MediaWiki Wikibase extension
Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NDataValuesWikibase extension Code relating to the DataValues composer packages
 NWikibaseRoot namespace for the Wikibase extension
 NBuildCode that only relates to the development in Wikibase.git
 NClientRoot namespace for Client extension code
 NApiClient integration with MediaWiki's Action API
 NChangesHandling for EntityChanges from a Repo
 NDataAccessAccessing Repo data from a Client
 NDataBridgeRoot namespace for the CLient component DataBridge
 NHooksClient handling of MediaWiki's Hooks
 NNotificationsClient integration with the Echo extension
 NParserOutputParserOutput integration for Client pages that use Repo entities
 NRecentChangesDisplay of Repo changes on a Client RecentChanges page
 NSpecialsClient integration with MediaWiki's Special pages
 NTestsRoot namespace for Client extension test code
 NUpdateRepoUpdates to a Repo after events on a Client
 NUsageTracking the usage of Repo entities on a Client (see
 NDataAccessRoot namespace for DataAccess component code
 NTestsRoot namespace for DataAccess component test code
 NLibRoot namespace for Lib extension code
 NInteractorsVarious random 'Interactors' that do 'things' (ill defined)
 NParserFunctionsLib implementations of MediaWiki's Parser functions
 NReportingHandling and reporting exceptions
 NSitesManagement of a the MediaWiki SiteStore
 NTestsRoot namespace for Lib extension test code
 NRdfEverything RDF related
 NRepoRoot namespace for Repo extension code
 NApiRepo implementations of MediaWiki's Action API
 NContentRepo integration with MediaWiki's Content mechanism
 NDumpersCode relating to dumping Repo entities
 NEditEntityInterfaces and Implementations for editing Wikibase entities
 NHooksRepo handling of MediaWiki's Hooks
 NInteractorsVarious random 'Interactors' that do 'things' (ill defined)
 NMaintenanceRepo integration with MediaWiki's maintenance scripts
 NNotifications'Notifications' of Repo changes to Client sites
 NParserOutputParserOutput integration for pages that are entities
 NSearchEntity search on a Repo
 NSpecialsRepo integration with MediaWiki's Special pages
 NTestsRoot namespace for Repo extension test code
 NTestsRoot namespace for test code that is not part of one of the extensions
 NViewRoot namespace for View extension code
 NTermboxRoot namespace for View component Termbox
 NTestsRoot namespace for View extension test code