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 NMediaWikiA helper class for throttling authentication attempts
 NWikimediaThis program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
 CAbstractContentBase implementation for content objects
 CActionActions are things which can be done to pages (edit, delete, rollback, etc)
 CActiveUsersPagerThis class is used to get a list of active users
 CActivityUpdateJobJob for updating user activity like "last viewed" timestamps
 CActorMigrationThis class handles the logic for the actor table migration
 CAddChangeTagAdds a change tag to the wiki
 CAddRFCandPMIDInterwikiRun automatically with update.php
 CAddSiteMaintenance script for adding a site definition into the sites table
 CAjaxDispatcherObject-Oriented Ajax functions
 CAjaxResponseHandle responses for Ajax requests (send headers, print content, that sort of thing)
 CAllMessagesTablePagerUse TablePager for prettified output
 CAllTransMaintenance script that gets all messages as defined by the English language file
 CAlphabeticPagerIndexPager with an alphabetic list and a formatted navigation bar
 CAnsiTermColorerTerminal that supports ANSI escape sequences
 CAPCUBagOStuffThis is a wrapper for APCU's shared memory functions
 CApiAMCreateAccountCreate an account with AuthManager
 CApiAuthManagerHelperHelper class for AuthManager-using API modules
 CApiBaseThis abstract class implements many basic API functions, and is the base of all API classes
 CApiBlockAPI module that facilitates the blocking of users
 CApiChangeAuthenticationDataChange authentication data with AuthManager
 CApiClearHasMsgAPI module that clears the hasmsg flag for current user
 CApiClientLoginLog in to the wiki with AuthManager
 CApiContinuationManagerThis manages continuation state
 CApiCSPReportApi module to receive and log CSP violation reports
 CApiDeleteAPI module that facilitates deleting pages
 CApiDisabledAPI module that dies with an error immediately
 CApiEditPageA module that allows for editing and creating pages
 CApiEmailUserAPI Module to facilitate sending of emails to users
 CApiErrorFormatterFormats errors and warnings for the API, and add them to the associated ApiResult
 CApiErrorFormatter_BackCompatFormat errors and warnings in the old style, for backwards compatibility
 CApiExpandTemplatesAPI module that functions as a shortcut to the wikitext preprocessor
 CApiFeedRecentChangesRecent changes feed
 CApiFeedWatchlistThis action allows users to get their watchlist items in RSS/Atom formats
 CApiFormatBaseThis is the abstract base class for API formatters
 CApiFormatFeedWrapperThis printer is used to wrap an instance of the Feed class
 CApiFormatJsonAPI JSON output formatter
 CApiFormatNoneFormatter that outputs nothing, for when you don't care about the response at all
 CApiFormatPhpAPI Serialized PHP output formatter
 CApiFormatRawFormatter that spits out anything you like with any desired MIME type
 CApiHelpClass to output help for an API module
 CApiHelpParamValueMessageMessage subclass that prepends wikitext for API help
 CApiImportAPI module that imports an XML file like Special:Import does
 CApiImportReporterImport reporter for the API
 CApiLinkAccountLink an account with AuthManager
 CApiLoginUnit to authenticate log-in attempts to the current wiki
 CApiLogoutAPI module to allow users to log out of the wiki
 CApiMainThis is the main API class, used for both external and internal processing
 CApiMergeHistoryAPI Module to merge page histories
 CApiMessageExtension of Message implementing IApiMessage
 CApiModuleManagerThis class holds a list of modules and handles instantiation
 CApiMoveAPI Module to move pages
 CApiOptionsAPI module that facilitates the changing of user's preferences
 CApiPageSetThis class contains a list of pages that the client has requested
 CApiPatrolAllows user to patrol pages
 CApiPurgeAPI interface for page purging
 CApiQueryThis is the main query class
 CApiQueryAllCategoriesQuery module to enumerate all categories, even the ones that don't have category pages
 CApiQueryAllDeletedRevisionsQuery module to enumerate all deleted revisions
 CApiQueryAllImagesQuery module to enumerate all available pages
 CApiQueryAllLinksQuery module to enumerate links from all pages together
 CApiQueryAllMessagesA query action to return messages from site message cache
 CApiQueryAllPagesQuery module to enumerate all available pages
 CApiQueryAllRevisionsQuery module to enumerate all revisions
 CApiQueryAllUsersQuery module to enumerate all registered users
 CApiQueryAuthManagerInfoA query action to return meta information about AuthManager state
 CApiQueryBacklinksThis is a three-in-one module to query:
 CApiQueryBacklinkspropThis implements prop=redirects, prop=linkshere, prop=catmembers, prop=transcludedin, and prop=fileusage
 CApiQueryBaseThis is a base class for all Query modules
 CApiQueryBlocksQuery module to enumerate all user blocks
 CApiQueryCategoriesA query module to enumerate categories the set of pages belong to
 CApiQueryCategoryInfoThis query adds the "<categories>" subelement to all pages with the list of categories the page is in
 CApiQueryCategoryMembersA query module to enumerate pages that belong to a category
 CApiQueryContributorsA query module to show contributors to a page
 CApiQueryDeletedRevisionsQuery module to enumerate deleted revisions for pages
 CApiQueryDeletedrevsQuery module to enumerate all deleted revisions
 CApiQueryDisabledAPI module that does nothing
 CApiQueryDuplicateFilesA query module to list duplicates of the given file(s)
 CApiQueryExternalLinksA query module to list all external URLs found on a given set of pages
 CApiQueryFilearchiveQuery module to enumerate all deleted files
 CApiQueryFileRepoInfoA query action to return meta information about the foreign file repos configured on the wiki
 CApiQueryImageInfoA query action to get image information and upload history
 CApiQueryImagesThis query adds an "<images>" subelement to all pages with the list of images embedded into those pages
 CApiQueryInfoA query module to show basic page information
 CApiQueryIWBacklinksThis gives links pointing to the given interwiki
 CApiQueryIWLinksA query module to list all interwiki links on a page
 CApiQueryLangBacklinksThis gives links pointing to the given interwiki
 CApiQueryLangLinksA query module to list all langlinks (links to corresponding foreign language pages)
 CApiQueryLanguageinfoAPI module to enumerate language information
 CApiQueryLinksA query module to list all wiki links on a given set of pages
 CApiQueryLogEventsQuery action to List the log events, with optional filtering by various parameters
 CApiQueryMyStashedFilesAction=query&list=mystashedfiles module, gets all stashed files for the current user
 CApiQueryPagePropNamesA query module to list used page props
 CApiQueryPagePropsA query module to show basic page information
 CApiQueryPagesWithPropA query module to enumerate pages that use a particular prop
 CApiQueryProtectedTitlesQuery module to enumerate all create-protected pages
 CApiQueryQueryPageQuery module to get the results of a QueryPage-based special page
 CApiQueryRandomQuery module to get list of random pages
 CApiQueryRecentChangesA query action to enumerate the recent changes that were done to the wiki
 CApiQueryRevisionsA query action to enumerate revisions of a given page, or show top revisions of multiple pages
 CApiQueryRevisionsBaseA base class for functions common to producing a list of revisions
 CApiQuerySearchQuery module to perform full text search within wiki titles and content
 CApiQueryStashImageInfoA query action to get image information from temporarily stashed files
 CApiQueryTagsQuery module to enumerate change tags
 CApiQueryTokensModule to fetch tokens via action=query&meta=tokens
 CApiQueryUserContribsThis query action adds a list of a specified user's contributions to the output
 CApiQueryUserInfoQuery module to get information about the currently logged-in user
 CApiQueryUsersQuery module to get information about a list of users
 CApiQueryWatchlistThis query action allows clients to retrieve a list of recently modified pages that are part of the logged-in user's watchlist
 CApiQueryWatchlistRawThis query action allows clients to retrieve a list of pages on the logged-in user's watchlist
 CApiRawMessageExtension of RawMessage implementing IApiMessage
 CApiRemoveAuthenticationDataRemove authentication data from AuthManager
 CApiResetPasswordReset password, with AuthManager
 CApiResultThis class represents the result of the API operations
 CApiRevisionDeleteAPI interface to RevDel
 CApiRsdAPI module for sending out RSD information
 CApiSerializableThis interface allows for overriding the default conversion applied by ApiResult::validateValue()
 CApiSetNotificationTimestampAPI interface for setting the wl_notificationtimestamp field
 CApiSetPageLanguageAPI module that facilitates changing the language of a page
 CApiStashEditPrepare an edit in shared cache so that it can be reused on edit
 CApiUnblockAPI module that facilitates the unblocking of users
 CApiUsageExceptionException used to abort API execution with an error
 CApiWatchAPI module to allow users to watch a page
 CArchivedFileClass representing a row of the 'filearchive' table
 CArgon2PasswordImplements Argon2, a modern key derivation algorithm designed to resist GPU cracking and side-channel attacks
 CArrayDiffFormatterA pseudo-formatter that just passes along the Diff::$edits array
 CArrayUtilsA collection of static methods to play with arrays
 CArticleClass for viewing MediaWiki article and history
 CAssembleUploadChunksJobAssemble the segments of a chunked upload
 CAtomFeedGenerate an Atom feed
 CAtomicSectionUpdateDeferrable Update for closure/callback updates via IDatabase::doAtomicSection()
 CAttachLatestMaintenance script to correct wrong values in the page_latest field in the database
 CAugmentPagePropsAugment search result set with values of certain page props
 CAuthManagerSpecialPageA special page subclass for authentication-related special pages
 CAutoCommitUpdateDeferrable Update for closure/callback updates that should use auto-commit mode
 CAutoLoaderLocations of core classes Extension classes are specified with $wgAutoloadClasses This array is a global instead of a static member of AutoLoader to work around a bug in APC
 CAutoloadGeneratorAccepts a list of files and directories to search for php files and generates $wgAutoloadLocalClasses or $wgAutoloadClasses lines for all detected classes
 CAutopromoteThis class checks if user can get extra rights because of conditions specified in $wgAutopromote
 CAvroValidatorGenerate error strings for data that doesn't match the specified Avro schema
 CBacklinkCacheClass for fetching backlink lists, approximate backlink counts and partitions
 CBacklinkJobUtilsClass with Backlink related Job helper methods
 CBackupReaderMaintenance script that imports XML dump files into the current wiki
 CBadRequestErrorAn error page that emits an HTTP 400 Bad Request status code
 CBadTitleErrorShow an error page on a badtitle
 CBagOStuffClass representing a cache/ephemeral data store
 CBaseDumpReadahead helper for making large MediaWiki data dumps; reads in a previous XML dump to sequentially prefetch text records already normalized and decompressed
 CBaseSearchResultSetBaseSearchResultSet is the base class that must be extended by SearchEngine search result set implementations
 CBaseTemplateNew base template for a skin's template extended from QuickTemplate this class features helper methods that provide common ways of interacting with the data stored in the QuickTemplate
 CBcryptPasswordA Bcrypt-hashed password
 CBenchHttpHttpsMaintenance script that benchmarks HTTP request vs HTTPS request
 CBenchIfSwitchMaintenance script that benchmark if elseif..
 CBenchmarkCSSMinMaintenance script that benchmarks CSSMin
 CBenchmarkDeleteTruncateMaintenance script that benchmarks SQL DELETE vs SQL TRUNCATE
 CBenchmarkerBase class for benchmark scripts
 CBenchmarkHooksMaintenance script that benchmarks MediaWiki hooks
 CBenchmarkJavaScriptMinifierMaintenance script that benchmarks JavaScriptMinifier
 CBenchmarkJSMinPlusMaintenance script that benchmarks JSMinPlus
 CBenchmarkLruHashMaintenance script that benchmarks HashBagOStuff and MapCacheLRU
 CBenchmarkParseMaintenance script to benchmark how long it takes to parse a given title at an optionally specified timestamp
 CBenchmarkPurgeMaintenance script that benchmarks CDN purge
 CBenchmarkSanitizerMaintenance script that benchmarks Sanitizer methods
 CBenchmarkStringReplacementMaintenance script that benchmarks string replacement methods
 CBenchmarkTitleValueMaintenance script that benchmarks TitleValue vs Title
 CBenchWfIsWindowsMaintenance script that benchmarks wfIsWindows()
 CBenchWikimediaBaseConvertMaintenance script that benchmarks Wikimedia\base_convert()
 CBitmapHandlerGeneric handler for bitmap images
 CBitmapHandler_ClientOnlyHandler for bitmap images that will be resized by clients
 CBitmapMetadataHandlerClass to deal with reconciling and extracting metadata from bitmap images
 CBlockLogFormatterThis class formats block log entries
 CBmpHandlerHandler for Microsoft's bitmap format; getimagesize() doesn't support these files
 CBotPasswordUtility class for bot passwords
 CBufferingStatsdDataFactoryA factory for application metric data
 CCachedActionAbstract action class with scaffolding for caching HTML and other values in a single blob
 CCachedBagOStuffWrapper around a BagOStuff that caches data in memory
 CCacheHelperHelper class for caching various elements in a single cache entry
 CCacheTimeParser cache specific expiry check
 CCannotCreateActorExceptionException thrown when an actor can't be created
 CCategoriesRdfHelper class to produce RDF representation of categories
 CCategoryCategory objects are immutable, strictly speaking
 CCategoryChangesAsRdfMaintenance script to provide RDF representation of the recent changes in category tree
 CCategoryFinderThe "CategoryFinder" class takes a list of articles, creates an internal representation of all their parent categories (as well as parents of parents etc.)
 CCategoryMembershipChangeJobJob to add recent change entries mentioning category membership changes
 CCdnCacheUpdateHandles purging the appropriate CDN objects given a list of URLs or Title instances
 CCdnPurgeJobJob to purge a set of URLs from CDN
 CCentralIdLookupThe CentralIdLookup service allows for connecting local users with cluster-wide IDs
 CCgzCopyTransactionClass to represent a recompression operation for a single CGZ blob
 CChangePasswordMaintenance script to change the password of a given user
 CChangesFeedFeed to Special:RecentChanges and Special:RecentChangesLinked
 CChangesListBooleanFilterRepresents a hide-based boolean filter (used on ChangesListSpecialPage and descendants)
 CChangesListBooleanFilterGroupIf the group is active, any unchecked filters will translate to hide parameters in the URL
 CChangesListFilterRepresents a filter (used on ChangesListSpecialPage and descendants)
 CChangesListFilterGroupRepresents a filter group (used on ChangesListSpecialPage and descendants)
 CChangesListSpecialPageSpecial page which uses a ChangesList to show query results
 CChangesListStringOptionsFilterAn individual filter in a ChangesListStringOptionsFilterGroup
 CChangesListStringOptionsFilterGroupRepresents a filter group with multiple string options
 CChangeTagsLogItemItem class for a logging table row with its associated change tags
 CChangeTagsLogListStores a list of taggable log entries
 CChangeTagsRevisionItemItem class for a live revision table row with its associated change tags
 CChangeTagsRevisionListStores a list of taggable revisions
 CCheckBadRedirectsMaintenance script to check that pages marked as being redirects really are
 CCheckComposerLockUpToDateChecks whether your composer-installed dependencies are up to date
 CCheckDependenciesChecks dependencies for extensions, mostly without loading them
 CCheckImagesMaintenance script to check images to see if they exist, are readable, etc
 CCheckStorageMaintenance script to do various checks on external storage
 CCheckUsernamesMaintenance script to check that database usernames are actually valid
 CClassCollectorReads PHP code and returns the FQCN of every class defined within it
 CCleanupAncientTablesMaintenance script to cleans up old database tables, dropping old indexes and fields
 CCleanupBlocksMaintenance script to clean up user blocks with user names not matching the 'user' table
 CCleanupCapsMaintenance script to clean up broken page links when somebody turns on or off $wgCapitalLinks
 CCleanupEmptyCategoriesMaintenance script to clean up empty categories in the category table
 CCleanupImagesMaintenance script to clean up broken, unparseable upload filenames
 CCleanupInvalidDbKeysMaintenance script that cleans up invalid titles in various tables
 CCleanupPreferencesMaintenance script that removes bogus preferences from the database
 CCleanupRemovedModulesMaintenance script to remove cache entries for removed ResourceLoader modules from the database
 CCleanupRevActorPageMaintenance script that cleans up cases where rev_page and revactor_page became desynced, e.g
 CCleanupSpamMaintenance script to cleanup all spam from a given hostname
 CCleanupUploadStashMaintenance script to remove old or broken uploads from temporary uploaded file storage and clean up associated database records
 CCleanupUsersWithNoIdMaintenance script that cleans up tables that have valid usernames with no user ID
 CCleanupWatchlistMaintenance script to remove broken, unparseable titles in the watchlist table
 CClearInterwikiCacheMaintenance script to clear the cache of interwiki prefixes for all local wikis
 CClearUserWatchlistJobJob to clear a users watchlist in batches
 CClearWatchlistNotificationsJobJob for clearing all of the "last viewed" timestamps for a user's watchlist, or setting them all to the same value
 CCLIParserMaintenance script to parse some wikitext
 CCodeCleanerGlobalsPassPrefix the real command with a bunch of 'global $VAR;' commands, one for each global
 CCodeContentHandlerContent handler for code content such as CSS, JavaScript, JSON, etc
 CCollationCkbWorkaround for the lack of support of Sorani Kurdish / Central Kurdish language ('ckb') in ICU
 CCommandLineInstallerMaintenance script to install and configure MediaWiki
 CCommentStoreCommentStore handles storage of comments (edit summaries, log reasons, etc) in the database
 CCommentStoreCommentCommentStoreComment represents a comment stored by CommentStore
 CCompareParsersMaintenance script to take page text out of an XML dump file and render basic HTML out to files
 CComposerInstalledReads an installed.json file and provides accessors to get what is installed
 CComposerJsonReads a composer.json file and provides accessors to get its hash and the required dependencies
 CComposerLockReads a composer.lock file and provides accessors to get its hash and what is installed
 CComposerPhpunitXmlCoverageEditThis program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
 CComposerVendorHtaccessCreatorCopyright (C) 2017 Kunal Mehta
 CCompressOldMaintenance script that compress the text of a wiki
 CConcatenatedGzipHistoryBlobConcatenated gzip (CGZ) storage Improves compression ratio by concatenating like objects before gzipping
 CConfigInterface for configuration instances
 CConfigExceptionExceptions for config failures
 CConfigFactoryFactory class to create Config objects
 CConfiguredReadOnlyModeA read-only mode service which does not depend on LoadBalancer
 CContentBase interface for content objects
 CContentHandlerA content handler knows how do deal with a specific type of content on a wiki page
 CContextSourceThe simplest way of implementing IContextSource is to hold a RequestContext as a member variable and provide accessors to it
 CConverterRuleThe rules used for language conversion, this processes the rules exctracted by Parser from the -{ }- wikitext syntax
 CConvertLinksMaintenance script to convert from the old links schema (string->ID) to the new schema (ID->ID)
 CConvertUserOptionsMaintenance script to convert user options to the new user_properties table
 CCookieJarCookie jar to use with MWHttpRequest
 CCopyFileBackendCopy all files in one container of one backend to another
 CCopyFileOpCopy a file from one storage path to another in the backend
 CCopyJobQueueCopy all jobs from one job queue system to another
 CCoreParserFunctionsVarious core parser functions, registered in Parser::firstCallInit()
 CCoreTagHooksVarious tag hooks, registered in Parser::firstCallInit()
 CCreateAndPromoteMaintenance script to create an account and grant it rights
 CCreateCommonPasswordCdbMaintenance script to create common password cdb database
 CCreateFileOpCreate a file in the backend with the given content
 CCrhConverterCrimean Tatar (Qırımtatarca) converter routines
 CCssContentContent object for CSS pages
 CCssContentHandlerContent handler for CSS pages
 CCsvStatsOutputCsv output
 CCurlHttpRequestMWHttpRequest implemented using internal curl compiled into PHP
 CCustomUppercaseCollationResort normal UTF-8 order by putting a bunch of stuff in PUA
 CDatabaseInstallerBase class for DBMS-specific installation helper classes
 CDatabaseLagMaintenance script to show database lag
 CDatabaseLogEntryA value class to process existing log entries
 CDatabaseUpdaterClass for handling database updates
 CDataUpdateAbstract base class for update jobs that do something with some secondary data extracted from article
 CDateFormatsMaintenance script that tests various language time and date functions
 CDateFormatterDate formatter
 CDBAccessObjectUtilsHelper class for DAO classes
 CDBFileJournalVersion of FileJournal that logs to a DB table
 CDBLockManagerVersion of LockManager based on using named/row DB locks
 CDeduplicateArchiveRevIdMaintenance script that cleans up archive rows with duplicated ar_rev_id, both within archive and between archive and revision
 CDeferrableCallbackCallback wrapper that has an originating method
 CDeferrableUpdateInterface that deferrable updates should implement
 CDeferredUpdatesClass for managing the deferred updates
 CDeflateThis program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
 CDeleteActionHandle page deletion
 CDeleteArchivedFilesMaintenance script to delete archived (non-current) files from the database
 CDeleteArchivedRevisionsMaintenance script to delete archived (deleted from public) revisions from the database
 CDeleteAutoPatrolLogsThis program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
 CDeleteBatchMaintenance script to delete a batch of pages
 CDeleteDefaultMessagesMaintenance script that deletes all pages in the MediaWiki namespace which were last edited by "MediaWiki default"
 CDeleteEqualMessagesMaintenance script that deletes all pages in the MediaWiki namespace of which the content is equal to the system default
 CDeleteFileOpDelete a file at the given storage path from the backend
 CDeleteLinksJobJob to prune link tables for pages that were deleted
 CDeleteLocalPasswordsDelete unused local passwords
 CDeleteLogFormatterThis class formats delete log entries
 CDeleteOldRevisionsMaintenance script that deletes old (non-current) revisions from the database
 CDeleteOrphanedRevisionsMaintenance script that deletes revisions which refer to a nonexisting page
 CDeletePageJobClass DeletePageJob
 CDeleteSelfExternalsMaintenance script that deletes self-references to $wgServer from the externallinks table
 CDependencyWrapperThis class stores an arbitrary value along with its dependencies
 CDeprecatedGlobalClass to allow throwing wfDeprecated warnings when people use globals that we do not want them to
 CDeprecatedInterfaceFinderA PHPParser node visitor that finds deprecated functions and methods
 CDerivativeContextAn IContextSource implementation which will inherit context from another source but allow individual pieces of context to be changed locally eg: A ContextSource that can inherit from the main RequestContext but have a different Title instance set on it
 CDerivativeRequestSimilar to FauxRequest, but only fakes URL parameters and method (POST or GET) and use the base request for the remaining stuff (cookies, session and headers)
 CDerivativeResourceLoaderContextA mutable version of ResourceLoaderContext
 CDescribeFileOpChange metadata for a file at the given storage path in the backend
 CDiffClass representing a 'diff' between two sequences of strings
 CDiffEngineThis diff implementation is mainly lifted from the LCS algorithm of the Eclipse project which in turn is based on Myers' "An O(ND) difference algorithm and its variations" ( with range compression (see Wu et al
 CDifferenceEngineDifferenceEngine is responsible for rendering the difference between two revisions as HTML
 CDifferenceEngineSlotDiffRendererB/C adapter for turning a DifferenceEngine into a SlotDiffRenderer
 CDiffFormatterBase class for diff formatters
 CDiffHistoryBlobDiff-based history compression Requires xdiff 1.5+ and zlib
 CDiffOpThe base class for all other DiffOp classes
 CDiffOpAddExtends DiffOp
 CDiffOpChangeExtends DiffOp
 CDiffOpCopyExtends DiffOp
 CDiffOpDeleteExtends DiffOp
 CDigit2HtmlMaintenance script that check digit transformation
 CDisabledSpecialPageThis class is a drop-in replacement for other special pages that need to be manually disabled
 CDjVuHandlerHandler for DjVu images
 CDoubleRedirectJobJob to fix double redirects after moving a page
 CDummySearchIndexFieldDefinitionDummy implementation of SearchIndexFieldDefinition for testing purposes
 CDummyTermColorerA colour-less terminal
 CDumpCategoriesAsRdfMaintenance script to provide RDF representation of the category tree
 CDumpIteratorBase class for interating over a dump
 CDumpLinksMaintenance script that generates a plaintext link dump
 CDumpMessagesMaintenance script that dumps an entire language, using the keys from English
 CDumpRendererMaintenance script that takes page text out of an XML dump file and render basic HTML out to files
 CDumpRevMaintenance script that gets the text of a revision, resolving external storage if needed
 CDumpUploadsMaintenance script to dump a the list of files uploaded, for feeding to tar or similar
 CDuplicateJobNo-op job that does nothing
 CEditActionPage edition handler (action=edit)
 CEditCLIMaintenance script to make a page edit
 CEditPageThe edit page/HTML interface (split from Article) The actual database and text munging is still in Article, but it should get easier to call those from alternate interfaces
 CEditWatchlistNormalHTMLFormExtend OOUIHTMLForm purely so we can have a more sane way of getting the section headers
 CEmaillingJobOld job used for sending single notification emails; kept for backwards-compatibility
 CEmailNotificationThis module processes the email notifications when the current page is changed
 CEmptyBagOStuffA BagOStuff object with no objects in it
 CEncryptedPasswordHelper class for passwords that use another password hash underneath it and encrypts that hash with a configured secret
 CEnotifNotifyJobJob for email notification mails
 CEnqueueableDataUpdateInterface that marks a DataUpdate as enqueuable via the JobQueue
 CEnqueueJobRouter job that takes jobs and enqueues them to their proper queues
 CEraseArchivedFileMaintenance script to delete archived (non-current) files from storage
 CErrorPageErrorAn error page which can definitely be safely rendered using the OutputPage
 CEtcdConfigInterface for configuration instances
 CEventRelayerBase class for reliable event relays
 CEventRelayerGroupFactory class for spawning EventRelayer objects using configuration
 CEventRelayerKafkaEvent relayer for Apache Kafka
 CEventRelayerNullNo-op class for publishing messages into a PubSub system
 CExecutableFinderUtility class to find executables in likely places
 CExifClass to extract and validate Exif data from jpeg (and possibly tiff) files
 CExifBitmapHandlerStuff specific to JPEG and (built-in) TIFF handler
 CExplodeIteratorAn iterator which works exactly like:
 CExportSitesMaintenance script for exporting site definitions from XML into the sites table
 CExtensionDependencyErrorCopyright (C) 2018 Kunal Mehta
 CExtensionJsonValidatorValidate extension.json files against their JSON schema
 CExtensionRegistryExtensionRegistry class
 CExternalStoreConstructor class for key/value blob data kept in external repositories
 CExternalStoreAccessKey/value blob storage for a collection of storage medium types (e.g
 CExternalStoreDBDB accessible external objects
 CExternalStoreHttpExample class for HTTP accessible external objects
 CExternalStoreMediumKey/value blob storage for a particular storage medium type (e.g
 CExternalStoreMemoryProcess memory based external objects for testing
 CExternalStoreMwstoreFile backend accessible external objects
 CExternalUserNamesClass to parse and build external user names
 CFakeMaintenanceFake maintenance wrapper, mostly used for the web installer/updater
 CFatalErrorAbort the web request with a custom HTML string that will represent the entire response
 CFauxRequestWebRequest clone which takes values from a provided array
 CFauxSearchResultA manually constructed search result, for use with FauxSearchResultSet
 CFauxSearchResultSetA manually constructed search result set
 CFeedItemA base class for outputting syndication feeds (e.g
 CFeedUtilsHelper functions for feeds
 CFetchTextMaintenance script used to fetch page text in a subprocess
 CFileImplements some public methods and some protected utility functions which are required by multiple child classes
 CFileAwareNodeVisitorA PHPParser node visitor that associates each node with its file name
 CFileBackendBase class for all file backend classes (including multi-write backends)
 CFileBackendDBRepoWrapperProxy backend that manages file layout rewriting for FileRepo
 CFileBackendErrorFile backend exception for checked exceptions (e.g
 CFileBackendGroupClass to handle file backend registration
 CFileBackendMultiWriteProxy backend that mirrors writes to several internal backends
 CFileBackendStoreBase class for all backends using particular storage medium
 CFileBackendStoreOpHandleFileBackendStore helper class for performing asynchronous file operations
 CFileBackendStoreShardDirIteratorIterator for listing directories
 CFileBackendStoreShardFileIteratorIterator for listing regular files
 CFileBackendStoreShardListIteratorFileBackendStore helper function to handle listings that span container shards
 CFileCacheBaseBase class for data storage in the file system
 CFileContentHandlerContent handler for File: files TODO: this handler s not used directly now, but instead manually called by WikitextHandler
 CFileDeleteFormFile deletion user interface
 CFileJournalClass for handling file operation journaling
 CFileOpFileBackend helper class for representing operations
 CFileOpBatchHelper class for representing batch file operations
 CFileOpPerfTestMaintenance script to test fileop performance
 CFileRepoBase class for file repositories
 CFindDeprecatedMaintenance task that recursively scans MediaWiki PHP files for deprecated functions and interfaces and produces a report
 CFindHooksMaintenance script that compares documented and actually present mismatches
 CFixDefaultJsonContentPagesUsage: fixDefaultJsonContentPages.php
 CFixDoubleRedirectsMaintenance script that fixes double redirects
 CFixExtLinksProtocolRelativeMaintenance script that fixes any entriy for protocol-relative URLs in the externallinks table
 CFixTimestampsMaintenance script that fixes timestamp corruption caused by one or more webservers temporarily being set to the wrong time
 CFixUserRegistrationMaintenance script that fixes the user_registration field
 CForeignAPIFileForeign file accessible through api.php requests
 CForeignAPIRepoA foreign repository with a remote MediaWiki with an API thingy
 CForeignDBFileForeign file with an accessible MediaWiki database
 CForeignDBRepoA foreign repository with an accessible MediaWiki database
 CForeignDBViaLBRepoA foreign repository with a MediaWiki database accessible via the configured LBFactory
 CForeignResourceManagerManage foreign resources registered with ResourceLoader
 CForeignTitleA simple, immutable structure to hold the title of a page on a foreign MediaWiki installation
 CForeignTitleFactoryA parser that translates page titles into ForeignTitle objects
 CForkControllerClass for managing forking command line scripts
 CFormActionAn action which shows a form and does something based on the input from the form
 CFormatInstallDocMaintenance script that formats RELEASE-NOTE file to wiki text or HTML markup
 CFormatJsonJSON formatter wrapper class
 CFormatMetadataFormat Image metadata values into a human readable form
 CFormattedRCFeedBase class for RC feed engines that send messages in a freely configurable format to a uri-addressed engine set in $wgRCEngines
 CFormlessActionAn action which just does something, without showing a form first
 CFormOptionsHelper class to keep track of options when mixing links and form elements
 CFormSpecialPageSpecial page which uses an HTMLForm to handle processing
 CFSFileClass representing a non-directory file on the file system
 CFSFileBackendClass for a file system (FS) based file backend
 CFSFileBackendListWrapper around RecursiveDirectoryIterator/DirectoryIterator that catches exception or does any custom behavoir that we may want
 CFSLockManagerSimple version of LockManager based on using FS lock files
 CGenderCacheCaches user genders when needed to use correct namespace aliases
 CGenerateCollationDataGenerate first letter data files for Collation.php
 CGenerateJsonI18nMaintenance script to generate JSON i18n files from a PHP i18n file
 CGenerateNormalizerDataArGenerates the normalizer data file for Arabic
 CGenerateNormalizerDataMlGenerates the normalizer data file for Malayalam
 CGeneratePhpCharToUpperMappingsUpdate list of upper case differences between JS and PHP
 CGenericParameterJobInterface for generic jobs only uses the parameters field and are JSON serializable
 CGetConfigurationPrint serialized output of MediaWiki config vars
 CGetLagTimesMaintenance script that displays replication lag times
 CGetReplicaServerMaintenance script that reports the hostname of a replica DB server
 CGetTextMaintMaintenance script that outputs page text to stdout
 CGIFHandlerHandler for GIF images
 CGIFMetadataExtractorGIF frame counter
 CGlobalVarConfigAccesses configuration settings from $GLOBALS
 CGuzzleHttpRequestMWHttpRequest implemented using the Guzzle library
 CHashBagOStuffSimple store for keeping values in an associative array for the current process
 CHashConfigA Config instance which stores all settings as a member variable
 CHashRingConvenience class for weighted consistent hash rings
 CHashSiteStoreIn-memory SiteStore implementation, storing sites in an associative array
 CHistoryActionThis class handles printing the history page for an article
 CHistoryBlobBase class for general text storage via the "object" flag in old_flags, or two-part external storage URLs
 CHistoryBlobCurStubTo speed up conversion from 1.4 to 1.5 schema, text rows can refer to the leftover cur table as the backend
 CHistoryBlobStubPointer object for an item within a CGZ blob stored in the text table
 CHooksHooks class
 CHtmlArmorMarks HTML that shouldn't be escaped
 CHTMLAutoCompleteSelectFieldText field for selecting a value from a large list of possible values, with auto-completion and optionally with a select dropdown for selecting common options
 CHTMLButtonFieldAdds a generic button inline to the form
 CHTMLCacheUpdateClass to invalidate the HTML/file cache of all the pages linking to a given title
 CHTMLCacheUpdateJobJob to purge the cache for all pages that link to or use another page or file
 CHTMLCheckFieldA checkbox field
 CHTMLCheckMatrixA checkbox matrix Operates similarly to HTMLMultiSelectField, but instead of using an array of options, uses an array of rows and an array of columns to dynamically construct a matrix of options
 CHTMLComboboxFieldA combo box field
 CHTMLDateTimeFieldA field that will contain a date and/or time
 CHTMLExpiryFieldExpiry Field that allows the user to specify a precise date or a relative date string
 CHTMLFileCachePage view caching in the file system
 CHTMLFloatFieldA field that will contain a numeric value
 CHTMLFormObject handling generic submission, CSRF protection, layout and other logic for UI forms in a reusable manner
 CHTMLFormFieldThe parent class to generate form fields
 CHTMLFormFieldClonerA container for HTMLFormFields that allows for multiple copies of the set of fields to be displayed to and entered by the user
 CHTMLFormFieldWithButtonEnables HTMLFormField elements to be build with a button
 CHTMLInfoFieldAn information field (text blob), not a proper input
 CHTMLIntFieldA field that must contain a number
 CHTMLMultiSelectFieldMulti-select field
 CHTMLNamespacesMultiselectFieldImplements a tag multiselect input field for namespaces
 CHTMLRadioFieldRadio checkbox fields
 CHTMLRestrictionsFieldClass for updating an MWRestrictions value (which is, currently, basically just an IP address list)
 CHTMLSelectAndOtherFieldDouble field with a dropdown list constructed from a system message in the format
 CHTMLSelectFieldA select dropdown field
 CHTMLSelectLanguageFieldLanguage select field
 CHTMLSelectLimitFieldA limit dropdown, which accepts any valid number
 CHTMLSelectNamespaceWrapper for Html::namespaceSelector to use in HTMLForm
 CHTMLSelectNamespaceWithButtonCreates a Html::namespaceSelector input field with a button assigned to the input field
 CHTMLSelectOrOtherFieldSelect dropdown field, with an additional "other" textbox
 CHTMLSizeFilterFieldA size filter field for use on query-type special pages
 CHTMLSubmitFieldAdd a submit button inline in the form (as opposed to HTMLForm::addButton(), which will add it at the end)
 CHTMLTagFilterWrapper for ChangeTags::buildTagFilterSelector to use in HTMLForm
 CHTMLTextField<input> field
 CHTMLTextFieldWithButtonCreates a text input field with a button assigned to the input field
 CHTMLTitlesMultiselectFieldImplements a tag multiselect input field for titles
 CHTMLTitleTextFieldImplements a text input field for page titles
 CHTMLUsersMultiselectFieldImplements a tag multiselect input field for user names
 CHTMLUserTextFieldImplements a text input field for user names
 CHttpVarious HTTP related functions
 CHttpErrorShow an error that looks like an HTTP server error
 CHTTPFileStreamerFunctions related to the output of file content
 CIApiMessageInterface for messages with machine-readable data for use by the API
 CIBufferingStatsdDataFactoryMediaWiki adaptation of StatsdDataFactory that provides buffering functionality
 CICacheHelperInterface for all classes implementing CacheHelper functionality
 CIContextSourceInterface for objects which can provide a MediaWiki context on request
 CIDBAccessObjectInterface for database access objects
 CIdentityCollationCollation class that's essentially a no-op
 CIEContentAnalyzerThis class simulates Microsoft Internet Explorer's terribly broken and insecure MIME type detection algorithm
 CIExpiringStoreGeneric interface for lightweight expiring object stores
 CIJobSpecificationInterface for serializable objects that describe a job queue task
 CILanguageConverterThe shared interface for all language converters
 CILocalizedExceptionInterface for MediaWiki-localized exceptions
 CImageBuilderMaintenance script to update image metadata records
 CImageGalleryBaseImage gallery
 CImageHandlerMedia handler abstract base class for images
 CImageHistoryListBuilds the image revision log shown on image pages
 CImageQueryPageVariant of QueryPage which uses a gallery to output results, thus suited for reports generating images
 CImportLogFormatterThis class formats import log entries
 CImportReporterReporting callback
 CImportSitesMaintenance script for importing site definitions from XML into the sites table
 CImportSiteScriptsMaintenance script to import all scripts in the MediaWiki namespace from a local site
 CImportSourceSource interface for XML import
 CImportStreamSourceImports a XML dump from a file (either from file upload, files on disk, or HTTP)
 CImportStringSourceUsed for importing XML dumps where the content of the dump is in a string
 CImportTextFilesMaintenance script which reads in text files and imports their content to a page of the wiki
 CImportTitleFactoryRepresents an object that can convert page titles on a foreign wiki (ForeignTitle objects) into page titles on the local wiki (Title objects)
 CIncludableSpecialPageShortcut to construct an includable special page
 CIndexPagerIndexPager is an efficient pager which uses a (roughly unique) index in the data set to implement paging, rather than a "LIMIT offset,limit" clause
 CInfoActionDisplays information about a page
 CInitSiteStatsMaintenance script to re-initialise or update the site statistics table
 CInitUserPreferenceInitialize a user preference based on the value of another preference
 CInstallerBase installer class
 CInterwikiValue object for representing interwiki records
 CInvalidateUserSesssionsInvalidate the sessions of certain users on the wiki
 CInvalidPasswordRepresents an invalid password hash
 CIPPre-librarized class name for IPUtils
 CIPTCClass for some IPTC functions
 CIRCColourfulRCFeedFormatterGenerates a colourful notification intended for humans on IRC
 CISearchResultSetA set of SearchEngine results
 CIStoreKeyEncoderGeneric interface for object stores with key encoding methods
 CIuConverterConversion script between Latin and Syllabics for Inuktitut
 CJavaScriptContentContent for JavaScript pages
 CJavaScriptContentHandlerContent handler for JavaScript pages
 CJavaScriptMinifierThis class is meant to safely minify javascript code, while leaving syntactically correct programs intact
 CJobClass to both describe a background job and handle jobs
 CJobQueueClass to handle enqueueing and running of background jobs
 CJobQueueDBClass to handle job queues stored in the DB
 CJobQueueEnqueueUpdateEnqueue lazy-pushed jobs that have accumulated from JobQueueGroup
 CJobQueueFederatedClass to handle enqueueing and running of background jobs for federated queues
 CJobQueueGroupClass to handle enqueueing of background jobs
 CJobQueueMemoryClass to handle job queues stored in PHP memory for testing
 CJobQueueRedisClass to handle job queues stored in Redis
 CJobRunnerJob queue runner utility methods
 CJobSpecificationJob queue task description base code
 CJpegHandlerJPEG specific handler
 CJpegMetadataExtractorClass for reading jpegs and extracting metadata
 CJsonContentRepresents the content of a JSON content
 CJsonContentHandlerContent handler for JSON
 CJSONRCFeedFormatterFormats a notification into the JSON format (
 CJSParseHelperMaintenance script to test JavaScript validity using JsMinPlus' parser
 CKkConverterKazakh (Қазақша) converter routines
 CKuConverterKurdish converter routines
 CLangMemUsageThis is a command line script
 CLanguageInternationalisation code See for more information
 CLanguageArArabic (العربية)
 CLanguageAzAzerbaijani (Azərbaycan)
 CLanguageBe_taraskBelarusian in Taraškievica orthography (Беларуская тарашкевіца)
 CLanguageBsBosnian (bosanski)
 CLanguageCodeMethods for dealing with language codes
 CLanguageCuOld Church Slavonic (Ѩзыкъ словѣньскъ)
 CLanguageDsbLower Sorbian (Dolnoserbski)
 CLanguageFiFinnish (Suomi)
 CLanguageGaIrish (Gaeilge)
 CLanguageGanGan Chinese
 CLanguageHsbUpper Sorbian (Hornjoserbsce)
 CLanguageHuHungarian localisation for MediaWiki
 CLanguageHyArmenian (Հայերեն)
 CLanguageJaJapanese (日本語)
 CLanguageKaaKarakalpak (Qaraqalpaqsha)
 CLanguageKkClass that handles Cyrillic, Latin and Arabic scripts for Kazakh right now it only distinguish kk_cyrl, kk_latn, kk_arab and kk_kz, kk_tr, kk_cn
 CLanguageKk_cyrlKazakh (Қазақша)
 CLanguageKmKhmer (ភាសាខ្មែរ)
 CLanguageKshRipuarian (Ripoarėsh)
 CLanguageLaLatin (lingua Latina)
 CLanguageMlMalayalam (മലയാളം)
 CLanguageMyBurmese (Myanmasa)
 CLanguageOsOssetian (Ирон)
 CLanguageQqxFor all translated messages, this returns the name of the message bracketed
 CLanguageSlSlovenian (Slovenščina)
 CLanguageTrTurkish (Türkçe)
 CLanguageTyvTyvan localization (Тыва дыл)
 CLanguageWaWalloon (Walon)
 CLanguageYueCantonese (粵語)
 CLanguageZhClass that handles both Traditional and Simplified Chinese right now it only distinguish zh_hans, zh_hant, zh_cn, zh_tw, zh_sg and zh_hk
 CLanguageZh_hansSimplified Chinese
 CLayeredParameterizedPasswordThis password hash type layers one or more parameterized password types on top of each other
 CLCStoreInterface for the persistence layer of LocalisationCache
 CLCStoreCDBLCStore implementation which stores data as a collection of CDB files
 CLCStoreDBLCStore implementation which uses the standard DB functions to store data
 CLCStoreNullNull store backend, used to avoid DB errors during install
 CLegacyLogFormatterThis class formats all log entries for log types which have not been converted to the new system
 CLicenseA License class for use on Special:Upload (represents a single type of license)
 CLicensesA License class for use on Special:Upload
 CLinkBatchClass representing a list of titles The execute() method checks them all for existence and adds them to a LinkCache object
 CLinkCacheCache for article titles (prefixed DB keys) and ids linked from one source
 CLinkerSome internal bits split of from Skin.php
 CLinkFilterSome functions to help implement an external link filter for spam control
 CLinksDeletionUpdateUpdate object handling the cleanup of links tables after a page was deleted
 CLinksUpdateClass the manages updates of *_link tables as well as similar extension-managed tables
 CListToggleClass for generating clickable toggle links for a list of checkboxes
 CLocalFileClass to represent a local file in the wiki's own database
 CLocalFileDeleteBatchHelper class for file deletion
 CLocalFileMoveBatchHelper class for file movement
 CLocalFileRestoreBatchHelper class for file undeletion
 CLocalIdLookupA CentralIdLookup provider that just uses local IDs
 CLocalisationCacheClass for caching the contents of localisation files, Messages*.php and *.i18n.php
 CLocalisationCacheBulkLoadA localisation cache optimised for loading large amounts of data for many languages
 CLocalizedExceptionBasic localized exception
 CLocalRepoA repository that stores files in the local filesystem and registers them in the wiki's own database
 CLocalSettingsGeneratorClass for generating LocalSettings.php file
 CLockManagerClass for handling resource locking
 CLockManagerGroupClass to handle file lock manager registration
 CLogEntryInterface for log entries
 CLogEntryBaseExtends the LogEntry Interface with some basic functionality
 CLogFormatterImplements the default log formatting
 CLoggedOutEditTokenValue object representing a logged-out user's edit token
 CLoggedUpdateMaintenanceClass for scripts that perform database maintenance and want to log the update in updatelog so we can later skip it
 CLoginHelperHelper functions for the login form that need to be shared with other special pages (such as CentralAuth's SpecialCentralLogin)
 CLoginSignupSpecialPageHolds shared logic for login and account creation pages
 CLogPageClass to simplify the use of log pages
 CMachineReadableRCFeedFormatterAbstract class so there can be multiple formatters outputting the same data
 CMagicWordThis class encapsulates "magic words" such as "#redirect", NOTOC, etc
 CMagicWordArrayClass for handling an array of magic words
 CMagicWordFactoryA factory that stores information about MagicWords, and creates them on demand with caching
 CMailAddressStores a single person's name and email address
 CMaintenanceAbstract maintenance class for quickly writing and churning out maintenance scripts with minimal effort
 CMakeTestEditsMake test edits for a user to populate a test wiki
 CMalformedTitleExceptionMalformedTitleException is thrown when a TitleParser is unable to parse a title string
 CManageForeignResourcesManage foreign resources registered with ResourceLoader
 CManageJobsMaintenance script that handles managing job queue admin tasks (re-push, delete, ...)
 CManualLogEntryClass for creating new log entries and inserting them into the database
 CMapCacheLRUHandles a simple LRU key/value map with a maximum number of entries
 CMappedIteratorConvenience class for generating iterators from iterators
 CMarkpatrolledActionMark a revision as patrolled on a page
 CMcrRestoreActionTemporary action for restoring multi-content revisions
 CMcrUndoActionTemporary action for MCR undos
 CMcTestMaintenance script that makes several 'set', 'incr' and 'get' requests on every memcached server and shows a report
 CMediaHandlerBase media handler class
 CMediaHandlerFactoryClass to construct MediaHandler objects
 CMediaTransformErrorBasic media transform error class
 CMediaTransformInvalidParametersExceptionMediaWiki exception thrown by some methods when the transform parameter array is invalid
 CMediaTransformOutputBase class for the output of MediaHandler::doTransform() and File::transform()
 CMediaWikiHelper class for the index.php entry point
 CMediaWikiShellInteractive shell with completion and global scope
 CMediaWikiSiteClass representing a MediaWiki site
 CMediaWikiTitleCodecA codec for MediaWiki page titles
 CMediaWikiVersionFetcherProvides access to MediaWiki's version without requiring MediaWiki (or anything else) being loaded first
 CMediumSpecificBagOStuffStorage medium specific cache for storing items (e.g
 CMemcachedBagOStuffBase class for memcached clients
 CMemcachedClientMemcached client class implemented using (p)fsockopen()
 CMemcachedPeclBagOStuffA wrapper class for the PECL memcached client
 CMemcachedPhpBagOStuffA wrapper class for the pure-PHP memcached client, exposing a BagOStuff interface
 CMemcLockManagerManage locks using memcached servers
 CMemoizedCallableAPC-backed and APCu-backed function memoization
 CMemoryFileBackendSimulation of a backend storage in memory
 CMergeableUpdateInterface that deferrable updates can implement to signal that updates can be combined
 CMergeHistoryHandles the backend logic of merging the histories of two pages
 CMergeLogFormatterThis class formats merge log entries
 CMergeMessageFileListMaintenance script that merges $wgExtensionMessagesFiles from various extensions to produce a single array containing all message files
 CMessageBlobStoreThis class generates message blobs for use by ResourceLoader
 CMessageCacheCache of messages that are defined by MediaWiki namespace pages or by hooks
 CMessageCacheUpdateMessage cache purging and in-place update handler for specific message page changes
 CMessageContentWrapper allowing us to handle a system message as a Content object
 CMessageLocalizerInterface for localizing messages in MediaWiki
 CMigrateActorsMaintenance script that migrates actors from pre-1.31 columns to the 'actor' table
 CMigrateArchiveTextMaintenance script that migrates archive.ar_text and ar_flags to text storage
 CMigrateCommentsMaintenance script that migrates comments from pre-1.30 columns to the 'comment' table
 CMigrateFileRepoLayoutCopy all files in FileRepo to an originals container using SHA1 paths
 CMigrateImageCommentTempMaintenance script that merges image_comment_temp into the image table
 CMigrateUserGroupMaintenance script that re-assigns users from an old group to a new one
 CMimeAnalyzerImplements functions related to MIME types such as detection and mapping to file extension
 CMinifyScriptMaintenance script that minifies a file or set of files
 CMostimagesPageA special page that lists most used images
 CMoveBatchMaintenance script to move a batch of pages
 CMoveFileOpMove a file from one storage path to another in the backend
 CMoveLogFormatterThis class formats move log entries
 CMovePageHandles the backend logic of moving a page from one title to another
 CMovePageFormA special page that allows users to change page titles
 CMSCompoundFileReaderRead the directory of a Microsoft Compound File Binary file, a.k.a
 CMultiConfigProvides a fallback sequence for Config objects
 CMultiHttpClientClass to handle multiple HTTP requests
 CMultiWriteBagOStuffA cache class that replicates all writes to multiple child caches
 CMutableConfigInterface for mutable configuration instances
 CMWCallableUpdateDeferrable Update for closure/callback
 CMWContentSerializationExceptionException representing a failure to serialize or unserialize a content object
 CMWDebugNew debugger system that outputs a toolbar on page view
 CMWDocGenMaintenance script that builds doxygen documentation
 CMWExceptionMediaWiki exception
 CMWExceptionHandlerHandler class for MWExceptions
 CMWExceptionRendererClass to expose exceptions to the client (API bots, users, admins using CLI scripts)
 CMWFilePropsMimeMagic helper wrapper
 CMWGrantsA collection of public static functions to deal with grants
 CMWHttpRequestThis wrapper class will call out to curl (if available) or fallback to regular PHP if necessary for handling internal HTTP requests
 CMWLBFactoryMediaWiki-specific class for generating database load balancers
 CMWOldPasswordThe old style of MediaWiki password hashing
 CMWRestrictionsA class to check request restrictions expressed as a JSON object
 CMWSaltedPasswordThe old style of MediaWiki password hashing, with a salt
 CMwSqlMaintenance script that sends SQL queries from the specified file to the database
 CMWTidyClass to interact with and configure Remex tidy
 CMWTimestampLibrary for creating and parsing MW-style timestamps
 CMWUnknownContentModelExceptionException thrown when an unregistered content model is requested
 CMysqlInstallerClass for setting up the MediaWiki database using MySQL
 CMySqlLockManagerMySQL version of DBLockManager that supports shared locks
 CNaiveForeignTitleFactoryA parser that translates page titles on a foreign wiki into ForeignTitle objects, with no knowledge of the namespace setup on the foreign site
 CNaiveImportTitleFactoryA class to convert page titles on a foreign wiki (ForeignTitle objects) into page titles on the local wiki (Title objects), using a default namespace mapping
 CNamespaceAwareForeignTitleFactoryA parser that translates page titles on a foreign wiki into ForeignTitle objects, using information about the namespace setup on the foreign site
 CNamespaceDupesMaintenance script that checks for articles to fix after adding/deleting namespaces
 CNamespaceImportTitleFactoryA class to convert page titles on a foreign wiki (ForeignTitle objects) into page titles on the local wiki (Title objects), placing all pages in a fixed local namespace
 CNamespaceInfoThis is a utility class for dealing with namespaces that encodes all the "magic" behaviors of them based on index
 CNewUsersLogFormatterThis class formats new user log entries
 CNukeNSMaintenance script that removes pages with only one revision from the MediaWiki namespace
 CNukePageMaintenance script that erases a page record from the database
 CNullFileJournalSimple version of FileJournal that does nothing
 CNullFileOpPlaceholder operation that has no params and does nothing
 CNullIndexFieldNull index field - means search engine does not implement this field
 CNullJobDegenerate job that does nothing, but can optionally replace itself in the queue and/or sleep for a brief time period
 CNullLockManagerSimple version of LockManager that only does lock reference counting
 CNullRepoFile repository with no files, for performance testing
 CNumericUppercaseCollationCollation that orders text with numbers "naturally", so that 'Foo 1' < 'Foo 2' < 'Foo 12'
 CObjectCacheFunctions to get cache objects
 COldLocalFileClass to represent a file in the oldimage table
 COOUIHTMLFormCompact stacked vertical format for forms, implemented using OOUI widgets
 COrderedStreamingForkControllerReads lines of work from an input stream and farms them out to multiple child streams
 COrphansMaintenance script that looks for 'orphan' revisions hooked to pages which don't exist and 'childless' pages with no revisions
 COrphanStatsMaintenance script that shows some statistics on the blob_orphans table, created with trackBlobs.php
 CPackedHoverImageGallerySame as Packed except different CSS is applied to make the caption only show up on hover
 CPackedOverlayImageGalleryPacked overlay image gallery
 CPageInterface for type hinting (accepts WikiPage, Article, ImagePage, CategoryPage)
 CPageArchiveUsed to show archived pages and eventually restore them
 CPageDataRequestHandlerRequest handler implementing a data interface for mediawiki pages
 CPageLangLogFormatterThis class formats language change log entries
 CPagePropsGives access to properties of a page
 CPageQueryPageVariant of QueryPage which formats the result as a simple link to the page
 CPagerBasic pager interface
 CPaginatingSearchEngineMarker class for search engines that can handle their own pagination, by reporting in their ISearchResultSet when a next page is available
 CParameterizedPasswordHelper class for password hash types that have a delimited set of parameters inside of the hash
 CParserOptionsSet options of the Parser
 CParsoidVirtualRESTServiceVirtual HTTP service client for Parsoid
 CPasswordRepresents a password hash for use in authentication
 CPasswordErrorShow an error when any operation involving passwords fails to run
 CPasswordFactoryFactory class for creating and checking Password objects
 CPasswordPolicyChecksFunctions to check passwords against a policy requirement
 CPasswordResetHelper class for the password reset functionality shared by the web UI and the API
 CPatchSqlMaintenance script that manually runs an SQL patch outside of the general updaters
 CPathRouterPathRouter class
 CPatrolLogClass containing static functions for working with logs of patrol events
 CPatrolLogFormatterThis class formats patrol log entries
 CPbkdf2PasswordA PBKDF2-hashed password
 CPermissionsErrorShow an error when a user tries to do something they do not have the necessary permissions for
 CPerRowAugmentorPerform augmentation of each row and return composite result, indexed by ID
 CPHPVersionCheckCheck PHP Version, as well as for composer dependencies in entry points, and display something vaguely comprehensible in the event of a totally unrecoverable error
 CPingbackSend information about this MediaWiki instance to
 CPNGHandlerHandler for PNG images
 CPNGMetadataExtractorPNG frame counter
 CPoolCounterWhen you have many workers (threads/servers) giving service, and a cached item expensive to produce expires, you may get several workers doing the job at the same time
 CPoolCounterNullA default PoolCounter, which provides no locking
 CPoolCounterRedisVersion of PoolCounter that uses Redis
 CPoolCounterWorkClass for dealing with PoolCounters using class members
 CPoolCounterWorkViaCallbackConvenience class for dealing with PoolCounters using callbacks
 CPopulateArchiveRevIdMaintenance script that populares archive.ar_rev_id in old rows
 CPopulateBacklinkNamespaceMaintenance script to populate *_from_namespace fields
 CPopulateCategoryMaintenance script to populate the category table
 CPopulateChangeTagDefThis program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
 CPopulateContentModelUsage: populateContentModel.php –ns=1 –table=page
 CPopulateContentTablesPopulate the content and slot tables
 CPopulateExternallinksIndex60Maintenance script that populates the el_index_60 field in the externallinks table
 CPopulateFilearchiveSha1Maintenance script to populate the fa_sha1 field
 CPopulateImageSha1Maintenance script to populate the img_sha1 field
 CPopulateIpChangesMaintenance script that will find all rows in the revision table where rev_user = 0 (user is an IP), and copy relevant fields to ip_changes so that historical data will be available when querying for IP ranges
 CPopulateLogSearchMaintenance script that makes the required database updates for populating the log_search table retroactively
 CPopulateLogUsertextMaintenance script that makes the required database updates for Special:ProtectedPages to show all protected pages
 CPopulateParentIdMaintenance script that makes the required database updates for rev_parent_id to be of any use
 CPopulatePPSortKeyUsage: populatePPSortKey.php
 CPopulateRecentChangesSourceMaintenance script to populate the rc_source field
 CPopulateRevisionLengthMaintenance script that populates the rev_len and ar_len fields when they are NULL
 CPopulateRevisionSha1Maintenance script that fills the rev_sha1 and ar_sha1 columns of revision and archive tables for revisions created before MW 1.19
 CPostgresInstallerClass for setting up the MediaWiki database using Postgres
 CPostgreSqlLockManagerPostgreSQL version of DBLockManager that supports shared locks
 CPostgresUpdaterClass for handling updates to Postgres databases
 CPPCustomFrame_HashExpansion frame with custom arguments
 CPPDStackStack class to help Preprocessor::preprocessToObj()
 CPPDStack_HashStack class to help Preprocessor::preprocessToObj()
 CPPFrame_HashAn expansion frame, used as a context to expand the result of preprocessToObj()
 CPPNodeThere are three types of nodes:
 CPPTemplateFrame_HashExpansion frame with template arguments
 CPreferencesFormOOUIForm to edit user preferences
 CPrefixingStatsdDataFactoryProxyProxy to prefix metric keys sent to a StatsdDataFactoryInterface
 CPrefixSearchHandles searching prefixes of titles and finding any page names that match
 CPreprocessDumpMaintenance script that takes page text out of an XML dump file and preprocesses it to obj
 CPreprocessor_HashDifferences from DOM schema:
 CProcessCacheLRUClass for process caching individual properties of expiring items
 CProcessorProcessors read associated arrays and register whatever is required
 CProfilerProfiler base class that defines the interface and some shared functionality
 CProfilerOutputBase class for profiling output
 CProfilerOutputStatsFlush profiling data to StatsD
 CProfilerOutputTextAdds profiler output to the HTTP response
 CProfilerSectionOnlyProfiler that only tracks explicit profiling sections
 CProfilerStubStub profiler that does nothing
 CProfilerXhprofProfiler wrapper for XHProf extension
 CProtectMaintenance script that protects or unprotects a page
 CProtectActionHandle page protection (action=protect)
 CProtectionFormHandles the page protection UI and backend
 CProtectLogFormatterThis class formats protect log entries
 CPruneFileCacheMaintenance script that prunes file cache for pages, objects, resources, etc
 CPublishStashedFileJobUpload a file from the upload stash into the local file repo
 CPurgeActionUser-requested page cache purging
 CPurgeChangedFilesMaintenance script that scans the deletion log and purges affected files within a timeframe
 CPurgeChangedPagesMaintenance script that sends purge requests for pages edited in a date range to squid/varnish
 CPurgeExpiredUserrightsRemove expired userrights from user_groups table and move them to former_user_groups
 CPurgeListMaintenance script that sends purge requests for listed pages to CDN
 CPurgeModuleDepsMaintenance script to purge the module_deps database cache table for ResourceLoader
 CPurgeOldTextMaintenance script that purges old text records from the database
 CPurgePageMaintenance script that purges a list of pages passed through stdin
 CPurgeParserCacheMaintenance script to remove old objects from the parser cache
 CQueryPageThis is a class for doing query pages; since they're almost all the same, we factor out some of the functionality into a superclass, and let subclasses derive from it
 CQuickTemplateGeneric wrapper for template functions, with interface compatible with what we use of PHPTAL 0.7
 CQuorumLockManagerVersion of LockManager that uses a quorum from peer servers for locks
 CRandomPageSpecial page to direct the user to a random page
 CRangeChronologicalPagerPager for filtering by a range of dates
 CRangeDifferenceAlternative representation of a set of changes, by the index ranges that are changed
 CRawActionA simple method to retrieve the plain source of an article, using "action=raw" in the GET request string
 CRawMessageVariant of the Message class
 CRCDatabaseLogEntryA subclass of DatabaseLogEntry for objects constructed from entries in the recentchanges table (rather than the logging table)
 CRCFeedEngineBackward-compatibility alias
 CRCFeedFormatterInterface for RC feed formatters
 CReadOnlyErrorShow an error when the wiki is locked/read-only and the user tries to do something that requires write access
 CReadOnlyModeA service class for fetching the wiki's current read-only mode
 CReassignEditsMaintenance script that reassigns edits from a user or IP address to another user
 CRebuildAllMaintenance script that rebuilds link tracking tables from scratch
 CRebuildFileCacheMaintenance script that builds file cache for content pages
 CRebuildLocalisationCacheMaintenance script to rebuild the localisation cache
 CRebuildMessagesMaintenance script that purges cache used by MessageCache
 CRebuildRecentchangesMaintenance script that rebuilds recent changes from scratch
 CRebuildTextIndexMaintenance script that rebuilds search index table from scratch
 CRecentChangeUtility class for creating new RC entries
 CRecentChangesUpdateJobJob for pruning recent changes
 CRecompressTrackedMaintenance script that moves blobs indexed by trackBlobs.php to a specified list of destination clusters, and recompresses them in the process
 CRecountCategoriesMaintenance script that refreshes category membership counts in the category table
 CRedirectSpecialArticleSuperclass for any RedirectSpecialPage which redirects the user to a particular article (as opposed to user contributions, logs, etc.)
 CRedirectSpecialPageShortcut to construct a special page alias
 CRedisBagOStuffRedis-based caching module for redis server >= 2.6.12 and phpredis >= 2.2.4
 CRedisConnectionPoolHelper class to manage Redis connections
 CRedisConnRefHelper class to handle automatically marking connectons as reusable (via RAII pattern)
 CRedisLockManagerManage locks using redis servers
 CRedisPubSubFeedEngineSend recent change notifications via Redis Pub/Sub
 CRefreshExternallinksIndexMaintenance script that refreshes the externallinks table el_index and el_index_60 from el_to
 CRefreshFileHeadersMaintenance script to refresh file headers from metadata
 CRefreshImageMetadataMaintenance script to refresh image metadata fields
 CRefreshLinksMaintenance script to refresh link tables
 CRefreshLinksJobJob to update link tables for pages
 CRemoveInvalidEmailsA script to remove emails that are invalid from the user_email column of the user table
 CRemoveUnusedAccountsMaintenance script that removes unused user accounts from the database
 CRenameDbPrefixMaintenance script that changes the prefix of database tables
 CRenameRestrictionsMaintenance script that updates page_restrictions table with a renamed restriction level
 CRenderActionHandle action=render
 CReplacementArrayWrapper around strtr() that holds replacements
 CReplicatedBagOStuffA cache class that directs writes to one set of servers and reads to another
 CRepoGroupPrioritized list of file repositories
 CRequestContextGroup all the pieces relevant to the context of a request into one instance
 CResetAuthenticationThrottleReset login/signup throttling for a specified user and/or IP
 CResetPageRandomMaintenance script that resets page_random over a time range
 CResetUserEmailMaintenance script that resets user email
 CResetUserTokensMaintenance script to reset the user_token for all users on the wiki
 CResourceFileCacheResourceLoader request result caching in the file system
 CResourceLoaderClientHtmlLoad and configure a ResourceLoader client on an HTML page
 CResourceLoaderContextContext object that contains information about the state of a specific ResourceLoader web request
 CResourceLoaderFileModuleModule based on local JavaScript/CSS files
 CResourceLoaderFilePathAn object to represent a path to a JavaScript/CSS file, along with a remote and local base path, for use with ResourceLoaderFileModule
 CResourceLoaderForeignApiModuleModule for mediawiki.ForeignApi that has dynamically generated dependencies, via a hook usable by extensions
 CResourceLoaderImageClass encapsulating an image used in a ResourceLoaderImageModule
 CResourceLoaderImageModuleModule for generated and embedded images
 CResourceLoaderLanguageDataModuleModule for populating language specific data, such as grammar forms
 CResourceLoaderLessVarFileModuleModule augmented with context-specific LESS variables
 CResourceLoaderModuleAbstraction for ResourceLoader modules, with name registration and maxage functionality
 CResourceLoaderOOUIFileModuleModule which magically loads the right skinScripts and skinStyles for every skin, using the specified OOUI theme for each
 CResourceLoaderOOUIIconPackModuleAllows loading arbitrary sets of OOUI icons
 CResourceLoaderOOUIImageModuleLoads the module definition from JSON files in the format that OOUI uses, converting it to the format we use
 CResourceLoaderSiteModuleModule for site customizations
 CResourceLoaderSiteStylesModuleModule for site style customizations
 CResourceLoaderSkinModuleModule for skin stylesheets
 CResourceLoaderStartUpModuleModule for ResourceLoader initialization
 CResourceLoaderUserDefaultsModuleModule for default user preferences
 CResourceLoaderUserModuleModule for user customizations scripts
 CResourceLoaderUserOptionsModuleModule for user preferences
 CResourceLoaderUserStylesModuleModule for user customizations styles
 CResourceLoaderUserTokensModuleModule for user authorization tokens
 CResourceLoaderWikiModuleAbstraction for ResourceLoader modules which pull from wiki pages
 CRESTBagOStuffInterface to key-value storage behind an HTTP server
 CRestbaseVirtualRESTServiceVirtual HTTP service client for RESTBase
 CResultAugmentorAugment search results
 CResultSetAugmentorAugment search results
 CRevDelArchivedFileListList for filearchive table items
 CRevDelArchivedRevisionItemItem class for a archive table row by ar_rev_id – actually used via RevDelRevisionList
 CRevDelArchiveItemItem class for a archive table row
 CRevDelArchiveListList for archive table items, i.e
 CRevDelFileItemItem class for an oldimage table row
 CRevDelFileListList for oldimage table items
 CRevDelItemAbstract base class for deletable items
 CRevDelLogItemItem class for a logging table row
 CRevDelLogListList for logging table items
 CRevDelRevisionListList for revision table items
 CReverseArrayIteratorConvenience class for iterating over an array in reverse order
 CReverseChronologicalPagerEfficient paging for SQL queries
 CRevertActionFile reversion user interface
 CRevisionDeleterGeneral controller for RevDel, used by both SpecialRevisiondelete and ApiRevisionDelete
 CRevisionDeleteUserBackend functions for suppressing and unsuppressing all references to a given user, used when blocking with HideUser enabled
 CRevisionItemItem class for a live revision table row
 CRevisionItemBaseAbstract base class for revision items
 CRevisionListBaseList for revision table items for a single page
 CRevisionSearchResultSearchResult class based on the Revision information
 CRightsLogFormatterThis class formats rights log entries
 CRollbackActionUser interface for the rollback action
 CRollbackEditsMaintenance script to rollback all edits by a given user or IP provided they're the most recent edit
 CRSSFeedGenerate an RSS feed
 CRunBatchedQueryMaintenance script to run a database query in batches and wait for replica DBs
 CRunJobsMaintenance script that runs pending jobs
 CRunnableJobJob that has a run() method and metadata accessors for JobQueue::pop() and JobQueue::ack()
 CSamplingStatsdClientA statsd client that applies the sampling rate to the data items before sending them
 CScopedLockSelf-releasing locks
 CSearchDatabaseBase search engine base class for database-backed searches
 CSearchDumpMaintenance script that runs a regex in the revisions from a dump
 CSearchEngineContain a class for special pages
 CSearchEngineConfigConfiguration handling class for SearchEngine
 CSearchEngineDummyDummy class to be used when non-supported Database engine is present
 CSearchEngineFactoryFactory class for SearchEngine
 CSearchExactMatchRescorerAn utility class to rescore search results by looking for an exact match in the db and add the page found to the first position
 CSearchHighlighterHighlight bits of wikitext
 CSearchIndexFieldDefinition of a mapping for the search index field
 CSearchIndexFieldDefinitionBasic infrastructure of the field definition
 CSearchMySQLSearch engine hook for MySQL 4+
 CSearchNearMatcherImplementation of near match title search
 CSearchNearMatchResultSetA ISearchResultSet wrapper for SearchNearMatcher
 CSearchPostgresSearch engine hook base class for Postgres
 CSearchResultNOTE: this class is being refactored into an abstract base class
 CSearchSqliteSearch engine hook for SQLite
 CSearchSuggestionSearch suggestion
 CSearchSuggestionSetSearch suggestion sets
 CSectionProfileCallbackSubclass ScopedCallback to avoid call_user_func_array(), which is slow
 CSectionProfilerArbitrary section name based PHP profiling
 CSerializedValueContainerHelper class for segmenting large cache values without relying on serializing classes
 CSevenZipStreamStream wrapper around 7za filter program
 CShiConverterConversion script between Latin and Tifinagh for Tachelhit
 CShowJobsMaintenance script that reports the number of jobs currently waiting in master database
 CShowSiteStatsMaintenance script to show the cached statistics
 CSiteConfigurationThis is a class for holding configuration settings, particularly for multi-wiki sites
 CSiteStatsStatic accessor class for site_stats and related things
 CSiteStatsInitClass designed for counting of stats
 CSiteStatsUpdateClass for handling updates to the site_stats table
 CSkinThe main skin class which provides methods and properties for all other skins
 CSkinApiSkinTemplate class for API output
 CSkinApiTemplateBaseTemplate class for the 'apioutput' skin
 CSkinExceptionExceptions for skin-related failures
 CSkinFactoryFactory class to create Skin objects
 CSkinFallbackSkinTemplate class for the fallback skin
 CSkinFallbackTemplateBaseTemplate class for the fallback skin
 CSkinTemplateBase class for template-based skins
 CSlotDiffRendererRenders a diff for a single slot (that is, a diff between two content objects)
 CSpecialActiveUsersImplements Special:Activeusers
 CSpecialAllMyUploadsSpecial page pointing to current user's uploaded files (including old versions)
 CSpecialAllPagesImplements Special:Allpages
 CSpecialAncientPagesImplements Special:Ancientpages
 CSpecialApiHelpSpecial page to redirect to API help pages, for situations where linking to the api.php endpoint is not wanted
 CSpecialAutoblockListA special page that lists autoblocks
 CSpecialBlankpageSpecial page designed for basic benchmarking of MediaWiki since it doesn't really do much
 CSpecialBlockA special page that allows users with 'block' right to block users from editing pages and other actions
 CSpecialBlockListA special page that lists existing blocks
 CSpecialBookSourcesSpecial page outputs information on sourcing a book with a particular ISBN The parser creates links to this page when dealing with ISBNs in wikitext
 CSpecialBotPasswordsLet users manage bot passwords
 CSpecialBrokenRedirectsA special page listing redirects to non existent page
 CSpecialChangeCredentialsSpecial change to change credentials (such as the password)
 CSpecialChangeEmailLet users change their email address
 CSpecialChangePasswordLet users recover their password
 CSpecialComparePagesImplements Special:ComparePages
 CSpecialConfirmEmailSpecial page allows users to request email confirmation message, and handles processing of the confirmation code when the link in the email is followed
 CSpecialContributionsSpecial:Contributions, show user contributions in a paged list
 CSpecialCreateAccountImplements Special:CreateAccount
 CSpecialDeadendPagesA special page that list pages that contain no link to other pages
 CSpecialDeletedContributionsImplements Special:DeletedContributions to display archived revisions
 CSpecialDiffRedirect from Special:Diff/### to index.php?diff=### and from Special:Diff/###/### to index.php?oldid=###&diff=###
 CSpecialDoubleRedirectsA special page listing redirects to redirecting page
 CSpecialEditTagsSpecial page for adding and removing change tags to individual revisions
 CSpecialEditWatchlistProvides the UI through which users can perform editing operations on their watchlist
 CSpecialEmailInvalidateSpecial page allows users to cancel an email confirmation using the e-mail confirmation code
 CSpecialEmailUserA special page that allows users to send e-mails to other users
 CSpecialExpandTemplatesA special page that expands submitted templates, parser functions, and variables, allowing easier debugging of these
 CSpecialExportA special page that allows users to export pages in a XML file
 CSpecialFewestRevisionsSpecial page for listing the articles with the fewest revisions
 CSpecialFileDuplicateSearchSearches the database for files of the requested hash, comparing this with the 'img_sha1' field in the image table
 CSpecialFilepathA special page that redirects to the URL of a given file
 CSpecialGoToInterwikiLanding page for non-local interwiki links
 CSpecialImportMediaWiki page data importer
 CSpecialLinkAccountsLinks/unlinks external accounts to the current user
 CSpecialLinkSearchSpecial:LinkSearch to search the external-links table
 CSpecialListAdminsRedirect page: Special:ListAdmins --> Special:ListUsers/sysop
 CSpecialListBotsRedirect page: Special:ListBots --> Special:ListUsers/bot
 CSpecialListDuplicatedFilesSpecial:ListDuplicatedFiles Lists all files where the current version is a duplicate of the current version of some other file
 CSpecialListGrantsThis special page lists all defined rights grants and the associated rights
 CSpecialListGroupRightsThis special page lists all defined user groups and the associated rights
 CSpecialListRedirectsSpecial:Listredirects - Lists all the redirects on the wiki
 CSpecialLockdbA form to make the database readonly (eg for maintenance purposes)
 CSpecialLogA special page that lists log entries
 CSpecialLonelyPagesA special page looking for articles with no article linking to them, thus being lonely
 CSpecialMergeHistorySpecial page allowing users with the appropriate permissions to merge article histories, with some restrictions
 CSpecialMIMESearchSearches the database for files of the requested MIME type, comparing this with the 'img_major_mime' and 'img_minor_mime' fields in the image table
 CSpecialMostCategoriesA special page that list pages that have highest category count
 CSpecialMostInterwikisA special page that listed pages that have highest interwiki count
 CSpecialMostLinkedA special page to show pages ordered by the number of pages linking to them
 CSpecialMostLinkedCategoriesA querypage to show categories ordered in descending order by the pages in them
 CSpecialMostLinkedTemplatesSpecial page lists templates with a large number of transclusion links, i.e
 CSpecialMuteA special page that allows users to modify their notification preferences
 CSpecialMycontributionsSpecial page pointing to current user's contributions
 CSpecialMyLanguageUnlisted special page just to redirect the user to the translated version of a page, if it exists
 CSpecialMypageSpecial page pointing to current user's user page
 CSpecialMytalkSpecial page pointing to current user's talk page
 CSpecialMyuploadsSpecial page pointing to current user's uploaded files
 CSpecialNewpagesA special page that list newly created pages
 CSpecialPageParent class for all special pages
 CSpecialPageActionAn action that just passes the request to the relevant special page
 CSpecialPageDataSpecial page to act as an endpoint for accessing raw page data
 CSpecialPageFactoryWrapper for backward compatibility for old callers that used static methods
 CSpecialPageLanguageSpecial page for changing the content language of a page
 CSpecialPagesWithPropSpecial:PagesWithProp to search the page_props table
 CSpecialPasswordPoliciesThis special page lists the defined password policies for user groups
 CSpecialPasswordResetSpecial page for requesting a password reset email
 CSpecialPermanentLinkRedirect from Special:PermanentLink/### to index.php?oldid=###
 CSpecialPreferencesA special page that allows users to change their preferences
 CSpecialPrefixindexImplements Special:Prefixindex
 CSpecialProtectedpagesA special page that lists protected pages
 CSpecialProtectedtitlesA special page that list protected titles from creation
 CSpecialRandomInCategorySpecial page to direct the user to a random page
 CSpecialRandomredirectSpecial page to direct the user to a random redirect page (minus the second redirect)
 CSpecialRecentChangesA special page that lists last changes made to the wiki
 CSpecialRecentChangesLinkedThis is to display changes made to all articles linked in an article
 CSpecialRedirectA special page that redirects to: the user for a numeric user id, the file for a given filename, or the page for a given revision id
 CSpecialRemoveCredentialsSpecial change to remove credentials (such as a two-factor token)
 CSpecialResetTokensLet users reset tokens like the watchlist token
 CSpecialRevisionDeleteSpecial page allowing users with the appropriate permissions to view and hide revisions
 CSpecialRunJobsSpecial page designed for running background tasks (internal use only)
 CSpecialSearchImplements Special:Search - Run text & title search and display the output
 CSpecialShortPagesSpecialShortpages extends QueryPage
 CSpecialSpecialpagesA special page that lists special pages
 CSpecialStatisticsSpecial page lists various statistics, including the contents of site_stats, plus page view details if enabled
 CSpecialTagsA special page that lists tags for edits
 CSpecialTrackingCategoriesA special page that displays list of tracking categories Tracking categories allow pages with certain characteristics to be tracked
 CSpecialUnblockA special page for unblocking users
 CSpecialUncategorizedCategoriesA special page that lists uncategorized categories
 CSpecialUncategorizedImagesSpecial page lists images which haven't been categorised
 CSpecialUncategorizedPagesA special page looking for page without any category
 CSpecialUncategorizedTemplatesSpecial page lists all uncategorised pages in the template namespace
 CSpecialUndeleteSpecial page allowing users with the appropriate permissions to view and restore deleted content
 CSpecialUnlockdbImplements Special:Unlockdb
 CSpecialUnusedImagesA special page that lists unused images
 CSpecialUnusedTemplatesA special page that lists unused templates
 CSpecialUnwatchedPagesA special page that displays a list of pages that are not on anyones watchlist
 CSpecialUploadForm for handling uploads and special page
 CSpecialUploadStashWeb access for files temporarily stored by UploadStash
 CSpecialUserLoginImplements Special:UserLogin
 CSpecialUserLogoutImplements Special:Userlogout
 CSpecialVersionGive information about the version of MediaWiki, PHP, the DB and extensions
 CSpecialWantedCategoriesA querypage to list the most wanted categories - implements Special:Wantedcategories
 CSpecialWantedTemplatesA querypage to list the most wanted templates
 CSpecialWatchlistA special page that lists last changes made to the wiki, limited to user-defined list of titles
 CSpecialWhatLinksHereImplements Special:Whatlinkshere
 CSpecialWithoutInterwikiSpecial page lists pages without language links
 CSqlBagOStuffClass to store objects in the database
 CSqliteThis class contains code common to different SQLite-related maintenance scripts
 CSqliteInstallerClass for setting up the MediaWiki database using SQLLite
 CSqliteMaintenanceMaintenance script that performs some operations specific to SQLite database backend
 CSqliteUpdaterClass for handling updates to Sqlite databases
 CSqlSearchResultSetThis class is used for different SQL-based search engines shipped with MediaWiki
 CSquidPurgeClientAn HTTP 1.0 client built for the purposes of purging Squid and Varnish
 CSrConverterThere are two levels of conversion for Serbian: the script level (Cyrillics <-> Latin), and the variant level (ekavian <->iyekavian)
 CStatsdAwareInterfaceDescribes a Statsd aware interface
 CStatsOutputA general output object
 CStatusGeneric operation result class Has warning/error list, boolean status and arbitrary value
 CStatusValueGeneric operation result class Has warning/error list, boolean status and arbitrary value
 CStoreFileOpStore a file into the backend from a file on the file system
 CStreamFileFunctions related to the output of file content
 CStringPrefixSearchPerforms prefix search, returning strings
 CStringUtilsA collection of static methods to play with strings
 CStubObjectClass to implement stub globals, which are globals that delay loading the their associated module code by deferring initialisation until the first method call
 CStubUserLangStub object for the user language
 CSubmitActionThis is the same as EditAction; except that it sets the session cookie
 CSubpageImportTitleFactoryA class to convert page titles on a foreign wiki (ForeignTitle objects) into page titles on the local wiki (Title objects), placing all pages as subpages of a given root page
 CSvgHandlerHandler for SVG images
 CSwiftFileBackendClass for an OpenStack Swift (or Ceph RGW) based file backend
 CSwiftFileBackendDirListIterator for listing directories
 CSwiftFileBackendFileListIterator for listing regular files
 CSwiftFileBackendListSwiftFileBackend helper class to page through listings
 CSwiftVirtualRESTServiceExample virtual rest service for OpenStack Swift
 CSyncFileBackendMaintenance script that syncs one file backend to another based on the journal of later
 CTableCleanupGeneric class to cleanup a database table
 CTableDiffFormatterMediaWiki default table style diff formatter
 CTablePagerTable-based display with a user-selectable sort order
 CTagLogFormatterThis program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version
 CTempFileRepoFileRepo for temporary files created via FileRepo::getTempRepo()
 CTempFSFileThis class is used to hold the location and do limited manipulation of files stored temporarily (this will be whatever wfTempDir() returns)
 CTemplatesOnThisPageFormatterHandles formatting for the "templates used on this page" lists
 CTextContentContent object implementation for representing flat text
 CTextContentHandlerBase content handler implementation for flat text contents
 CTextSlotDiffRendererRenders a slot diff by doing a text diff on the native representation
 CTextStatsOutputOutput text
 CTgConverterConverts Tajiki to Latin orthography
 CThrottledErrorShow an error when the user hits a rate limit
 CThumbnailImageMedia transform output for images
 CThumbnailRenderJobJob for asynchronous rendering of thumbnails
 CTidyUpT39714Fixes all rows affected by T39714
 CTiffHandlerHandler for Tiff images
 CTimingAn interface to help developers measure the performance of their applications
 CTitleRepresents a title within MediaWiki
 CTitleArrayOnly exists to provide the newFromResult method at pre- sent
 CTitleCleanupMaintenance script to clean up broken, unparseable titles
 CTitleFactoryCreates Title objects
 CTitleFormatterA title formatter service for MediaWiki
 CTitleParserA title parser service for MediaWiki
 CTitlePrefixSearchPerforms prefix search, returning Title objects
 CTitleValueRepresents a page (or page fragment) title within MediaWiki
 CTrackingCategoriesThis class performs some operations related to tracking categories, such as creating a list of all such categories
 CTransactionRoundAwareUpdateDeferrable update that specifies whether it must run outside of any explicit LBFactory transaction round or must run inside of a round owned by doUpdate()
 CTransactionRoundDefiningUpdateDeferrable update that must run outside of any explicit LBFactory transaction round
 CTransformationalImageHandlerHandler for images that need to be transformed
 CTransformParameterErrorShortcut class for parameter validation errors
 CTransformTooBigImageAreaErrorShortcut class for parameter file size errors
 CTrivialLanguageConverterA trivial language converter
 CUDPRCFeedEngineSend recent change notifications in a UDP packet
 CUDPTransportA generic class to send a message over UDP
 CUIDGeneratorClass for getting statistically unique IDs
 CUnifiedDiffFormatterA formatter that outputs unified diffs
 CUnknownContentContent object implementation representing unknown content
 CUnknownContentHandlerContent handler implementation for unknown content
 CUnlistedSpecialPageShortcut to construct a special page which is unlisted by default
 CUnprotectActionHandle page unprotection (action=unprotect)
 CUnregisteredLocalFileA file object referring to either a standalone local file, or a file in a local repository with no database, for example an FileRepo repository
 CUnsupportedSlotDiffRendererProduces a warning message about not being able to render a slot diff
 CUnwatchActionPage removal from a user's watchlist
 CUpdateArticleCountMaintenance script to provide a better count of the number of articles and update the site statistics table, if desired
 CUpdateCollationMaintenance script that will find all rows in the categorylinks table whose collation is out-of-date
 CUpdateDoubleWidthSearchMaintenance script to normalize double-byte Latin UTF-8 characters
 CUpdateLoggingMaintenance script that upgrade for log_id/log_deleted fields in a replication-safe way
 CUpdateMediaWikiMaintenance script to run database schema updates
 CUpdateRestrictionsMaintenance script that updates page_restrictions table from old page_restriction column
 CUpdateSearchIndexMaintenance script for periodic off-peak updating of the search index
 CUpdateSpecialPagesMaintenance script to update cached special pages
 CUploadFormSub class of HTMLForm that provides the form section of SpecialUpload
 CUploadFromChunksImplements uploading from chunks
 CUploadFromFileImplements regular file uploads
 CUploadFromStashImplements uploading from previously stored file
 CUploadFromUrlImplements uploading from a HTTP resource
 CUploadLogFormatterThis class formats upload log entries
 CUploadSourceAdapterThis is a horrible hack used to keep source compatibility
 CUploadSourceFieldA form field that contains a radio box in the label
 CUploadStashUploadStash is intended to accomplish a few things:
 CUppercaseTitlesForUnicodeTransitionMaintenance script to rename titles affected by changes to Unicode (or otherwise to Language::ucfirst)
 CUserThe User object encapsulates all of the user-specific settings (user_id, name, rights, email address, options, last login time)
 CUserBlockedErrorShow an error when the user tries to do something whilst blocked
 CUserDupesLook for duplicate user table entries and optionally prune them
 CUserEditCountUpdateHandles increment the edit count for a given set of users
 CUserGroupMembershipRepresents a "user group membership" – a specific instance of a user belonging to a group
 CUserMailerCollection of static functions for sending mail
 CUserNamePrefixSearchHandles searching prefixes of user names
 CUserNotLoggedInRedirect a user to the login page
 CUserOptionsUpdateJobJob that updates a user's preferences
 CUserPasswordPolicyCheck if a user's password complies with any password policies that apply to that user, based on the user's group membership
 CUserrightsPageSpecial page to allow managing user group membership
 CUserRightsProxyCut-down copy of User interface for local-interwiki-database user rights manipulation
 CUsersPagerThis class is used to get a list of user
 CVersionCheckerProvides functions to check a set of extensions with dependencies against a set of loaded extensions and given version information
 CVFormHTMLFormCompact stacked vertical format for forms
 CViewActionAn action that views article content
 CViewCLIMaintenance script to show page contents
 CVirtualRESTServiceVirtual HTTP service instance that can be mounted on to a VirtualRESTService
 CVirtualRESTServiceClientVirtual HTTP service client loosely styled after a Virtual File System
 CWANCacheReapUpdateClass for fixing stale WANObjectCache keys using a purge event source
 CWANObjectCacheMulti-datacenter aware caching interface
 CWANObjectCacheReaperClass for scanning through chronological, log-structured data or change logs and locally purging cache keys related to entities that appear in this data
 CWantedFilesPageQuerypage that lists the most wanted files
 CWantedPagesPageA special page that lists most linked pages that does not exist
 CWantedQueryPageClass definition for a wanted query page like WantedPages, WantedTemplates, etc
 CWatchActionPage addition to a user's watchlist
 CWatchedItemRepresentation of a pair of user and title for watchlist entries
 CWatchedItemStoreStorage layer class for WatchedItems
 CWebInstallerClass for the core installer web interface
 CWebInstallerOutputOutput class modelled on OutputPage
 CWebPHandlerHandler for Google's WebP format
 CWebRequestEncapsulates getting at data passed in the URL or via a POSTed form stripping illegal input characters and normalizing Unicode sequences
 CWebRequestUploadObject to access the $_FILES array
 CWebResponseAllow programs to request this object from WebRequest::response() and handle all outputting (or lack of outputting) via it
 CWikiCategoryPageSpecial handling for category pages
 CWikiFilePageSpecial handling for file pages
 CWikiImporterXML file reader for the page data importer
 CWikiMapHelper tools for dealing with other locally-hosted wikis
 CWikiPageClass representing a MediaWiki article and history
 CWikiReferenceReference to a locally-hosted wiki
 CWikiRevisionRepresents a revision, log entry or upload during the import process
 CWikiStatsOutputOutputs WikiText
 CWikitextContentContent object for wiki text pages
 CWikitextContentHandlerContent handler for wiki text pages
 CWikitextLogFormatterLog formatter specifically for log entries containing wikitext
 CWikiTextStructureClass allowing to explore structure of parsed wikitext
 CWinCacheBagOStuffWrapper for WinCache object caching functions; identical interface to the APC wrapper
 CWordLevelDiffPerforms a word-level diff on several lines
 CWrapOldPasswordsMaintenance script to wrap all passwords of a certain type in a specified layered type that wraps around the old type
 CXCFHandlerHandler for the Gimp's native file format; getimagesize() doesn't support these files
 CXhprofConvenience class for working with XHProf
 CXhprofDataConvenience class for working with XHProf profiling data
 CXmlModule of static functions for generating XML
 CXmlJsCodeA wrapper class which causes Xml::encodeJsVar() and Xml::encodeJsCall() to interpret a given string as being a JavaScript expression, instead of string data
 CXmlSelectClass for generating HTML <select> or <datalist> elements
 CZipDirectoryReaderA class for reading ZIP file directories, for the purposes of upload verification
 CZipDirectoryReaderErrorInternal exception class