Source code for version

"""Module to determine the pywikibot version (tag, revision and date)."""
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2007-2024
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
from __future__ import annotations

import datetime
import json
import os
import pathlib
import socket
import sqlite3
import subprocess
import sys
import sysconfig
import time
from contextlib import closing, suppress
from importlib import import_module
from pathlib import Path
from warnings import warn

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import config
from pywikibot.backports import cache
from pywikibot.comms.http import fetch
from pywikibot.exceptions import VersionParseError
from import deprecated, suppress_warnings
from import _NotImplementedWarning

def _get_program_dir() -> str:
    return os.path.normpath(os.path.split(os.path.dirname(__file__))[0])

[docs] @deprecated(since='9.0.0') def get_toolforge_hostname() -> str | None: """Get hostname of the current Toolforge host. .. versionadded:: 3.0 .. deprecated:: 9.0 :return: The hostname of the currently running host, if it is in Wikimedia Toolforge; otherwise return None. """ if socket.getfqdn().endswith(''): return socket.gethostname() return None
[docs] def getversion(online: bool = True) -> str: """Return a pywikibot version string. :param online: Include information obtained online """ branches = { 'master': 'branches/master', 'stable': 'branches/stable', } data = getversiondict() data['cmp_ver'] = 'n/a' local_hsh = data.get('hsh', '') hsh = {} if online: if not local_hsh: data['cmp_ver'] = 'UNKNOWN' else: for branch, path in branches.items(): with suppress(VersionParseError): hsh[getversion_onlinerepo(path)] = branch if hsh: data['cmp_ver'] = hsh.get(local_hsh, 'OUTDATED') data['hsh'] = local_hsh[:7] # make short hash from full hash return '{tag} ({hsh}, {rev}, {date}, {cmp_ver})'.format_map(data)
[docs] @cache def getversiondict() -> dict[str, str]: """Get version info for the package. :return: - tag (name for the repository), - rev (current revision identifier), - date (date of current revision), - hash (git hash for the current revision) """ _program_dir = _get_program_dir() exceptions = {} for vcs_func in (getversion_git, getversion_svn, getversion_nightly, getversion_package): try: with suppress_warnings( f'.*({vcs_func.__name__}|svn_rev_info) is deprecated since ' 'release 9.1.', _NotImplementedWarning): tag, rev, date, hsh = vcs_func(_program_dir) except Exception as e: exceptions[vcs_func] = vcs_func.__name__, e else: break else: # pragma: no cover # nothing worked; version unknown (but suppress exceptions) # the value is most likely '$Id' + '$', it means that # pywikibot was imported without using version control at all. tag, rev, date, hsh = ( '', '-1 (unknown)', '0 (unknown)', '(unknown)') warn(f'Unable to detect version; exceptions raised:\n{exceptions!r}', UserWarning) exceptions = None # Git and SVN can silently fail, as it may be a nightly. if exceptions: # pragma: no cover pywikibot.debug(f'version algorithm exceptions:\n{exceptions!r}') if isinstance(date, str): datestring = date elif isinstance(date, time.struct_time): datestring = time.strftime('%Y/%m/%d, %H:%M:%S', date) else: # pragma: no cover warn('Unable to detect package date', UserWarning) datestring = '-2 (unknown)' return {'tag': tag, 'rev': rev, 'date': datestring, 'hsh': hsh}
[docs] @deprecated(since='9.1') def svn_rev_info(path): """Fetch information about the current revision of a Subversion checkout. .. deprecated:: 9.1 update to git repository. .. versionchanged:: 9.1 drop support for svn 1.6 and older. :param path: directory of the Subversion checkout :return: - tag (name for the repository), - rev (current Subversion revision identifier), - date (date of current revision), :rtype: ``tuple`` of two ``str`` and a ``time.struct_time`` """ if not os.path.isdir(os.path.join(path, '.svn')): path = os.path.join(path, '..') with closing( sqlite3.connect(os.path.join(path, '.svn/wc.db'))) as con: cur = con.cursor() cur.execute("""select local_relpath, repos_path, revision, changed_date, checksum from nodes order by revision desc, changed_date desc""") _name, tag, rev, date, _checksum = cur.fetchone() cur.execute('select root from repository') tag, = cur.fetchone() tag = os.path.split(tag)[1] date = time.gmtime(date / 1_000_000) return tag, rev, date
[docs] @deprecated(since='9.1') def getversion_svn(path=None): """Get version info for a Subversion checkout. .. deprecated:: 9.1 update to git repository. :param path: directory of the Subversion checkout :return: - tag (name for the repository), - rev (current Subversion revision identifier), - date (date of current revision), - hash '(unknown)' :rtype: ``tuple`` of three ``str`` and a ``time.struct_time`` """ _program_dir = path or _get_program_dir() tag, rev, date = svn_rev_info(_program_dir) rev = f's{rev}' if (not date or not tag or not rev) and not path: raise VersionParseError return (tag, rev, date, '(unknown)')
[docs] def getversion_git(path=None): """Get version info for a Git clone. :param path: directory of the Git checkout :return: - tag (name for the repository), - rev (current revision identifier), - date (date of current revision), - hash (git hash for the current revision) :rtype: ``tuple`` of three ``str`` and a ``time.struct_time`` """ _program_dir = path or _get_program_dir() cmd = 'git' try: subprocess.Popen([cmd], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate() except OSError: # some Windows git versions provide git.cmd instead of git.exe cmd = 'git.cmd' with open(os.path.join(_program_dir, '.git/config')) as f: tag = # Try 'origin' and then 'gerrit' as remote name; bail if can't find either. remote_pos = tag.find('[remote "origin"]') if remote_pos == -1: remote_pos = tag.find('[remote "gerrit"]') if remote_pos == -1: tag = '?' else: s = tag.find('url = ', remote_pos) e = tag.find('\n', s) tag = tag[(s + 6):e] t = tag.strip().split('/') tag = f"[{t[0][:-1]}] {'-'.join(t[3:])}" dp = subprocess.Popen([cmd, '--no-pager', 'log', '-1', '--pretty=format:"%ad|%an|%h|%H|%d"', '--abbrev-commit', '--date=iso'], cwd=_program_dir, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) info, _ = dp.communicate() info = info.decode(config.console_encoding).split('|') date = info[0][:-6] date = time.strptime(date.strip('"'), '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') dp = subprocess.Popen([cmd, 'rev-list', 'HEAD'], cwd=_program_dir, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) rev, stderr = dp.communicate() rev = f'g{len(rev.splitlines())}' hsh = info[3] # also stored in '.git/refs/heads/master' if (not date or not tag or not rev) and not path: raise VersionParseError return (tag, rev, date, hsh)
[docs] def getversion_nightly(path: str | Path | None = None): """Get version info for a nightly release. .. hint:: the version informations of the nightly dump is stored in the ``version`` file within the ``pywikibot`` folder. :param path: directory of the uncompressed nightly. :return: - tag (name for the repository), - rev (current revision identifier), - date (date of current revision), - hash (git hash for the current revision) :rtype: ``tuple`` of three ``str`` and a ``time.struct_time`` """ file = Path(path or _get_program_dir()) if not path: file /= 'pywikibot' # pragma: no cover file /= 'version' with as data: (tag, rev, date, hsh) = date = time.strptime(date[:19], '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S') if not date or not tag or not rev: raise VersionParseError # pragma: no cover return (tag, rev, date, hsh)
[docs] def getversion_package(path=None) -> tuple[str, str, str, str]: """Get version info for an installed package. :param path: Unused argument :return: - tag: 'pywikibot/' - rev: '-1 (unknown)' - date (date the package was installed locally), - hash (git hash for the current revision of 'pywikibot/') """ hsh = '' date = get_module_mtime(pywikibot).timetuple() tag = 'pywikibot/' rev = '-1 (unknown)' return (tag, rev, date, hsh)
[docs] def getversion_onlinerepo(path: str = 'branches/master') -> str: """Retrieve current framework git hash from Gerrit.""" # Gerrit API responses include )]}' at the beginning, # make sure to strip it out buf = fetch( '' + path, headers={'user-agent': '{pwb}'}).text[4:] try: return json.loads(buf)['revision'] except Exception as e: # pragma: no cover raise VersionParseError(f'{e!r} while parsing {buf!r}')
[docs] def get_module_filename(module) -> str | None: """ Retrieve filename from an imported pywikibot module. It uses the __file__ attribute of the module. If it's file extension ends with py and another character the last character is discarded when the py file exist. :param module: The module instance. :type module: module :return: The filename if it's a pywikibot module otherwise None. """ if hasattr(module, '__file__'): filename = module.__file__ if not filename or not os.path.exists(filename): return None program_dir = _get_program_dir() if filename.startswith(program_dir): return filename return None
[docs] def get_module_mtime(module): """ Retrieve the modification time from an imported module. :param module: The module instance. :type module: module :return: The modification time if it's a pywikibot module otherwise None. :rtype: datetime or None """ filename = get_module_filename(module) if filename: return datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(os.stat(filename).st_mtime) return None
[docs] def package_versions( modules: list[str] | None = None, builtins: bool | None = False, standard_lib: bool | None = None, ): """Retrieve package version information. When builtins or standard_lib are None, they will be included only if a version was found in the package. :param modules: Modules to inspect :param builtins: Include builtins :param standard_lib: Include standard library packages """ if not modules: modules = sys.modules.keys() std_lib_dir = pathlib.Path(sysconfig.get_paths()['stdlib']) root_packages = {key.split('.')[0] for key in modules} builtin_packages = {name.split('.')[0] for name in root_packages if name in sys.builtin_module_names or '_' + name in sys.builtin_module_names} # Improve performance by removing builtins from the list if possible. if builtins is False: root_packages -= builtin_packages std_lib_packages = [] paths = {} data = {} for name in root_packages: try: package = import_module(name) except ImportError as e: data[name] = {'name': name, 'err': e} continue info = {'package': package, 'name': name} if name in builtin_packages: info['type'] = 'builtins' if '__file__' in package.__dict__: # Determine if this file part is of the standard library. # possible Namespace package if not hasattr(package, '__file__') or package.__file__ is None: _file = None _path = pathlib.Path(package.__path__[0]) else: _file = pathlib.Path(package.__file__) _path = _file.parent if _path == std_lib_dir: std_lib_packages.append(name) if standard_lib is False: continue info['type'] = 'standard library' # Strip '' from the filename. if (not hasattr(package, '__file__') or package.__file__ is None or == ''): path = _path else: path = _file info['path'] = path assert path not in paths, \ 'Path {} of the package {} is in defined paths as {}' \ .format(path, name, paths[path]) paths[path] = name if '__version__' in package.__dict__: info['ver'] = package.__version__ elif name.startswith('unicodedata'): info['ver'] = package.unidata_version # If builtins or standard_lib is None, # only include package if a version was found. if builtins is None and name in builtin_packages \ or standard_lib is None and name in std_lib_packages: if 'ver' in info: data[name] = info else: # Remove the entry from paths, so it isn't processed below del paths[info['path']] else: data[name] = info # Remove any pywikibot sub-modules which were loaded as a package. # e.g. '' is loaded as 'wikipedia' _program_dir = _get_program_dir() dir_parts = pathlib.Path(_program_dir).parts length = len(dir_parts) for path, name in paths.items(): lib_parts = if dir_parts != lib_parts[:length]: continue if lib_parts[length] != '.tox': del data[name] return data