sisterlinks', 'Sister project links',
           'Tracking category', 'Template category', 'Wikipedia category'],
    'eo': ['Commons',
           ('Projekto/box', 'commons='),
           ('Projekto', 'commons='),
           ('Projektoj', 'commons='),
           ('Projektoj', 'commonscat=')],
    'es': ['Commons', 'IprCommonscat'],
    'eu': ['Commons'],
    'fa': ['Commons', 'ویکی‌انبار', 'Category redirect', 'رده بهتر',
           'جعبه پیوند به پروژه‌های خواهر', 'در پروژه‌های خواهر',
           'پروژه‌های خواهر'],
    'fi': ['Commonscat-rivi', 'Commons-rivi', 'Commons'],
    'fr': ['Commons', 'Commons-inline', ('Autres projets', 'commons=')],
    'fy': ['Commons', 'CommonsLyts'],
    'he': ['מיזמים'],
    'hr': ['Commons', ('WProjekti', 'commonscat=')],
    'is': ['Systurverkefni', 'Commons'],
    'it': [('Ip', 'commons='), ('Interprogetto', 'commons=')],
    'ja': ['CommonscatS', 'SisterlinksN', 'Interwikicat'],
    'ms': ['Commons', 'Sisterlinks', 'Commons cat show2'],
    'nds-nl': ['Commons'],
    'nl': ['Commons', 'Commonsklein', 'Commonscatklein', 'Catbeg',
           'Catsjab', 'Catwiki'],
    'om': ['Commons'],
    'pt': ['Correlatos',
           'Commons cat multi',
    'simple': ['Sisterlinks'],
    'ru': ['Навигация', 'Навигация для категорий', 'КПР', 'КБР',
           'Годы в России', 'commonscat-inline'],
    'tt': ['Навигация'],
    'zh': ['Category redirect', 'cr', 'Commons',
           'Sisterlinks', 'Sisterlinkswp',
           'Tracking category', 'Trackingcatu',
           'Template category', 'Wikipedia category',
           '分类重定向', '追蹤分類', '共享資源', '追蹤分類'],

[docs]class CommonscatBot(ConfigParserBot, ExistingPageBot): """Commons categorisation bot. .. versionchanged:: 7.0 CommonscatBot is a ConfigParserBot """ use_disambigs = False use_redirects = False update_options = {'summary': ''}
[docs] def skip_page(self, page): """Skip category redirects.""" if page.isCategoryRedirect(): pywikibot.warning( 'Page {page} on {} is a category redirect. ' 'Skipping.'.format(page=page)) return True return super().skip_page(page)
[docs] @staticmethod def skipPage(page) -> bool: """Determine if the page should be skipped.""" try: templates_to_ignore = ignoreTemplates[] except KeyError: return False for template in templates_to_ignore: if not isinstance(template, tuple): for pageTemplate in page.templates(): if pageTemplate.title(with_ns=False) == template: return True else: for (inPageTemplate, param) in page.templatesWithParams(): if inPageTemplate.title(with_ns=False) == template[0] \ and template[1] in param[0].replace(' ', ''): return True return False
[docs] def treat_page(self) -> None: """ Add CommonsCat template to page. Take a page. Go to all the interwiki page looking for a commonscat template. When all the interwiki's links are checked and a proper category is found add it to the page. """ page = self.current_page # Get the right templates for this page primaryCommonscat, _alternatives = i18n.translate(, commonscatTemplates, fallback=i18n.DEFAULT_FALLBACK) commonscatLink = self.getCommonscatLink(page) if commonscatLink:'Commonscat template is already on ' + page.title()) (currentCommonscatTemplate, currentCommonscatTarget, LinkText, _note) = commonscatLink checkedCommonscatTarget = self.checkCommonscatLink( currentCommonscatTarget) if currentCommonscatTarget == checkedCommonscatTarget: # The current commonscat link is good'Commonscat link at {} to Category:{} is ok' .format(page.title(), currentCommonscatTarget)) return if checkedCommonscatTarget: # We have a new Commonscat link, replace the old one self.changeCommonscat(page, currentCommonscatTemplate, currentCommonscatTarget, primaryCommonscat, checkedCommonscatTarget, LinkText) return # Commonscat link is wrong commonscatLink = self.find_commons_category(page) if commonscatLink: self.changeCommonscat(page, currentCommonscatTemplate, currentCommonscatTarget, primaryCommonscat, commonscatLink) # TODO: if the commonsLink == '', should it be removed? elif self.skipPage(page): 'Found a template in the skip list. Skipping ' + page.title()) else: commonscatLink = self.find_commons_category(page) if commonscatLink: if commonscatLink == page.title(): text_to_add = f'{{{{{primaryCommonscat}}}}}' else: text_to_add = ( f'{{{{{primaryCommonscat}|{commonscatLink}}}}}') summary = self.opt.summary or i18n.twtranslate(, 'add_text-adding', {'adding': text_to_add}) self.put_current(add_text(page.text, text_to_add), summary=summary)
[docs] def changeCommonscat( self, page=None, oldtemplate: str = '', oldcat: str = '', newtemplate: str = '', newcat: str = '', linktitle: str = '' ) -> None: """Change the current commonscat template and target.""" if '3=S' in (oldcat, linktitle): return # TODO: handle additional param on de-wiki if not linktitle and (page.title().lower() in oldcat.lower() or oldcat.lower() in page.title().lower()): linktitle = oldcat if linktitle and newcat != page.title(with_ns=False): newtext = re.sub(r'(?i)\{\{%s\|?[^{}]*(?:\{\{.*\}\})?\}\}' % oldtemplate, f'{{{{{newtemplate}|{newcat}|{linktitle}}}}}', page.get()) elif newcat == page.title(with_ns=False): newtext = re.sub(r'(?i)\{\{%s\|?[^{}]*(?:\{\{.*\}\})?\}\}' % oldtemplate, '{{%s}}' % newtemplate, page.get()) elif oldcat.strip() != newcat: # strip trailing white space newtext = re.sub(r'(?i)\{\{%s\|?[^{}]*(?:\{\{.*\}\})?\}\}' % oldtemplate, f'{{{{{newtemplate}|{newcat}}}}}', page.get()) else: # nothing left to do return comment = self.opt.summary or i18n.twtranslate(, 'commonscat-msg_change', {'oldcat': oldcat, 'newcat': newcat}) self.userPut(page, page.text, newtext, summary=comment, ignore_save_related_errors=True)
[docs] def find_commons_category(self, page) -> str: """Find CommonsCat template on Wikibase repository. Use Wikibase property to get the category if possible. Otherwise check all langlinks to find it. :return: name of a valid commons category """ data_repo = cat_property = wikibase_property.get(data_repo.sitename) if cat_property: claim = page.get_best_claim(cat_property) if claim: category = claim.getTarget() if category: return category # fallback to interwiki pages return self.findCommonscatLink(page)
[docs]def main(*args: str) -> None: """ Process command line arguments and invoke bot. If args is an empty list, sys.argv is used. :param args: command line arguments """ options = {} checkcurrent = False # Process global args and prepare generator args parser local_args = pywikibot.handle_args(args) genFactory = pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory() for arg in local_args: opt, _, value = arg.partition(':') option = opt[1:] if opt[0] == '-' else None if option == 'summary': options[option] = value or pywikibot.input( 'What summary do you want to use?') elif option == 'checkcurrent': checkcurrent = True elif option == 'always': options[option] = True else: genFactory.handle_arg(arg) if checkcurrent: site = pywikibot.Site() primaryCommonscat, _alternatives = i18n.translate( site.code, commonscatTemplates, fallback=i18n.DEFAULT_FALLBACK) template_page = pywikibot.Page(site, 'Template:' + primaryCommonscat) generator = template_page.getReferences(namespaces=14, only_template_inclusion=True) else: generator = genFactory.getCombinedGenerator() if generator: if not genFactory.nopreload: generator = pagegenerators.PreloadingGenerator(generator) bot = CommonscatBot(generator=generator, **options) else:
if __name__ == '__main__': main()