Source code for tests.add_text_tests

#!/usr/bin/env python3
"""Test add_text script."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2016-2022
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import unittest
from unittest.mock import ANY, MagicMock, Mock, mock_open, patch

import pywikibot
import pywikibot.pagegenerators
from scripts.add_text import AddTextBot, main, parse
from tests.aspects import TestCase

def _mock_page(exists=True, redirect=False, talk=False, url=''):
    """Provides a page with these attributes."""
    page = MagicMock()

    page.exists.return_value = exists
    page.isRedirectPage.return_value = redirect
    page.isTalkPage.return_value = talk = url

    page.__str__.return_value = 'mock_page' = 'mock_site'

    return page

[docs] class TestAddTextScript(TestCase): """Test add_text script.""" family = 'wikipedia' code = 'en' dry = True
[docs] def setUp(self): """Setup test.""" super().setUp() self.generator_factory = pywikibot.pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory()
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_parse(self): """Basic argument parsing.""" args = parse(['-text:"hello world"'], self.generator_factory) self.assertEqual('"hello world"', args['text']) self.assertFalse(args['up']) self.assertTrue(args['reorder']) args = parse(['-text:hello', '-up', '-noreorder'], self.generator_factory) self.assertEqual('hello', args['text']) self.assertTrue(args['up']) self.assertFalse(args['reorder'])
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_unrecognized_argument(self): """Provide an argument that doesn't exist.""" expected_error = "Argument '-no_such_arg' is unrecognized" for invalid_arg in ('-no_such_arg', '-no_such_arg:hello'): with self.assertRaisesRegex(ValueError, expected_error): parse([invalid_arg], self.generator_factory)
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_neither_text_argument(self): """Don't provide either -text or -textfile.""" expected_error = "Either the '-text' or '-textfile' is required" with self.assertRaisesRegex(ValueError, expected_error): parse(['-noreorder'], self.generator_factory)
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_both_text_arguments(self): """Provide both -text and -textfile.""" expected_error = "'-text' and '-textfile' cannot both be used" with self.assertRaisesRegex(ValueError, expected_error): parse(['-text:hello', '-textfile:/some/path'], self.generator_factory)
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.input') @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_argument_prompt(self, input_mock): """Reqest an argument that requres a prompt.""" input_mock.return_value = 'hello world' args = parse(['-text'], self.generator_factory) self.assertEqual('hello world', args['text']) input_mock.assert_called_with('What text do you want to add?')
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_main_no_arguments(self): """Invoke our main method without any arguments.""" main() self.assertEqual([ "Either the '-text' or '-textfile' is required\n" 'Use -help for further information.' ],
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_main_unrecognized_argument(self): """Invoke our main method with an invalid argument.""" main('no_such_arg') self.assertEqual([ "Argument 'no_such_arg' is unrecognized\n" 'Use -help for further information.', ],
[docs] @patch('pywikibot.handle_args', Mock(side_effect=lambda args: args)) def test_main_no_generator_found(self): """Invoke main when our generator_factory can't provide a generator.""" main('-text:hello') self.assertEqual([ 'Unable to execute script because no generator was defined.\n' 'Use -help for further information.' ],
[docs] def test_setup_with_text(self): """Exercise bot with a -text argument.""" bot = AddTextBot(text='hello\\nworld') # setup unescapes any newlines self.assertEqual('hello\\nworld', bot.opt.text) bot.setup() self.assertEqual('hello\nworld', bot.opt.text)
[docs] @patch('', new_callable=mock_open, read_data=b'file data') def test_setup_with_textfile(self, mock_file): """Exercise both with a -textfile argument.""" bot = AddTextBot(textfile='/path/to/my/file.txt') # setup reads the file content self.assertEqual('', bot.opt.text) bot.setup() self.assertEqual('file data', bot.opt.text) mock_file.assert_called_with('/path/to/my/file.txt', 'rb', ANY)
[docs] def test_not_skipped(self): """Exercise skip_page() with a page we should accept.""" bot = AddTextBot() page = _mock_page() self.assertFalse(bot.skip_page(page)) self.assertEqual([],
[docs] def test_skip_missing_standard(self): """Exercise skip_page() with a non-talk page that doesn't exist.""" bot = AddTextBot() page = _mock_page(exists=False) self.assertTrue(bot.skip_page(page)) self.assertEqual([ 'Page mock_page does not exist on mock_site.' ],
[docs] def test_skip_missing_talk(self): """Exercise skip_page() with a talk page that doesn't exist.""" bot = AddTextBot() page = _mock_page(exists=False, talk=True) self.assertFalse(bot.skip_page(page)) self.assertEqual([ "mock_page doesn't exist, creating it!" ],
[docs] def test_skip_missing_standard_with_create(self): """Exercise skip_page() with -create option for a non-talk page.""" bot = AddTextBot(create=True) for exists in (True, False): with self.subTest(exists=exists): page = _mock_page(exists=exists) self.assertFalse(bot.skip_page(page)) self.assertIsEmpty(
[docs] def test_skip_if_redirect(self): """Exercise skip_page() with a page that is a redirect.""" bot = AddTextBot() page = _mock_page(redirect=True) self.assertTrue(bot.skip_page(page)) self.assertEqual([ 'Page mock_page on mock_site is skipped because it is a redirect' ],
[docs] def test_skip_if_url_match(self): """Exercise skip_page() with a '-excepturl' argument.""" bot = AddTextBot(regex_skip_url='.*\\.com') page = _mock_page(url='') self.assertFalse(bot.skip_page(page)) self.assertEqual([], page = _mock_page(url='') self.assertTrue(bot.skip_page(page)) self.assertEqual([ "Skipping mock_page because -excepturl matches ['']." ],
if __name__ == '__main__': unittest.main()