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 NWikibaseBasic unit storage functionality
 CChangeInterface for objects representing changes
 CChangeNotificationJobJob for notifying a client wiki of a batch of changes on the repository
 CChangeRowClass representing a single change (ie a row in the wb_changes)
 CChunkAccessInterface for DAO objects providing chunked access based on sequential indexes
 CChunkCacheInterface for DAO objects providing chunked access
 CClaimSummaryBuilderEditSummary-Builder for claim operations
 CClientHooksFile defining the hook handlers for the Wikibase Client extension
 CClientStoreClient store interface
 CCreateBlacklistedItemsMaintenance script for creating blacklisted items
 CDataTypeSelectorData provider for the property type (a.k.a
 CDiffChangeClass for changes that can be represented as a Diff
 CDirectSqlStoreImplementation of the client store interface using direct access to the repository's database via MediaWiki's foreign wiki mechanism as implemented by LBFactoryMulti
 CDispatchChangesMaintenance script that polls for Wikibase changes in the shared wb_changes table and dispatches the relevant changes to any client wikis' job queues
 CDispatchStatsUtility class for collecting dispatch statistics
 CDumpScriptMaintenance script for generating a dump of entities in the repository
 CEditEntityHandler for editing activity, providing a unified interface for saving modified entities while performing permission checks and handling edit conflicts
 CEditEntityActionHandles the edit action for Wikibase entities
 CEntityChangeRepresents a change for an entity; to be extended by various change subtypes
 CEntityContentAbstract content object for articles representing Wikibase entities
 CEntityFactoryFactory for new, empty Entity objects
 CEntityRevisionRepresents a revision of a Wikibase entity
 CHistoryEntityActionHandles the history action for Wikibase entities
 CIdGeneratorGenerates a new unique numeric id for the provided type
 CItemContentContent object for articles representing Wikibase items
 CItemDisambiguationClass representing the disambiguation of a list of WikibaseItems
 CLabelDescriptionDuplicateDetectorDetector of label/description uniqueness constraint violations
 CLanguageFallbackChainFIXME: this class is not a language fallback chain
 CLanguageFallbackChainFactoryObject creating LanguageFallbackChain objects in Wikibase
 CLanguageWithConversionObject representing either a verbatim language or a converted language
 CLibHooksFile defining the hook handlers for the WikibaseLib extension
 CNamespaceCheckerChecks if a namespace in Wikibase Client shall have wikibase links, etc., based on settings
 CNoLangLinkHandlerHandles the NOEXTERNALLANGLINKS parser function
 COutputPageJsConfigBuilderHandles adding user-specific or other js config to OutputPage
 CPopulateChangesSubscriptionMaintenance script for populating wb_changes_subscription based on the wb_items_per_site table
 CPopulateEntityUsageMaintenance script for populating wbc_entity_usage based on the page_props table
 CPopulateInterwikiMaintenance script that populates the interwiki table with list of sites as exists on Wikipedia, so interwiki links render properly
 CPopulateSitesTableMaintenance script for populating the Sites table from another wiki that runs the SiteMatrix extension
 CPropertyContentContent object for articles representing Wikibase properties
 CPropertyInfoBuilderClass to build the information about a property
 CPropertyInfoTableBuilderUtility class for rebuilding the wb_property_info table
 CPruneChangesPrune the Wikibase changes table to a maximum number of entries
 CRebuildPropertyInfoMaintenance script for rebuilding the property info table
 CRebuildTermsSearchKeyMaintenance script for rebuilding the search key of the TermSQLCache
 CRedirectRevisionRepresents a revision of a Wikibase redirect
 CRepoAccessModuleJavaScript variables needed to access the repo independent from the current working wiki
 CRepoHooksFile defining the hook handlers for the Wikibase extension
 CSettingsArrayClass representing a collection of settings
 CSiteModuleProvides information about the current (client) site
 CSqlIdGeneratorUnique Id generator implemented using an SQL table
 CSqlStoreImplementation of the store interface using an SQL backend via MediaWiki's storage abstraction layer
 CStatementRankSerializerSerializer and Deserializer for Statement Ranks
 CStoreStore interface
 CStoreFactoryFactory for obtaining a store instance
 CStringNormalizerStringNormalizer provides several methods for normalizing strings
 CSubmitEntityActionHandles the submit action for Wikibase entities
 CSummaryA Summary object can be used to build complex, translatable summaries
 CSummaryFormatterFormatter for Summary objects
 CTermIndexInterface to a cache for terms with both write and lookup methods
 CTermIndexEntryObject representing a term index entry
 CTermPropertyLabelResolverResolves property labels (which are unique per language) into entity IDs using a TermIndex
 CTermSearchKeyBuilderUtility class for rebuilding the term_search_key field
 CTermSqlIndexTerm lookup cache
 CUpdateSubscriptionsMaintenance script for inserting subscriptions into wb_changes_subscription based on the wbc_entity_usage table
 CViewEntityActionHandles the view action for Wikibase entities
 CWikibaseWikibase WikibaseStore