MediaWiki Wikibase extension
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Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NDataValuesWikibase extension Code relating to the DataValues composer packages
 NWikibaseRoot namespace for the Wikibase extension
 NBuildCode that only relates to the development in Wikibase.git
 NClientRoot namespace for Client extension code
 NDataAccessRoot namespace for DataAccess component code
 NLibRoot namespace for Lib extension code
 NRdfEverything RDF related
 NRepoRoot namespace for Repo extension code
 NTestsRoot namespace for test code that is not part of one of the extensions
 NViewRoot namespace for View extension code
 CPopulateEntityUsageMaintenance script for populating wbc_entity_usage based on the page_props table
 CUpdateSubscriptionsMaintenance script for inserting subscriptions into wb_changes_subscription based on the wbc_entity_usage table